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SUGC Simcity Modder's Guide 1.01

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About This File

Hi everyone!


Finally, after 6 months of work, I present you the SUGC SimCity Modder's Guide!


You will find in this guide, all the technical articles find on the net regarding SimCity in one place. It also include new tutorials made by SUGC modders. This guide is there to help you understand the mechanics in SimCity.


With it, you will be able to learn how to do small modification to the game, create menu icons and marquees, modify an in-game building and create a sub-menu in the User Interface as in Project Akar.


This guide is a work in progress. More will be added when new tutorials will be produce by modders.


Warning: It is a huge document (32MB) and already 300+ pages. Be patient if you download it using a slow internet connection..


Good reading!





What's New in Version 1.01   See Changelog


  • 1.01 Feb 24th Change to the section: Publishing on Simtropolis and the mod filename naming convention.
  • 1.0 Feb 20th 2015 First edition.

User Feedback

I don't mod but have been inquisitive to find out whats involved. This guide has been fascinating from that point of view. Thanks

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Thanks god (and the moderator) the guide is back for everybody to download. I hope this will not happened again.


Oups: small mistake in page 64. In the example, The date should be before the version. Will be corrected in the next version.


Should read like this:


Example: 001-OFFLINE_Roads_SUGC_20140710_1.70_Udons.package


Lots of problem today to upload version 1.01. Now it is finally there to download. Good reading!



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Hopefully, we'll start getting some new mods for the game! (wink, wink)

My degree is in Architecture and Engineering and I did alot of 3D modeling while I was working in the field and have thought about trying my had at modding but I don't want to screw anything up and it's been a few years since I've done anything 3D.  I'll read the manual and think about it trying my hand at it!  Would love to see more SC2013 mods come out!  ~Cassie

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    • @kellydale2003 As I said in the review it's avesome stuff, I would have only one request. Could you next time make a notice on the description, that the growable version is only compatible with CAM by default...  I was wondering why I haven't seen growing your stuffs in my cities (f.e. Linda Swampy), and took an other look to the lot files I see, that some of them is CAMified, and I don't play with CAM... Linda Swampy is a stage 10 I-Ht... So that would be worth a mention I guess for those who doesn't use the CAM as well... Thanks in advance!  - Tyberius
    • Having Trouble with this plugin. I downloaded this and all the dependencies. All I see is parking lot and cars. no Building. What do u think might be causing this?
    • This strategy is really commendable. There have been so many buildings that were 95% ready and had already reached a quality level that left most users with their lower jaw on the desk, and yet they got lost ultimately and never made it to any download section, even though of all people with an interest in that BAT, literally every single person other than the creator would gladly have downloaded it in its current state. You chose to go the other route, and - lo and behold! - people love the building, download it, and are happy. Thank you so much for contributing a superb BAT to the STEX rather than another post to one of the most depressive threads on Simtropolis!
    • It's a landmark in SC4, too, but the scale of Maxis' version is totally off, and the lot is strange as well. Therefore, a custom version is very welcome. I recently compared old and new version side by side, and the progress you have made since then is impressive! Smoother modeling (the inward curves used to look a tad bumpy), better windows, better roof textures and roof junk, better night lights... it's an improvement in all respects!
    • Any way to get this to work on a mac?