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SPAM High School
By Craig-Abcvs

This rural high school is designed to compliment MTP and SPAM communities.  It provides full tile coverage, to reflect the greater catchment area of a rural school.

The quad, features the 'Crummy Tummy Food Shack' providing easy greasy burgers and fries since '03..

If you look carefully you might even find the 'kiss my butt guy'!

Installation: Documents/Simcity 4/Plugins

Menu: Education

Building Prop Vol.1
SPAM Resource
PEG MTP Super Pack

Optional - if you want the flag of your choice to fly:
One Flag Many Nations
Day of Peace Flag Prop

Canada Flag (Not included in Day of Peace Prop)
OFMN New Zealand Flag (Not included in main OFMN mod)


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  • 5

Nice MOD

I will try this and wait to see my city

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  • 5

thank you   always need a new school and I always enjoy your  lot work

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    • By tariely
      ARE those wonderful vortextures working with SPAM, and if not, could they ?
    • By tariely
      Hi, @SimCoug. I'm trying your farmhouses but they don't seem to be compatible with SPAM (or it's me just fracking up as usual ). When I try them by themselves they grow OK (I suppose we have to plop fields and pastures around them -- that's fine with me the MMP fiend) ; they apparently also grow as just-houses right in the middle of a town -- hmm.... But when I try to arrange for one of the them, say the 5x5, to grow in an adequately cleared 5x5 space in a SPAM field, no cigar. Can you enlighten me ?
    • By Pegasus
      The time has come to clean up your act. Specifically... you now have access to clean, affordable and realistic power for your cities. Its time to stop burning those fossil fuels and irradiating the gene pool and start developing GeoThermal Power Plants in all your cities.
      Geothermal energy is abundant... and renewable. The process involves using either direct steam or high-pressure hot water from underground to power steam turbines... which in turn power electric generators. The steam is then condensed back to liquid and pumped back underground where it is super heated to be used again... repeatedly... forever. This is not science fiction. Geothermal power plants are in use today throughout the world.

      This 5x4 power plant has all the costs, power output and other properties of a game-default coal fired power plant... but virtually none (1-3%) of the associated pollution. In fact, the only real pollution generated here is when the roach coach rolls in on 2-for-1 burrito day.

      This is not a conditional power plant and is always available. Its the cheapest source of power ($0.04 cents per MegaWatt Hour [MWh], in-game) and the cleanest now available. For bringing power to your cities, Geothermal should not only be your first choice... but your only choice!

      ** This lot requires the PEG Security Fencing Kit
      **This lot also requires PEG MTP Super Pack
      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
    • By Bollocks12
      So, I recently installed SPAM and tried experimenting with it. But none of my citizens seems to want to work in DI or MI anymore. Any suggestions? 
    • By EdwardUV
      I have a simple question:
      Does the number of work spaces from normal agriculture from a certain area is the same as the number of work spaces from SPAM agriculture on an area exacly the same?
      If not the can you tell me If the difrerence is pretty big and game changing.I am new to SimCity 4 and i dont want to make the game harder but i want IT to have variety and realism.Oh and while You are still reading ,some mod/lots sugestions wouldnt be bad.Thank you for reading this and pls answer as soon as possible.
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