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This is the Windows installer. The Mac OSX Version is a little to buggy for release right now, so you can run this in WINE or download this in a NAM package with a wineskin wrapper at http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17344.msg505849#msg505849 Version 2.1.1 is coming soon and will include newly PIM-X'ed buildings, better installers for both Windows and Mac, and other little changes/bug fixes.

There is a lot of myths about CAM out there. For a beautifully written article about what CAM is really about, see the blog by Tarkus here The CAM (Colossus Addon Mod) – Separating Fact From Fiction. This article also give a great idea on some great starter buildings.

NOTE: If you have merged your SimCity_1.dat file with the original CAM 1.0 file, restore your original SimCity_1.dat file before running this installer.

Welcome to the Colossus Addon Mod (CAM). CAM changes the way cities and regions develop. This is possible through the use of Growth Stages(Read in Basics of the Manual). This causes the game to progress from small stores, single houses and farms/small factories to Commercial Office towers, Residential High Rises and Large industrial factories less rapidly and much more realistically.

The altered growth also allows the player better control their cities through the use of zoning density. If the player wanted a nice rural town, zone only light density, with some medium in larger areas. On the other side, the skyscrapers and other large buildings become more balanced and possible with very developed regions. Use of high density zoning will allow these to grow when ready.

As with any new software or mod, be sure to read the Readme’s and this guide before installing or using the mod. Page 4 of the manual contains the specifics of installation. The manuals can be downloaded or read in both English and Japenese here, http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17318.0

Description of new Styles

Install Types:

        IR Fix Only – Will only Patch the SimCity_1.dat file. This will cause IR to be included in the totals for industry for regular SimCity 4. It will also allow normal industrial connections to work for IR. All other install types include this already. Original SimCity 4 files are backed up in the folder \Documents\SimCity 4\Original SimCity Files\

        Extended (InvisiChem) – This is CAM 2.1.0 Standard with extended stage ranges for larger regions. The growth I feel is more balanced and lifelike.

        Standard – Just like CAM 1.0 stages, just the curves have been smoothed out and the range slightly extended.

        Rural – Stages are set for smaller, rural style growth. Stage 15 can happen, it just will be in very large regions and very infrequently.

        Midrise – Stages are set to place an emphasis on growing midrise stages. This is similar to the way European cities grow.

        Skyscraper – Stages have been set to allow Skyscrapers to grow quickly, even in one city regions.



All stage settings, except for the Extended version, are the values that were originally developed by RippleJet. All the new CAM 2.1.0 fixes have been included in all versions. The only difference between types is the stages for specific play style.

Feel free to add comments here, the CAM General discussions board at SC4Devotion, or if you start a thread here at Simtropolis, let me know so I can be as helpful as possible. Feel free to discuss any myths about this mod that have circulated in the past. I will be more than happy to share what this mod is truly about, including how it helps regional play.

Cheers everyone, 



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  • 5
   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

This is one of the best mods, maybe amongst the top 20. But I would be curious to know how many people download and install this without knowing what this mod exactly does.

It needs a basic understanding about game mechanics - about growth especially - the mechanics why certain buildings of certain sizes grow and why not and how this mod affects growth by changing the caps for grow levels.

It isn't a desire mod and it doesn't balance desire for you, it only gives more headroom (the possible desire you can create). This means if you haven't the needed desire in your city the skyscrapers won't grow, even with the 'skyscraper option'.

On the other hand - if you downloaded and installed any growable building that has more than 5000 occupants - those buildings will mostly not grow at all without this mod. So it depends on the stats of your buildings if you need this mod, not on how the buildings look like (tall or small). So yes, on certain buildings growth is easier with this mod (or even: possible) and even earlier - but not city 'growth' itself - you still have to do a good major job to have this effect.

The growing curves described above can only work with buildings modded accordingly. Especially on the beginning - on cities up to ~5000 residents (grow stages 1-3), there is almost no difference between CAM or non-CAM development. The differences between the growing curves take effect on the long run.

The CAM modifies the base game's buildings therefore (grow stage and zone density). Accordingly it also changes network capacities and does some fixes . That's why it needs writing access on the base game data and why it changes them and makes a security copy. All this is written in the manual.

But if you don't deal much with the default buildings and instead download many other buildings (which aren't 'camified'), so what you do - you break this part of the mod with custom content again. It can't take effect on custom content if this content isn't modded accordingly.

The initial idear of this mod was to extend growing process, not to speed it up. On the base game, once your city has reached ~50.000 residents, growth is finished, all kind of buildings are available, all caps are exceeded and even if the city gets bigger, there won't appear new buildings once the highest grow stages (8) is reached. So the 'surprises' are finished, visually nothing much new will happen in your city . The idear was to extend this process up to 15 stages - not to play faster but longer and still get some 'surprises' and visual changes in the game.

