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    • By Simru
      I have been fascinated by MegaTowers ever since I started playing SimCity, and like many of you, I have lost money and patience until I finally could build successful MegaTowers that were earning me 15 million per day all alone.
      Although every post talks about bugged MegaTowers, it is just a (reasonable) misconception because people ignore the following things.
      Ps: there is a list MegaTower bug fix by the end, remember to check it!
      First: it is a MegaTOWER, not a MegaTown! MegaTowers do not work isolated, so the solution to your problem hardly relies on building new levels. Second: just like any other building in this game, some MegaTower complaints should be ignored for a while (especially after the 1st level [especially if you already took action]), because... Third: MegaTowers take a while to load informations, especially ones coming from outside the tower (which are very important), Just like any other residence, MegaTowers rely on their location, land value, nearby attractions, etc... you can't simply ignore these, because it will will totally ruin residents' happiness and satisfaction.
      Example 1: once I've created 2 MegaTowers side by side, isolated from everything else, with only one level each and both wanted park levels. Normally, players immediately build a park for each tower and there goes a ton of cash... But remember that MegaTowers are isolated SimCity buildings!
      So I simply built one park, and minutes laters residents from both towers were happy! Why? All residents can go to nearby towers to fulfill their needs (even when there is no Skybridge);
      Example 2: I have created 4 Elite MegaTowers side by side, with a huge $$$ park in between and shops by the avenue. Well, they NEVER asked for any of these. But then they asked for jobs (I have no industrial buildings and few shops), so I created an office level in one of them. Well, they simply went to work inside this single Tech Office).
      Ps: once again, info takes a while to load, so they kept complaining for a while...
      Ps 2: never forget that Tech Offices only vary in wealth quantity (never excluding any kind).
      Example 3: I had this single $ MegaTower which suddenly started complaining about jobs... Some players build Office/Shop Levels immediately, but that is a horrible idea because all levels cost money to maintain and you need to be sure you can fill exactly what those will require. To fix this, I simply created a few industries and soon they were all working very happily.
      Oh, yes: it took a while to fill the apartments back again! If there is a MegaTower glitch, that is the real one.
      Example 4: once I had these two towers (one $$ and one $$$), with high wealth parks in between and only $$$ houses nearby that said "We need more shoppers to make a profit". But only the $$ kept complaining about building another apartment level Why? Well, 2 Apartment levels weren't enough to buy everything because those were the only medium wealth in town – unlike the $$$ MegaTower Shop, which was receiving shoppers from the rich houses nearby.
      MegaTower tips and bug fixes
      Never mix different wealth apartments unless you REALLY know what you are doing.

      Always check your RCI demands and population stats before building MegaTowers and its levels.
      You have to earn at least 2.5k and 4.5k per hour Simoleons to build MegaTowers and Elite Megatowers, respectively. Oh, that obviously applies to additional levels, so you won't ever have to shut it down as you try to fix it (making it take even longer to load your recent actions).
      Once again, never build a MegaTower unless you can afford the extra sewage, water and electricity it may require as you build more levels. Otherwise, you will bankrupt!
      Remember to be resilient when complaints are persistent... example: if your residents said they are overworking / have no relief from work even after you just built another apartment level to fix it, just wait a few game days to make sure if they are still unhappy. The same is true to "not enough workers to make a profit" bug and every other complaint.
      At the end of the day, if nothing fixes your glitches, you can just demolish problematic levels... but bulldozing rarely solves it, because they new one will probably have problems. So my best advice is to build your MegaTower very slowly.
      Since MegaTowers are not isolated from the whole SimCity, you can build Solar Panel Crowns to bring to energize your whole city and region; build parks to increase nearby residents satisfaction; get Air Scrubber Crowns to fill your ground with water and etc...
      Oh, the 15 million I earned from MegaTowers was because they had offices and shops with 5 Billboard Advertising Crowns!
      Well, that's it! Thanks for reading <3
    • By HooblaDGN
      I am in a multiplayer game and am not using mods but my second elite Megatower will not receive power or water past level 3.
      I have ample supply of both flowing into the tower.
      Does anybody know what's going on?
    • By Whitefang Greytail
      This started as a full test of my main two mods Realistic Population and Consumption and Citizen Lifecycle Rebalance. I've always tested in short bursts here and there, but never a full city from scratch. I've set the lifespan multiplier to 1 instead of the default of 3.
      So, here we go.
      A location where two gentle streams merge to form a wide river. It also appears to be a location where many highways converge upon, a perfect place for a town, although no knows why a town wasn't built there before.
      I have been tasked to build a new settlement, or settlements with instructions to preserve the forest.
      Given the starting area, a small town was constructed. It was easy enough, with the land being flat enough to lay down a grid. Industry on one side of the highway, the majority of the residential on the other side. A total population of about  2500 at this point and the name of Rivergem was assigned.

    • By Trylk255
      Request to delete this thread because I will start a new one with a different name and the project will be in the new thread. If you are willing to re-use this thread, you are welcome as well !
    • By Crystallyne
      I'm hoping someone might be able to help me out here.  I've played around with various mods and watched some YouTube videos of Skye Storme's reviews on mods.  I decided to remove all of the ones I had and then install his Mod Pack.  (Found here: http://skyestorme.com/skyepack-mod-pack/)  It includes a variety of mods that are mostly from Simtropolis, which is why I'm coming here.

      Everything has been going great, until I start building MegaTowers.  I get to about the 4th level, and they start screaming that they aren't getting water or power!  I have tried maxing out my water/power sources, including placing secondary providers closer to the towers.  There's tons of water and power flowing through my city, but the MegaTower levels still aren't getting what they need.  (I have also tried removing the Orion Project, as I found I wasn't really a fan of it and sometimes the water/power had problems getting through the entire city consistently.)

      I'm thinking this is a bug with one of the mods.  But the Mod Pack includes quite a few mods, and I really don't know which one might be causing it.  I AM going to start pulling mods out one by one and see if I can identify the problem.  But I thought I would ask here in case anyone else has encountered this problem.
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