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Regional MagLev Tracks 1.0

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About This File

As requested, the Regional MagLev Tracks.


How to install?


1. Download .zip file

2. Right click the zip file > Extract

3. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder.


Located under MagLev's Submenu Enjoy.



*Requires Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack*

What's New in Version 1.0


  • - Regional MagLev Tracks added into MagLev's Submenu

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    • By edelamm
      I've been noticing for a while that every time that any of my cities exceeds maybe 400k citizens, the usage in public transportation significantly drops (for example, at some point I have 10k users in the subway system and then in goes down to less than 5k). Does anybody know why is that? I've been trying to encourage the use of public transport by increasing the budget to 150% and setting the free public transport policy for the whole town, but it won't help. I always try to design a multi-modal public transportation scheme, and it works really well (increasing number of users, reduced traffic congestion, etc), but then this happens. I have also noticed that traffic congestion is very well controlled, even with the low public transport usage. I've been looking for an answer for this like crazy, but it seems that anybody in the internet ever has had this issue before, and it's driving me nuts.
    • By Lumeria
      Hi all!
      I am wondering if anyone can help me, I have two areas that are causing me troubles. I don't even know if what I want to do is possible. I'm trying to connect EL over Road 4 to EL over road (Maxis regular) crossing over an intersection, but it seems to elude me.

      What am I missing? I have the current NAM, did not choose "alternate" for EL and do have the puzzle piece that is supposed to connect EL over road to either EL over Rd4 or Ave, but the EL doesn't line up on that piece with the EL over Rd4, so I'm a bit lost. I have LHD, if that makes any difference...
      Also, in the second troublesome area, does anyone know how to connect EL over road, through at T intersection to just plain EL? I cannot get the puzzle piece to connect to the regular EL.

      If the two pictured configurations I have set up at the present are impossible, does anyone have any suggestions as to a better method or configuration I might try instead?
      Either way, thanks in advance!
    • By dazflint
      So, I saw this picture (below) in der Nieuwezee Nieuws, and it inspired me to write about public transport in our town.

      Don't worry, nobody was badly hurt - and the buses here usually run without crashing into bus-shelters!

      So, you know that Nieuwezee always had the one old tram-line, running from the Old Town to the Peninsula... then extended to the Harbour in the 60's/70's. And when they built the Oosterpolder, a second tram-line was extended to cover that district. The second line saw brand-new trams introduced to the city. Here's a crowd of spectators trying to board Tram 2 at the Oosterpolderplein on the first day of service:

      Our new trams are much more comfortable and spacious than the old ones from the 1960's. I'm not sure I like the new red-and-blue colour scheme, though. I think it's supposed to represent the colours of the Dutch flag, or something...

      There's no denying it though, they're better than our old yellow trams. They were noisy, and draughty... :/

      So that's Nieuwezee's trams. Well, we also have a number of bus lines!

      Some of these are old, traditional routes that have stayed the same since the early 20th century. But the latest routes, have only been added since the Oosterpolder development and the construction of the Biotech Campus across the river:

      Here's the new campus, and you can see four types of Nieuwezee public transport in one shot.

      At the top of the image, a Regiorunner 'Verm' double-decker train is heading towards the station in the Old Town.

      Near the centre, you can see one of the University's yellow mini-buses parked outside the Student Union building...
      The campus provides its own private 'on demand' transport for students and staff.

      To the left, you can see a tram approaching the Campus tram stop, which links to Tram Line 1 via a short spur (approx. 750m).

      And to the top right, you can see a 'bendy bus' pulling away from the stop at Westerhuizen Rotonde. A tree-lined walkway links the bus-stop to the campus.

      If you're curious, here's a route map which shows how everything hangs together in Nieuwezee:

      And if that wasn't exciting enough (!), look at this:

      It's one of our brand-new bi-articulated trolley-buses! The council have been electrifying the bus routes between the Old Town and Oosterpolder, now routes 10 and 11 are (mostly!) run by trolley-buses. They're almost like trams without the tracks. "So why are there tram-tracks in this picture?" you may ask! Well, this is the corner of the Poldergracht where the no.11 bus turns across Tram-line 1. See it on the map?

      All-in-all I'd say that public transport runs very well in Nieuwezee; with all these modern trams and buses it's better than it ever was, and we have excellent connection to nearby cities like Amsterdam and Hoorn. But now the authorities want to take things 'to the next level'. Oosterpolder has brought new wealth to Nieuwezee, and the Bio-tech Campus is encouraging expansion towards the South-west of town. As a result, the regional government is seriously considering changing our town's status into a City, and real money may be thrown at stages 4-5 of our Strategic Development Plan. This would mean bringing High Speed Rail to the city, and zoning for even more development in future. So, it looks like Nieuwezee's adventures in public transport are only beginning!
    • By ReneXL

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    • In nature, the complex of dance begins with single cells, tropisms, although independently motivated according to the nucleus responding to gravity, tides and light, but gradually all evolution can be seen as a dance of chemicals and forms.  The more complex the dance, the more complex the life-form.   When I watch male and female figure skaters I am stunned by the extreme complexity of coordination of physical, sensory, cognitive and pure ability of flight that my species is capable of.    Dare I say, I am honored to be human.   All our technology and art are just toys compared to the actual material ability of ourselves as conscious physical beings.  As well, in the sciences, male and female have unique cognitive and perceptual abilities that are complimentary and mutually facilitative.  There's no limit to what can be achieved by human beings who know how to dance.
    • The water texture is designed to show dynamic flow, a churning of the water as if an industrial process is taking place.   Its supposed to be clean fresh water, so it would appear more saturated blue with whitecaps.  The texture and saturation also helps to distinguish it as clearly water and matches the tone and texture of the surrounding buildings.   In my texture pack I designed 4 different water textures for different applications of light. Go ahead and feel free to suggest another one, or one you can imagine that might fit better.  Thanks for the feedback.
    • I love, love, LOVE seeing Louisiana BATS in the game. Hope you'll come back soon and upload some more.
    • Because theres no SimCity 3000 section
    • Well, yes ... but also ... ... a map. Depends on the network layout? But no - these are two different maps. That's like two different planets. They'll have to dance alone. Did you ever notice there is a sexual practice - since the beginning - that transcends already gender difference - a very common sexual practice you can't call it rather heterosexual  nor homosexual? You can do it too. Everyday. And so - overcome sociocultural dichotomy not only in theory but with your own hands.