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Tree Replacer (Compatible with 1.1) 1.1-Beta

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Make sure to post screenshots of your cities with the mod enabled in the comments ;)

Replaces all trees on decorated roads, parks and building plots with palm trees.

You can change the tree types and the buildings/roads in the configuration file.

This is just a visual mod! You can load an existing save, and it will replace the trees. You can also still load your save files after disabling/uninstalling this mod. It will not break your save files.

Known Bugs and Limitations
  • When you load an existing city from the main menu, and zoom far away, the game will display the default tree models.
    Workaround: Press ESC after the city is loaded to open the "Pause Menu". Press "Load Game" and reload the city.
  • Replacement with palm trees only works on tropical maps.
  • Replacement with pine/conifer trees only works on nordic maps.
  • No support for custom tree models.
  • Does not replace trees on custom assets from the workshop

Enable the mod and create/load a city. The Mod will create the default configuration file.

Open the configuration file located at "[steam-install-directory]\SteamApps\common\Cities_Skylines\TreeReplacer.xml" with an editor (e.g. Notepad). Edit the values as you please:

replaceRoadTrees               - Enables tree replacement on roads (true or false)
replaceResidentialTrees        - Enables tree replacement on residential plots 
replaceCommercialTrees         - Enables tree replacement on commercial plots 
replaceIndustrialFarmingTrees  - Enables tree replacement on farm plots 
replaceIndustrialForestryTrees - Enables tree replacement on forestry industry plots 
replaceParkTrees               - Enables tree replacement on parks 
replaceOtherBuildingTrees      - Enables tree replacement on any other buildings 
tree2_lane                     - The name of the tree used on decorated small roads.
tree4_lane                     - The name of the tree used on decorated medium roads.
tree6_lane                     - The name of the tree used on decorated large roads.
replace_[tree-name]_with       - The replacement tree for the tree with name [tree-name].

removeUglyDirtUnderTrees       - removes the dirt texture that is visible under trees (works only if you load the city twice)
Restart the game to reload the configuration.

PS: The code of this mod is so messy, don't use it as a learning ressource ;)

What's New in Version 1.1-Beta   See Changelog


  • Added way to disable dirt texture under trees (affects all trees on map).
  • Internal improvements.
  • Critical Bugfix

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