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Kayaba's Patch (Debug) (FULL Offline Mode) 1.0.0

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A fully working developer mode with the latest patch! Currently working on both Single Player and Multiplayer!


Note: This mod was INSPIRED by TrixisOwned, however uses NONE of his work!


I was at first trying to get Trix's mod to work but it seemed to not work anymore.. Therefore I spent a couple hours putting this together and with some effort, even fixed the connection loading issue! Please give credit to me if you decide to mirror or re-post this.. I would like any re-posts to have a link to this thread.. And now without further ado... I give you Kayaba's Patch.... with pics obviously!  :P


I moved it to this instead of my mega for several reasons... Sorry guys




If you need help, join the site's Live Chat and I'll be glad to help you..

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User Feedback

Note that the snapshot that appears on the home page is empty.  The site can't handle (apparently) title shots that are *.png (which is rather not good practice anyway).  Try changing it to *.jpg in order for it to show up.

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I quote from someone else on the forum



10:51 sexysark:p: kayaba: yeha they are fine m8


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Correction seems its a server side issue, nothing to do with my end... :P




10:52 meister1235: kayaba: Hmm, the images don't appear on the home page. Looking into the issue now  
  10:52 kisa atsuko: jdenm8: wb » kayaba: I see it isnt appear in STEX index page
  10:53 meister1235: Seems like a server side problem with handling the image some way

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I can't get onto live Chat! I think it's because I don't have JavaScript but a lesson in life and that is (Fact): Java is a way to make your computer unsecure.

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Great first mod. (Or so I think) You didn't do anything too groundbreaking, but you did bring back a feature from the old pre-mod SimCity community and brought it to this side of Simtropolis.


If you want to get better at modding, contact me or any of the members of the SUGC team. They can help with most of your modding endeavors. :)


I'm just curious, but could you PM me and tell me how you did it? I'm not the best with UI elements, but I do know that the debug menu is older than the current menu we use to play, and that might have somewhat of a complication.


There's something missing, though. I just don't know what; but for that reason, I'm -

giving you a 8/10.


However, I do like the button. Just not its position. Maybe in the top left corner of the users' screen?


Oh yes, a good name. Maybe "Debug Menu Enabler" or "Debug Menu Add-On"

"Full Developer Mode" means that we now have access to region making and simulation editing and etc. I thought someone broke the code to that, and I slammed my fist on my desk and said, "HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?" - but I also saw the part (in parentheses) which said, "Enables Debug UI."

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Of course it is a server side issue, however it has been that way for a long time.  Better to conform and get the job done right.  PNGs are a pain when that level of detail is not needed.

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Of course it is a server side issue, however it has been that way for a long time.  Better to conform and get the job done right.  PNGs are a pain when that level of detail is not needed.


The filetype actually doesn't seem to be the problem here. It seems that the kind of hosting which was causing the issue in the first place. A detailed report has been sent to fix this.

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I have been using simcity like this for a while: Project Akar with Procskalone BOC Mod, they work extremely well together ( for me ). Procs BOC mode works well with Akar when Debug is enabled ( side menu ) just like in the screenshot!

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I would like to point out that I put well over 60K new lines in this code, in which allowing players not to require internet at all to start and play the game. I simply did this by emulating a few inputs and outputs... So my work isn't just "SIMPLE" as you said. :)

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Another thing is I am, working on adding FULL developer capabilities.. Working on cracking some code as we speak... :P

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I would like to point out that I put well over 60K new lines in this code, in which allowing players not to require internet at all to start and play the game. I simply did this by emulating a few inputs and outputs... So my work isn't just "SIMPLE" as you said.


60K new lines of code? What exactly did you use to make this mod?

Not requiring internet to launch the game? Didn't Maxis make a Singleplayer Mode for a that reason?


I never said your work wasn't simple. I'm quite sure you put in lots of work; however, if you are working on "full developer capabilities, that is somewhat interesting, especially with map editing and whatnot."


I'm thinking this is with the "early (old) generation" of SimCity mods which SUGC tried to redo and streamline. Proc's BoC and other mods were sort of fit for that (undirected) time period in SimCity modding.


P.S.: I honestly thought you were a novice making a first SimCity mod, but I guess you have some experience, quite a bit in fact. :)

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When you update the mod may you please tell us what you added and or changed?


The update was due to editing the item description. Nothing in the files was changed.

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