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Tree Replacer (Compatible with 1.1) 1.1-Beta

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Make sure to post screenshots of your cities with the mod enabled in the comments ;)

Replaces all trees on decorated roads, parks and building plots with palm trees.

You can change the tree types and the buildings/roads in the configuration file.

This is just a visual mod! You can load an existing save, and it will replace the trees. You can also still load your save files after disabling/uninstalling this mod. It will not break your save files.

Known Bugs and Limitations
  • When you load an existing city from the main menu, and zoom far away, the game will display the default tree models.
    Workaround: Press ESC after the city is loaded to open the "Pause Menu". Press "Load Game" and reload the city.
  • Replacement with palm trees only works on tropical maps.
  • Replacement with pine/conifer trees only works on nordic maps.
  • No support for custom tree models.
  • Does not replace trees on custom assets from the workshop

Enable the mod and create/load a city. The Mod will create the default configuration file.

Open the configuration file located at "[steam-install-directory]\SteamApps\common\Cities_Skylines\TreeReplacer.xml" with an editor (e.g. Notepad). Edit the values as you please:

replaceRoadTrees               - Enables tree replacement on roads (true or false)
replaceResidentialTrees        - Enables tree replacement on residential plots 
replaceCommercialTrees         - Enables tree replacement on commercial plots 
replaceIndustrialFarmingTrees  - Enables tree replacement on farm plots 
replaceIndustrialForestryTrees - Enables tree replacement on forestry industry plots 
replaceParkTrees               - Enables tree replacement on parks 
replaceOtherBuildingTrees      - Enables tree replacement on any other buildings 
tree2_lane                     - The name of the tree used on decorated small roads.
tree4_lane                     - The name of the tree used on decorated medium roads.
tree6_lane                     - The name of the tree used on decorated large roads.
replace_[tree-name]_with       - The replacement tree for the tree with name [tree-name].

removeUglyDirtUnderTrees       - removes the dirt texture that is visible under trees (works only if you load the city twice)
Restart the game to reload the configuration.

PS: The code of this mod is so messy, don't use it as a learning ressource ;)

What's New in Version 1.1-Beta   See Changelog


  • Added way to disable dirt texture under trees (affects all trees on map).
  • Internal improvements.
  • Critical Bugfix

User Feedback

Very cool schmidtbochum. thanks for sharing, even though no custom trees, this is still incredibly nice to make tropical and boreal maps really take on the right look. Sweet upload.

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Mod is compatible with 1.1. If you downloaded the mod here, please update it. There was a bug in the last version that was uploaded here. For faster updates, subscribe to the workshop item!

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