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Simcity Free Mod 1.0(beta)

(2.50)    (10 Reviews)

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About This File

Hello there. This is my first upload.This mods makes all construction costs and maintenance costs disappear.This only applies to the base version. Does not count COT or others.I don't know of any incompatibilities or issues but if so , let me know.Thanks and enjoy

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It would be great if there was more information regarding the mod, such as:

1. Installation information

2. Incompatiblities

3. More general info about your mod

4. Some pictures showing what your mod does.


If your mod does work as intended, and this is your first mod, well done, and I hope to see what you create. :)


You can contact any member of SUGC, myself, or anyone on the forums if you want to learn how to accomplish more complex mods. ;)

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This is a incredible idea, especially for those who want to play outside of the Sandbox Mode!


Edit: Oh, I Think I found a bug in the mod, for some reason the roads aren't free, as well as the base power plants (I'm not referring to CoT Plants but the Core Simcity Power Plants).

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I installed this one and the COT Free Mod. They work when you start a new city or region. Almost everything is free to build or maintain. Its good if you want to play in Sandbox mode and do not want to build a specialty like the processor factory. One bug--the hospital will not stay powered.


Wouldn't it have been easier to create a building that generates a lot of income instead?

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