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Cheat: Fusion Power Plant (Single Player Only) 1.3

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About This File

The fusion power plant cheat is comprehensive and requires EP1 (Cities of Tomorrow). You may experience issues if you have also installed other mods that affect any aspect of the fusion power plant.

All of the cheats reduce resource requirements while greatly increasing desired output. Usable only in single player mode.



The package file modifies the following instances, and for that reason, may prove incompatible with other mods that do the same:


Modified instances: (see screenshot for SimCityPak).


Advanced Fusion Reactor

Fusion Reactor Level

Fusion Power Plant

Standard Fusion Reactor




What this mod does:

  • No plop or maintenance cost
  • Water requirements greatly reduced (from 38,000 to 38).
  • Garbage requirements zeroed out.
  • Controlnet set to a requirement of 1 for each component (for a maximum of 4).
  • Amount of power needed to jump-start the plant set to 1 watt.
  • Power plant output is at default levels


Not affected:

  • Wave fusion power plant




You will experience the normal duration (~ 30 seconds) for your city to recover from charging the plant, despite power jump-start requirement being only 1 watt, with the surrounding buildings losing power, etc.

You will also still experience the plant's negative effects on desirability in the area.



To use:

Place all files in SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages.  If you already have the script files, you don't need to put them in there again, just the included package file.

If you start a new region, what I find I must do is start the region, save it, quit the game, and then re-start for any mods to work the first time, even other people's mods that I've downloaded here.

If you use this file, delete and replop any existing fusion power plants. Same holds true if you remove the file.


What's New in Version 1.3


  • 1.0 Initial Upload
  • 1.01 The advertised and actual output amounts of the standard fusion reactor now match (1.5 gigawatts).
  • 1.1 Re-did the power distribution, returning to the default power levels / settings in a bid to stabilize the power output. I left intact the ability to crank up the fusion power plant with just a single watt of power from another facility, as well as reduced water, garbage, and controlnet.
  • 1.2 Wow. You can now populate, prior to cranking up the power plant, 3 advanced fusion reactors. Was able to power them up with just 1.1 megawatts to spare from a solar plant (see screenshots). Starting the plant now is VERY fast. The "i'm cranking up" progress bar doesn't even have time to populate before you're up and running. Power output unchanged. You'll have a moment when the town shows buildings without power, as with the default fusion plant, but does not last as long as previously. I also watched the power production for a while, no fluctuations.
  • 1.3 Removed properties relating to the Elite MegaTower Fusion Level, which has absolutely nothing to do with the Fusion Power Plant. No other changes.

User Feedback

Damn I wanted to post a picture (but this forum is broke) of Doc Brown from Back to the Future when he flipped out over the 1.21 gigawatts, and make it look like he said 7.4 gigawatts.


Oh well you get the idea.


Thanx again for another great mod addition.

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Ok, 1.1 is out there.  Power fluctuations should be gone.  Power levels are back to normal but you can still crank up the power plant with just 1 watt from another facility.

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Hi. Ive downloaded all your mods. Can you not have them all activated or can you just use one at a time? because ive tried putting all the files into the folder and they just overwrite each other.

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@John1983 -


Can you not have them all activated or can you just use one at a time? because ive tried putting all the files into the folder and they just overwrite each other.

What you're experiencing when you copy the files over are the script files, SimCityDLCEP1-Scripts_287520926 and SimCity-Scripts_287520926, writing over each other.  You don't need to keep copying those two files, just the mod file itself, i.e., Mod-Mark_Education.package, Mod-Mark_Fire.package, etc.  They're just included with each upload, but they're identical from mod to mod (and can also be found in your own directory under SimCity\SimCityUserData\EcoGame and copied into your SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages -- were they not already present).


BIWDC - thanks!

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Cool! I now don't have to place 4 reactors to power a megapolis on Orion. I notice placing more than one fusion reactor can cause a little lag in game. This mod fixes that.

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Hi, This is the first mod i have tried so please correct me if I am wrong.


Have cities of tomorrow updated to latest patch. Placed the package file and mod file as mentioned within the required folders.


But when i open a saved game with an existing fusion power plant, I am unable to delete it and when selecting it to see information it comes up with junk text within it.

I reverted the patch and went into the game... all normal... deleted the existing fusion power plant... and put the patch again.


In the energy section, it shoes free cost for fusion powerplant and no controlnet required, but after placing it again the text is all incorrect and when trying to ignite it the progress bar does not work and i am unable to generate power.


Please help!!!

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no controlnet required


All of my mods reduce controlnet to 1.  Reducing it to 0 causes problems.  My mod is not compatible with Capton's energy mods (we're modifying the same properties) nor is it compatible with any other mods that affect the fusion power plant or its reactors, so a generic mod that's making changes to all energy plants would be incompatible as well.

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no controlnet required


All of my mods reduce controlnet to 1.  Reducing it to 0 causes problems.  My mod is not compatible with Capton's energy mods (we're modifying the same properties) nor is it compatible with any other mods that affect the fusion power plant or its reactors, so a generic mod that's making changes to all energy plants would be incompatible as well.




Thanks for the response. Apologies... i missed to mention the control net to 1. your mod is the first mod I have tried to use infact its the only one i need :)

There are two files in the .rar.... placed the Mod-Mark_Power_Fusion.package in SimcityData folder and other file SimCityDLCEP1-Scripts_287520926.package in SumcityUserData folder.


Even after the above, I get the following issue:

1. Junk text when I try to see the properties of the powerplant

2. Unable to ignite

3. Unable to delete or edit


Please advise if I am doing something wrong.


Note: The game is paid for via Origin and playing in offline mode. its got all the latest patches and updates.

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@  r.bharatkumar - I have responded to your private message.  I also use Origin. 


You must have Cities of Tomorrow installed to use the fusion power plant.  Also, I play with both files in the download in my SimCity UserData folder.

I wouldn't know what else would be causing the problem. 

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