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*This MOD will retexture the following items. 


『Cities of Tomorrow』に未対応です。(持ってないから検証できない)
xoxide氏の『Pedestrian Paths(公園歩道)』の外観が歩道になります。(彼のMODの仕様)
*General disclaimer
This MOD is “test version”.
Not support “Cities of Tomorrow”.(I do not have CoT)
Not support “UDoN”.(I do not have a UDoN)
Appearance of the “guardrail of the highway” will be on the sidewalk. (Specification of the game )
Appearance of the “line walkways and amusement park” will be changed.(Specification of the game )
Appearance of the “xoxide's Pedestrian Paths” will be on the sidewalk. (Specification of MOD)

Please let me know if there is a problem.


*Details of the “package data”.
67_RX_RoadPack_***.package >>> (道路、歩道、角の変更)(Change the “Driveway & Sidewalk & Corner”)
67_RX_Interchange_***.package >>> (インターチェンジの変更)(Change the “Interchange”)
67_RX_Dartroad_***.package >>> (砂利道の変更)(Change the “Dartroad”)
67_RX_Railway_***.package >>> (線路の変更)(Change the “Railway”)
*Please put it in the following folders any “package data”.
*Base MOD
>>>Captain's Improved Railroad and Streetcar tracks
>>>Danny50205's 21 Dirt Roads:ModPack
>>>HyugaHinata's ROAD InterchangeHD
>>>oppie's Improved Euro Road Textures
>>>Tobse's New Road Textures
+++Special Thanks
*Masked Rider Black RX
+++MOD & MOVIE EDITOR / ching67(一本道市長)

What's New in Version 1.0+


  • 1.0+ add color variations
  • 1.0 none

User Feedback


Nice Japanese Texture MOD!!

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Okay first and foremost: amazing video showing your mod.  This has got to be one of the most creative ways to showcase the changes that this mod makes from vanilla.  Everyone should watch it whether you plan to use this mod or not.  The music alone is epic.


Second: I love the detailing on the textures.  It is amazing how simply changing the road textures can have such an impact upon a city's character.


Great job!

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Best part of that video is around 1:10 seconds, what Grass median with trees? Were goin through and turnin left anyways :P Great work

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I'm looking forward for UDoN version, keep it up. :)


Anyways, this is how it looks like with CoT.



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Fantastic Roads I really LOVE the manholes & drains "nice touch" It also affected my udon's and DID futerize!!! SO it's a Homerun!!! Nice Work.

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I would love to use this mod is there any part of it that works with CoT? (even just the pedestrian paths?) Please <3

Great mod

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      Hey there
      I live in Switzerland, and here (and some other cities around the world) the crosswalks are yellow/orange. I was wondering if it is possible to add this to cities skylines? I don't really have a lot of experience with modding... 
      - hakajo98
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      Hey all, I have a question about the TuLEP lanes from the NAM.
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      Bipin's Suburban Subway, rather than utilizing actual subway networks, takes advantage of the new 7.5 meter sunken/overpass standard available for railway networks within the revolutionary new NAM v31, its primary dependency, is listed along with two others within the installation. To be sure you will not miss them, all three dependencies are presented as hyperlinks, just go through the install wizard and you'll see them. The process is far more streamlined and efficient than with past works! Speaking of that, you may be prompted to restart your computer after the install. This is not necessary. Rather, this prompt is due to a glitch within the installation program. When you are ready to use the train station in-game, refer to the following instructions:
      First, dig a 7.5 meter deep trench and place the primary station lot from the Railway menu inside.
      Next, place Pedmall tiles beneath the escalators to create functioning road and rail connections.
      If you wish to do so, you may extend the platforms with on-slope pieces from the Parks menu.
      Finally, since this is intended as a rural/suburban lot, you may wish to decorate it accordingly.
      Alternatively, a picture-based tutorial for the non-anglophone demographic is included as a read-me
      that opens towards the end of the installation. However you use these BATs, I hope you enjoy them!
      NOTE: Please read!
      I have found the final required dependency, it is available here: 
      Click either the mid-page or bottom links to download this item.
    • By MisterBlueStar4
      I came across some highway signs by Spencer and it seems that it has very few downloads and I would like to promote this guy.NOTICE:I'm not trying to boost my popularity by doing this
    • By MarkShot
      It seems to me that the despite all the work done by the NAM team, this game requires lost of trial and error when it comes to building fancy roads.  As it basically requires a real good sense of the footprint which each piece will take.  This being somewhat different from CS which I also have that is quite a bit more interactive.
      It his a fair assessment or am I going about building roads wrong?
      PS:  I did learn to try to build from only a single end.  Building from to ends towards the middle is very, very hit or miss; with more miss than hit.
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    • In nature, the complex of dance begins with single cells, tropisms, although independently motivated according to the nucleus responding to gravity, tides and light, but gradually all evolution can be seen as a dance of chemicals and forms.  The more complex the dance, the more complex the life-form.   When I watch male and female figure skaters I am stunned by the extreme complexity of coordination of physical, sensory, cognitive and pure ability of flight that my species is capable of.    Dare I say, I am honored to be human.   All our technology and art are just toys compared to the actual material ability of ourselves as conscious physical beings.  As well, in the sciences, male and female have unique cognitive and perceptual abilities that are complimentary and mutually facilitative.  There's no limit to what can be achieved by human beings who know how to dance.
    • The water texture is designed to show dynamic flow, a churning of the water as if an industrial process is taking place.   Its supposed to be clean fresh water, so it would appear more saturated blue with whitecaps.  The texture and saturation also helps to distinguish it as clearly water and matches the tone and texture of the surrounding buildings.   In my texture pack I designed 4 different water textures for different applications of light. Go ahead and feel free to suggest another one, or one you can imagine that might fit better.  Thanks for the feedback.
    • I love, love, LOVE seeing Louisiana BATS in the game. Hope you'll come back soon and upload some more.
    • Because theres no SimCity 3000 section