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Cheat: Education (Single Player Only) 1.05

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About This File

The education cheat is comprehensive and requires just the base game. You may experience issues if you have also installed other mods that affect any aspect of education, including the individual buildings of the university, grade school/high school classrooms, and buses.


All of the cheats reduce resource requirements while greatly increasing desired output. Usable only in single player mode.

** It's recommended that you tear down existing education facilities if you use this mod.


The package file modifies the following instances, and for that reason, may prove incompatible with other mods that do the same:


Modified instances: (see screenshot for SimCityPak).


Classrooms (grade school)

Classrooms (high school)

College Sign

Community College


Extension Wing (Community College)

Grade School

Grade School Sign


High School

High School Sign

Public Library

School Bus

School Bus Lot (grade school)

School Bus Lot (high school)

School Bus Stop

Schools of Business, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science


University Sign




What this mod does:

  • Number of workers required to start operating set to 1.
  • No plop or maintenance cost
  • Power and water requirements greatly reduced.
  • Garbage requirements zeroed out.
  • Increases capacity of the library to 1,000.
  • Increases capacity for buses to 300 students per bus.
  • Increases capacity of the school bus stop to 300 students.
  • Increases number of buses per bus lot to 20 buses per lot.
  • Increases capacity for classrooms to a maximum of 9500 for grade school and 10,000 for high school. 
  • Increases capacity for the gymnasium to 50,000.
  • Increases capacity for the university to 8,000 students and 5,000 students per each university school (education, medicine, science, etc.).
  • Increases capacity for the university dorms to 5,000 per dorm building.
  • Increases capacity for the community college to 5,000 and its extension wing to 5,000.
  • Sets university research requirement costs to 1 simolean per researched item.
  • Research for all university projects now only require 1 student each, making research time nearly non-existent.


Not affected:

  • Job counts
  • Museums
  • Flagpoles
  • University pedestrian roads




High school has a base number of students at 8,000 and each classroom an additional 2,500, but maxes out at 10k.



To use:

Place all files in SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages.  If you already have the script files, you don't need to put them in there again, just the included package file.

If you start a new region, what I find I must do is start the region, save it, quit the game, and then re-start for any mods to work the first time, even other people's mods that I've downloaded here.

If you use this file, delete and replop any existing education facilities. Same holds true if you remove the file.


What's New in Version 1.05


  • 1.0 Initial Upload
  • 1.01 Fixed a power fluctuation with the grade school.
  • 1.02 Changed power consumption rate back to the default of 72 to address a potential power fluctuation with the main module of the university. The amount of power being consumed has not changed, it's still its low value from the original release of the mod. If you are using 1.01, please bulldoze and replop the university. If you see no power fluctuations, don't worry about downloading 1.02.
  • 1.03 Fixed the name of the education package as it appears in the RAR file. Sorry about that.
  • 1.04 Made the same type of fix to the high school for a potential power fluctuation as I made in 1.02 for the university. I also double-checked the remaining components prior to this release to be sure they were okay. I did not have to destroy/replop for changes to take effect. If you already have the script files in your directory, you only need the education file. I had one more momentary power fluctuation after restarting the game, but it did not reappear after that.
  • 1.05 All university research projects now only require 1 educated student, so research is nearly instantaneous.

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