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SUGC’s ModPack For SimCity 2013

To help promote SimCity SUGC have compiled the most current mods that have been created into one downloadable and simple to install package.

Installing Instructions:

The Installer will take care of the uninstallation of the old packs/mods.

If you installed SimCity to the default Origin folder you can start installing right away. If you installed SimCity to a custom folder you need to browse to your \simcity folder and start installing there.

Some mods need a game restart after you have created a new region for them to work.

Also some mods needs a bit of background explanation how they work so if you don't get
how a mod works, please visit the respective page.

Cities of Tomorrow Expansion pack is needed for some mods.

Does not work on pirated copies of the game. Simtropolis does not support pirating in any manner.



Added: December 2014


Deletion script for old pack and mods
Author: Markus / Chappers

Author: yayie

The SimCity Decoration Pack
Author: Danny

Tree Anywere
Author: Xoxide

Buldozeble Regional Paths
Author: Xoxide

Extended Worker Detail Rollover
Author: MaxisGuillaume

Pedestrian Path
Author: Xoxide

Project Orion 3k Extended Boundary
Author: Xoxide

Unidirectional Networks (Udon)
Author: Xoxide

Oppie's C$$ Burger King
Author: Oppie

Oppie's C$$ Mcdonalds
Author: Oppie

Oppie's Central Train Station
Author: Oppie

Oppie's Museum
Author: Oppie

Oppie's Public Transport Stops
Author: Oppie

Oppies Railway Catenary
Author: Oppie

Purple Line Industries Tech Map
Author: MaxisGuillaume

Road ( Trench / Raise / Bridge / Tunnel ) Mod
Author: XoxiDe

Danny's CamMod
Author: Danny

Skye's MultiPlopper
Author: SkyeStorme / Chucksef

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Fire Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Garbage Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Hospital Ambulances
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Bus Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Police Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of School Busses
Author: CapTon

HyugaHinata's Regional Tunnels and Bridges Project
Author: HyugaHinata

Solar Storage Batteries
Author: CapTon

Windpower Storage Batteries
Author: CapTon

Reduced Snap Distance
Author: Ciaolo

Functional Guides
Author: Ciaolo

Freight Functionality Mod
Author: CapTon

Garbage Incinerator Ploppable on Road
Author: CapTon

Water Pumping Station Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Airship Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Launch Arcology No Limit
Author: Nikola

Nuclear PowerPlant Overhaul
Author: Nikola

Oil PowerPlant Overhaul
Author: Nikola

Oil Refinery Upgraded
Author: Nikola

ProcessorFactory Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Recycling Center Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Sewage Sanitizer
Author: Nikola

Sewage Treatment Plant Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Smelting Factory Upgraded
Author: Nikola

Solar Power Plant Overhaul
Author: Nikola

GIGA Trade Port
Author: Nikola

Garbage Dump Ugrade
Author: HyugaHinata

Regional Maglev
Author: Yayie

Homeless Tents
Author: Yayie

Project Akar UI Enhancement
Author: Yayie

Flame Bus
Author: Bowserking

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Recycling Vehicles
Author: CapTon

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Drone Hangars
Author: CapTon

Project Shinjida
Author: Xoxide

New One World Trade Center
Author: Danny

Mega Towers With Realistic Population
Author: Nikola

New RCI 1.1(More Workers,Shoppers and Freights)
Author: Nikola

Low Mid and High Tech Industrial Freight 1.1 (Need More Freight?)
Author: Nikola

Ploppable Great Works
Author: Danny

Streetcar Garage SnapPoints
Author: CapTon

Project Agua
Author: CraftKid

Street With No Traffic Lights
Author: MaxvSK

Old World Trade Plaza
Author: Danny

Electric power Lines
Author: MaxvSK


Credit for each mod goes to the individual author's and teams who created them.

If you like our work please visit our Facebook page:



This modpack includes mods which have been tested for compatibility with each other.


Electronic Arts (EA) does not pre-screen, endorse or officially support SimCity mods and you use this product at your own risk.


Notes: If you are having troubles with crashes on the launcher try installing without the old worldtradecenter plaza mod.

Staff Edit: Minor revision to description.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • 1.0 Release

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User Feedback

Wait- for some reason when I try to install the files in the SimCityData folder, the files don't appear there... Odd...


EDIT: I use a Windows 8

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Wait- for some reason when I try to install the files in the SimCityData folder, the files don't appear there... Odd...


EDIT: I use a Windows 8


you need to point the installer to your simcity folder not the simcitydata folder as stated in the installing instructions ;)

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Wait- for some reason when I try to install the files in the SimCityData folder, the files don't appear there... Odd...


EDIT: I use a Windows 8


you need to point the installer to your simcity folder not the simcitydata folder as stated in the installing instructions ;)



Thanks! It works now! :D

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hey guys


I can only see the top left corner of the window when I launch the installer. You know what I mean, and as a result I can't reach/see the "next" or "cancel" buttons.


(surprisingly I had the same issue with Skye's packs and had to install them manually).


I'm on win 7.


Any idea wtf???


PS: I can't send you a screenshot for a better understanding :(

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So explain to me why the game won't work even after a clean install ?

  not sure we tested it on several machines and it was working fine on a clean install



This mods change the game performance?

Any of them have some kind of boost or make the game more slow?

ofcourse if you gonna use the 3k map mod to create bigger citys the game will take a performance hit cause it has to render more things on the screen

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I found that with this mod i cant extract oil.  when i place an oil rig as soon as i get workers it says done extracting without getting any oil out. Can anyone help me with a fix     I also found that the mcdonalds and other restraunt wont plop

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These caused the problems in my game.

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Drone Hangars, Street With No Traffic Lights

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These caused the problems in my game.

City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Drone Hangars, Street With No Traffic Lights

oke thanks for the info wel will look into it ;)

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I like the compilation of mods for easy use, but will you make the pictures of the city available for download? They look stunning and quintessentially SimCity.

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    • Having Trouble with this plugin. I downloaded this and all the dependencies. All I see is parking lot and cars. no Building. What do u think might be causing this?
    • This strategy is really commendable. There have been so many buildings that were 95% ready and had already reached a quality level that left most users with their lower jaw on the desk, and yet they got lost ultimately and never made it to any download section, even though of all people with an interest in that BAT, literally every single person other than the creator would gladly have downloaded it in its current state. You chose to go the other route, and - lo and behold! - people love the building, download it, and are happy. Thank you so much for contributing a superb BAT to the STEX rather than another post to one of the most depressive threads on Simtropolis!
    • It's a landmark in SC4, too, but the scale of Maxis' version is totally off, and the lot is strange as well. Therefore, a custom version is very welcome. I recently compared old and new version side by side, and the progress you have made since then is impressive! Smoother modeling (the inward curves used to look a tad bumpy), better windows, better roof textures and roof junk, better night lights... it's an improvement in all respects!
    • Any way to get this to work on a mac?