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Maglev Station Bug fix 1.0.0

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This mod allows you to bulldoze the track made by Maglev Station Bug.

This mod doesn't fix MSB completely. So it still costs you about §16800 to built a Maglev Station.


You can bulldoze the track on a Maglev Station. If you bulldoze it, you have to rebuilt the Station.


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    • By R3V0

      I was scratching my head about 2 ideas, maybe they were already discussed, or not, so here they are;


      I am aware that Maglev idea was previously proposed by andreharv, the maker of additional public transit, which he said that he might consider it. I support the idea of having maglevs around two concepts:

      1. They will serve very high speed transportation between key parts of the city with very high transportation capacity. We don't need to stick to the reality here, if we're building the city of future (I am certainly in modeling for this concept) and if time is money, then one can assume that maglevs will become one day one of the basic tools of transportation of the future's metropolis.

      2. Maglev alone should attract tourist like space elevator. If space elevator could bring (or spawn) tourists to the city, the maglev station should do the same thing.

      2bis. Due to the high cost of maintenance and high requirement of electricity, station should be expensive to build and maintain.

      Maglev requires certain tools of course;

      1. It might serve as train, but on its on separate track, therefore we can assign very high speeds for it. It can be also connected to any station until a proper maglev station comes out. (For the train I volunteer as its modder).

      2. Train tracks for maglev of course should look like different, i assume this can be arranged right now thanks to network extensions. The immediate need would be to have modern pillars for elevated train tracks and some decorations along the maglev allocated train tracks.

      3. Technically I'd say, we have everything for a maglev. Turning points might be problematic but then again I'd leave that as challenge to builders to create straight lines in their cities.


      I think the biggest problem right now, I believe, is the fact that both freight and passenger trains are using the same track. Even if you build a second set next to the other, trains simply wont select the new one because "it's less used". The selection is, i believe is based on the closest route between A and B. If we can have a possibility to assign trains to specfic tracks, it might simplify certain things such as:
      Creating a railway network with multiple tracks, passing through passenger stations, without the need of separating freight network along the entire line. Adding an additional track for freights would've solved the problem of piling of freight trains around train stations.
      It would also allow to create high speed networks.
      My biggest issue, so far, is the reason why a user would prefer a specific model of train some other train. The reasons in real life are different than in CS. While high speed trains would offer transport in short time on long distance, trains such as InterRegio, InterCity etc. offer a solution for lines which have high amount of passengers to transport. Simply put, high speed trains travel longer distances in shorter times, while 'slower' trains travel long or short distances which have more train stops, in order to transport more people. Similar concept can be applied on urban trains (FLIRT comes to mind). However, in the game, we simply make choices because we like the looks or its passenger capacity. CS doesn't even care which train carries how many passenger, as long as it covers that A-B the straighest possible, citizens simply select this train.
      Therefore, having a proper network, on which we can use different speeds and keep freight separated on specific location would clear up existing network. Using trains (or train models) wouldn't be only a matter of esthetics but a strategic decision, since you will have to decide whether you need a high speed train between point A - B with average citizen amount, or you want to create a peripheral network of regional trains which will carry the mass on multiple stops. Freight trains would use allocated railway network on necessary locations.
      What do you think, what are your thoughts about this ? I know that, all of the above is easy on paper and I'm not a modder myself but regardless I'd like to hear what others are thinking on those matters.
      My kind regards
    • By Cassie8796
      Can someone please take a look at the mods that I am using to let me know if something is conflicting with the Elevated Railway by Oppie and the regular Maglev.  I can place the stations just fine but cannot connect any tracks to them.  The lock points won't appear on either the El or the Maglev.  I still need to go in and try the subway but right now I'm working in a lower altitude region but I'll do that sometime today.  
      I've tried removing mods, re-downloading mods.  Going through and reading to see if I need to remove certain mods that are knowingly conflicting with these and for the life of me, I just can't figure it out.  My Maglev was working before but I can't remember what mods I installed prior to the point where it stopped working properly.  I wish some of the original modders would come back, I don't think they are working on SC5 too much anymore and I don't know a thing about modding....
      I do know that some of my mods such as roads, vehicles, and others such as those do conflict with each other but I've been using a mod switch that keeps them off and have had no issues at all with those.  (Just wanted you to know that I do know certain mods are conflicting but those are mostly just smaller mods and nothing - at least that I know of - that are actual 'changes in play' mods).  But if you see any that you think I could be missing that could be causing this issue, please let me know.
      If someone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate the help!  Thank you so much in advance!

    • By xordevoreaux
      Transportation cheat requires both base game and the CoT expansion.  This mod zeros out plop and maintenance costs for most forms of transportation. Greatly increases passenger counts and busses per garage. Roads, rails, boats, and the airship are not modified so as to maintain some compatibility with other mods.
      What this mod does:
      Increases number of buses per bus garage.
      Increases number of passengers for the bus, train, maglev station.
      Increases number of passengers per bus stop.
      Reduces the amount of ControlNet needed for the maglev station to 1.
      Removes plop and maintenance cost of the airport, passenger terminal, and cargo terminal.
      Increases air cargo capacity from 54 to 540 crates of freight (does not increase the number of modules).
      Removes plop and maintenance cost of the streetcar depot.
      Increases number of passengers per streetcar depot to 2000.
      Increases number of passengers per streetcar to 2000.
      All above elements have had their power, water, and garbage greatly reduced.
      Reduces the number of employees needed to run any of the above to 1.
      Price of roads, rails, and maglev rails.
      Note: Experiment with how many garages you need at first. With 30 buses per garage, you can clog your streets really fast if you plop all of the garages. Two garages is a good number to start out and see from there. Also, because the number of buses are increased per bus garage, this mod may conflict with any mod that claims to reduce the number of agents.
      Note: If you do not destroy and then replop transportation facilities, and you have mods that increase the number of modules per facility, you may get weird plopping errors.  Have not tested against any mods that increase number of modules per transportation type.
      I do NOT have SUGPAK installed and therefore have not tested this against SUGPAK.
      However, this mod is compatible with the following, separate installations of:
      000 - OFFLINE - Roads -  Roads With No Traffic Lights - 1.5 - MaxvSk - 20140823.package
      000_OFFLINE_Roads_Bi-level Streets Pack_2.0.175_MaxvSk_20141024.package
      To use:
      Place all files in SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages.  If you already have the script files, you don't need to put them in there again, just the included package file.
      If you start a new region, what I find I must do is start the region, save it, quit the game, and then re-start for any mods to work the first time, even other people's mods that I've downloaded here.
      If you use this file, delete and replop any existing transportation facilities. Same holds true if you remove the file.
    • By CapTon
      Hey guys :)
      What this mod does for the two Maglev stations:
      Increases capacity of them from 200 to 2,000
      Construction cost lowered from 15,000 to 1,500
      Maintenance cost lowered from 250 to 25
      Lowered power and water consumption and garbage production
      How to install:
      Unzip the file.
      Install the regular file into your SCData folder and install the scripts file into your SCUserData/Packages folder.
      Enjoy the mod :) if you have any questions or bug reports, please state them below in a review.
    • By Sogatho
      This is my record of maglev riders, and i personally think its extreme beacuse there is only 80k people in the town http://gyazo.com/b484a4e0c732474571663cd49a283d6f
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    • I know it's sized 2x1, but what kind of residential do I need to zone for this to grow? Light, medium, or high density? Or does it not matter? Anyone who can answer I appreciate it.
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