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Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is the largest city in the U.S. state of North Carolina and the second largest city in the southeastern United States.  It is currently the 17th largest city in the U.S. and was incorporated in 1768 as a town.  Named for Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Charlotte is nicknamed the “Queen City” and is symbolized by a stylized crown.  Charlotte is located in and is the county seat of Mecklenburg County.


Land Area: 297.7 sq. miles (771 km2)

Elevation: 751 ft (229 m)

Population (2014): 809,958 (17th)

Density: 2,720/ sq. miles (1,050.5/km2)

Urban Population: 1,249,442 (38th)

Metro: 2,380,314 (22nd)

Demonym: Charlottean

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) (Summer – DST: Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4))

Major Highways Servicing Charlotte:

Interstate 77, Interstate 85, Interstate 277, Interstate 485

US Highway 21, US Highway 29, US Highway 74

NC Highway 16, NC Highway 24, NC Highway 27, NC Highway 49, NC Highway 51, NC Highway 160

Terrain of Charlotte:

Charlotte’s elevation is 751 feet above sea level and is describe as rolling foothills leading into the mountains from the coastal plan.  This area is known as the Piedmont and stretches from South West of Atlanta, GA to Northeast of Greensboro, NC following the Interstate 85 corridor.  Due to Charlotte location inland, Charlotte has four distinctive seasons, however, winters are known to be mild and summers are known to be hot and humid.

Information about the map:

The map was created using Terrain Party and the standard setting.  This map includes Interstate 85, Interstate 77, and Interstate 277, along with US 74 east of Charlotte.  The interchanges for all the major Interstates are hand drawn and as accurate as possible within the game.  This includes the I-77/I-85 interchange in which I-77 crosses itself and the northbound lanes are now on the left side and the southbound are on the right.  This design was used during the construction of the highway to save money and space.  If you have a chance check out Google Maps:  https://www.google.com/maps/dir/35.2729762,-80.8449356//@35.2723018,-80.8450858,16z?hl=en.  In addition the location of the Interstates is accurate as well using the terrain features to determine location.

Note:  US 74 (Independence Freeway) – Does not connect to the outside.  I was limited to four connections and choose to connect the I-85 and I-77 to the outside.  If anyone knows of a mod to allow more connections – please let me know.

Water Placement:

Due to the terrain and the proximate of water to the center city, I took liberties to ensure the map has proper water and access.  This was created due to Charlotte not being located on a major river or the river being close enough to be included in the map.


Please provide feedback and any suggestions so I can improve the map.  I am starting to use this map to build a city on and will be providing updates as I find issues.  Please let me know via commits if you have problems or concerns with the map or the road lay outs.

User Feedback

So living in North Carolina and as a person who visits Charlotte fairly often, I need to take the time to congratulate you on this. It looks super realistic on a street level. Good job!

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      There are lots of them actually, but if you're here you might be familiar with one already... SimCity 4.
      I first looked how to export a sc4 map to a heightmap... and it wasn't straightforward. Using the tools I found I was only able to get a 16bit greyscale map, and the scale was really different... It requires a few correction layers to get the scale right in SC3. Oh and also photoshop proves to be an awful tool when you need absolute precision... I already knew that but here I had an absolute proof).

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    • By huzman
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      I am having a little trouble with water/land borders as @CorinaMarie's posts above have shown. Most, really most maps I've down-loaded shows these glitches. So, is there a way to go the other way around from region to gray map ? That way one can check the height levels. Another option would be to check the heights directly in region/city tile.
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      Happy 100 million downloads on the STEX!
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    • @CorinaMarie It works for me !!  
    • @Bipin Hi! Could you update the dependency links on this upload (and any other uploads of yours, which had dependencies on the sadly-no-existing-anymore SIMPEG page)? Thanks in advance! - Tyberius