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TLC Toll Booth Collection August 14

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About This File

My very first upload to the Exchange is a full collection of turnpikes I've worked on over the last few months. It comes with five different versions allowing you to build toll booths practically anywhere. I am planning to create more versions later (like small ones for two-lane roads), but I think this set is quite complete as is.

=== TLC series of TOLL BOOTH TURNPIKES ===

This experimental series of turnpike structures provides patrol coverage directly through your motorways. At this time these do not generate money, so they are mostly for adding a visual landmark in front of bridges etc. You can find the entire TLC collection above, with more info and direct links down below.

The A1, A2 and L models should be placed on flat terrain, as the base model is designed to overlap parts of existing roads and it cannot curve along bumps. The S1 and S2 are more compact and userfriendly; these can be placed practically anywhere. No mods are required, but traffic mods might be a good idea to solve any wonky lane bias.

The terraform tool is a must if you are building on an uneven surface.

=== INFO ===

Service: Police

Polygons: 2300 (A1, A2 & L)
Verts: 3100 (A1, A2 & L)
Texture: 1024x1024 Diff/Spec/Illumination

=== VARIANTS ===

- TLC-A1 - High Speed -
Passive high velocity setup for large amounts of expressway traffic.
Cost: 11000
Upkeep: 48/Week
Cells: 6x16
Patrol vehicles: 8
Accumulation: 25
Coverage: 1000
3 High Speed Lanes + 2 Lay-by Lanes
All Lanes Open
Status: Published


- TLC-A2 - Congested -
This setup will actively slow down incoming cars and trucks.
Cost: 11000
Upkeep: 0 (Self-sufficient)
Cells: 6x16
Patrol vehicles: 8
Accumulation: 25
Coverage: 1000
2 Low Speed Lanes + 2 Lay-by Lanes
3 Gridlocked Lanes (Parked cars)
1 Closed Lane
Status: Published


- TLC-L - High Speed Left-Hand Traffic -
A1/A2 hybrid with left-side lay-by.
Cost: 11000
Upkeep: 0 (Self-sufficient)
Cells: 6x16
Patrol vehicles: 8
Accumulation: 25
Coverage: 1000
Status: Published


- TLC-S1 - Compact One-Way -
Cost: 6000
Upkeep: 0 (Self-sufficient)
Cells: 1x2
Patrol vehicles: 4
Accumulation: 20
Coverage: 500
Status: Published


- TLC-S2 - Compact Two-Way -
This turnpike can be placed on top of four-lane and six-lane avenues and has an optional lay-by / frontage area.

Cost: 8000
Upkeep: 0 (Self-sufficient)
Cells: 1x3
Patrol vehicles: 6
Accumulation: 20
Coverage: 500
Status: Published


This entry is outdated. For the most recent versions I suggest you subscribe to the ones linked above. I'm not planning to update this because it's more easy to keep track of Workshop assets.

If you pirated the game, bad luck, these assets probably will not work for you.

What's New in Version August 14   See Changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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User Feedback

These assets have to be updated to work with After Dark. I have to create custom LODs for this, so this is bound to take some time.

It's been reported the booths DO NOT WORK if you don't have either 1.1.1c or 1.2.0a. If you want these assets to work, don't pirate the game. Buy it. And use Steam to get the latest version.

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    • Thanks, T Wrecks...rewards are such a giant pain to make! So I usually try and put something daft in to try and compensate...this is my nod to the g20 . As far as I know, the OG doesn't do anything, but there is an ATR file in sim city1. dat  (I think it's 0x49a59e37 - 0x01601900), but it might have been deemed a bit too graphic, or it could just have been like the other dozen or so atr files that aren't used in anything....   Oh, and btw, citybuilder234, the building looks like whatever I tell you it looks like.....
    • It doesn't even look like a convention center. Looks like a building at a community college or a state university.
    • Wow, what a fantastic building! I like the intricate shapes of this one, and the many different areas. There are so many details to take in that it really takes a while to grasp the entire structure. I also agree that there's not much going in in terms of conference centres, so this really fills a gap. Kudos for all the reward modding too - I know that part is pretty tedious und ungratifying work (unless you're some sick masochist ). What I also like is how well the lot complements the building, and it acomplishes that with so few and so simple means. Just a few default overlays and props, and we have a lot that leaves nothing to be desired. The one tiny suggestion I have is that all your recent buildings have had their names (and, in cases like this one, also their function) baked into the model. This is not bad generally because it allows a better visual appearance, but sometimes it limits flexibility a bit. The building in question could totally double as a modern city college, for example, or maybe even as a university (not all modern universities are sitting on a lush campus, after all!), but then there's the "Convention Center" lettering in front. I guess it can be covered with cleverly placed flora props... Fun fact: I never knew that there was an Occupant Group "burning dude maker" - what the...???
    • Do we need to delete Oppie's and replace yours?   Ps. Thank you so much for revamping this amazing mod.