But this only works with buildings modded accordingly.

So if you use an extended CAM installation and at the same time many custom content buildings that weren't modded for the CAM - what you're doing is making the mod more and more ineffective. If you change the mechanics and this mechanics can't be applied on most of the objects in the game ... it's like a clockwork without index. You won't see much going on.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Great mod other than one little glitch i'm receiving. I have no inCAMpatible buildings and have not gotten even close to my demand cap but am still getting buildings saying "abandoned due to commute time." Is there any way i can fix it or is this a glitch in the mod itself?


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  • 5

When i was installing cam, my anti virus encountered a trojan the trojan is gone but its a great mod to grow cities!

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  • 5

Dude, you are a damn genius! You have managed to fix so many of the balance issues that have been plaguing maxis arithmetic miscalculations and oversights for years when it comes to growth and development on every level. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I look forward to the more streamline version 2.1.1. I know you're a very busy man but I was wondering if you had a time in mind for release? And, of course, I must give kudos to RippleJet for the initial work that he started.

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  • 5

Thanks for reviving this awesome mod :thumb:.

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  • 4

I used to use the CAM extensively. What are the noticeable changes since 1.0?

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Cyclone Boom

  • 5

Well done, thanks for reviving this innovative SimCity 4 mod! :thumb:

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    • By Giovanne
      Hello everyone!
      I need some help with my SC4. I recently installed the CAM on my game and something happened to the income of the taxes of my cities: they plummeted to very low levels!
      Now all my cities don't make profit, one of my major cities had 500k of profit before the mod, now it's only 50k. I tried uninstalling the mod but the income still keeps low.
      What's going on?
    • By TSM.E3
      So i downloaded the installer of CAM and opened it but it says it cant find the SimCity 4 Installation path, i installed SimCity 4 correctly and the install path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe, it is installed correctly but it seems like it can't find the installation path, tried reinstalling but the problem still occurs
    • By Shadowstrike
      This is a version of T Wrecks' Industrial Revolution Mod (IRM), which will work with the Colossus Addon Mod (CAM). Please consult the download page for the original Industrial Revolution Mod for T Wrecks' excellently written description of what the IRM is, and the dependencies required for it to run (obviously CAM is also needed for this version of the mod to work). In short, the IRM includes T Wrecks' beautiful relot of all the original Maxis industrial lots, and separates dirty/traditional industries (which only develop on medium-density industrial zones) from modern/high-tech industries (which only develop on high-density industrial zones).
      I have included two different versions of the mod in this download. The "A" version preserves T Wrecks' distribution of I-M lots between medium-density and high-density industrial zones, on the basis of appearance. During playtesting, I noticed that the I-M lots produced pollution that tended to choke out some of the I-HT development in the high-density zones, and so I created the "B" version, which allocates all the I-HT lots to the high-density industrial zones and all the I-M (as well as the I-D) lots to the medium-density industrial zones. Copy only the version you want into your plugins folder.
      The only tricky bit of the installation is that you have to place this mod such that it loads after the CAM, because it's lots share the same IIDs as both the default Maxis industrial lots, as well as their CAM counterparts. To do this, place it in a folder within your plugins folder which comes alphabetically after the CAM folder.
      The lots here cover only the ones in the IRM base pack, and do not include the IRM addon lots.
      As with the original IRM, the separation of industrial lots into two different zone densities only works if you do not have any other non-Maxis industrial lots in your plugins. If you do, you will have to use the Reader to change the "LotConfigPropertyZoneTypes" attribute of each additional lot, so that it adheres to the IRM setup. Additionally, if these lots are not CAMpatible, they should be converted using the PIM-X tool. Otherwise, these other industrial lots will clash with the IRM or the CAM.
      Many thanks are due to T Wrecks, the original creator of the IRM, whose work I have simply adapted to work with the CAM,
      vortext for his help in figuring out how to adapt the IRM for CAM, and obviously the CAM team as well.
    • By Fantozzi
      5 Relots of JP Schriefers Castelo Del Mar
      CAM Stages 11 and 12,
      1x R$$, 4xR$$$
      Lot Sizes: 2x3, 3x3,3x2
      (Stats generated by Pim-X)
      Castel Del Mar by JP Schriefer
      Colossus Addon Mod 2.1
      BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02.dat
      BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02.dat
      BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat
      BSC Textures Vol 01.dat
      Fantozzi's Audio Essentials
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