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(Offline Only) City Wide Distribution Enhancement Pack 2.0

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About This File

Hey guys :).


This is a pack that consists of all of my city wide distribution mods. It will be updated as new city wide distribution mods are created.


Contains the following city wide distribution mods:


  • City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Recycling Vehicles
  • City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Drone Hangars
  • City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Garbage Vehicles
  • City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Bus Vehicles
  • City Wide Distribution Enhancement of School Vehicles
  • City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Fire Vehicles
  • City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Police Vehicles

The mods in this pack are all up-to-date. The screenshot used for this pack is the one for the recycling distribution mod, which was the latest one released.


Here's the video for it:




Installation Instructions:


1. Install any file in the zip file that begins with 00_OFFLINE_CAPTON into your SimCityData folder.

2. Install every other file in the zip file into your SimCityUserData folder.


I apologize if installation is confusing. I tried to group the files into folders, but my zipping software wasn't working correctly.


I hope you enjoy the mods inside this pack!

What's New in Version 2.0   See Changelog


  • Added City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Drone Hangars mod to pack

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