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Cities XL 2012 Launcher v1.0

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About This File

- Cities XL 2012


It Will Not Work With Cities XL and Cities XL 2011, Cities XL Laucher is a Program For Cities XL 2012

It Has in The Package is Play Mode, Visit My Website Button, Visit My Modding Page Button, Visit My Support Page Button,


Operating System:

Window Vista, Window 7, Window 8, Window 8.1,

It Won't Work With Window XP and Window 10


More Info At

Check For Game Updates for Cities XL 2012!

Visit My Website: www.CitiesXP.Weebly.com

More Info at www.CitiesXP.weebly.com/help.html


How To Install Cities XL 2012 Launcher?

Step 1: Download The File and Run setup,

Step 2: Just Click OK and Just Leave It Running

Step 3: It Will Be in Cities XL 2012 Folder


How To Uninstall Cities XL 2012 Launcher?

Step 1: Click Start Button and Click Control Panel

Step 2: Click Uninstall File and Follow Instructions

Step 3: Restart You Computer


Make Sure Cities XL 2012 Is Close Or It Might Not Work!



What's New:

- Play Mode

- Visit My Modding Page

- Visit My Website

- Visit My Support Page

- about Form


Coming Soon:

- Support With Window 10

- Removed The Loading Image

- Added StateIcon


Bug Fix

- Game Laucher


Note: Has Been Create By nick97





What's New in Version v1.0   See Changelog


What's New

- Added Mainbar

- Added Statebar

- Added Toolbar

- Added 5 New Powerfull Buildings

- Added 2 New Programs (Game Setup App, ModManger)



- Charged Game Setup Layout

- Charged Launcher Layout

- Charged Coures

- Charged Game Feature


Bug Fix:

- Bug Fixed GamePlay

- Bug Fixed OK Button

- Bug Fixed Apple Button

- Bug Fixed Game Crushs


Please Goto: https://www.citiesxp.weebly.com Or https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzx5fwstcy9cbVhfVVN5WDZLX28

The File Is To Big To Be Uploaded On This Website! You Had To Click One Of The Links!




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    • By Vitimus
      If you play SimCity 4 this is a must have full featured Launcher! It will let you to play SimCity 4 on a custom resolution, or play in a window while surfing the web or doing other things in the computer.
      Have you ever lost hours of progress due to a crash? Forgot to save?
      Never loose you progress again, with the auto save feature.
      Your game will be automatically saved while playing on a chosen interval.
      Play your game in full 1920x1080p on a huge 21" monitor or any other resolution.
      Play in widescreen resolutions.
      Play in full-screen or play in a floating window, no more ALT+TAB.
      Fully configurable.

      List of features:
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    • By NICK97
      Work With:
      - Cities XL 2011
      - Cities XL Platinum
      New Feature:
      - 10 New Buildings
      - No Loading Screen
      - 2 New Apps Inside The One exe File
      Note: This Program is Going To Be a New Updates With Bug fixing program won't run Excep and the update will come in 5 weeks or later!
    • By rewright
      After several months of playing Cities Skylines I wanted to get back to SC4 but my new Wiindows 10 machine would not let me launch it. I now play it through Steam but it crashed randomly. There is a program that fixes that by automatically shutting down some cores. Does anyone know the name of that program. I've forgotten it.
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      The Sims has a program that contains the info of all custom content and indicates if it has issues withiin the game. I wonder if Sim City 4 has one as well? I'm asking that because I have some failed plugins and I don't know exactly what files are theirs, so I can't seem to easily remove them.
    • By NICK97
      Work With:
      Cities XL Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Requrment:
      Sears For XL CTV Studio For XL Cities XL 2012 - Launcher  
      It Won't Work With Cities XXL!
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