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  • Added 82 additional parks under Parklets Menu !! (Only applies for HighRes users only)
  • For LowRes users as well as non Akar users, all parklets will be stored under Parks Submenu's (Basic $, Nature $$, Formal $$$)


Click on "Previous Version" if you wish not to have the modules and some visual looks on the parklets. >>

Mac users please install Parklets 1.0, there are issues that 2.3 may cause crash on start up.




How to install?


1. Download Rar files.

2. Right click the rar file > Extract

3. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder.


Make sure you've installed Project Akar : UI Enhancements first.









Industrial Parklets Coming Soon!!!




As for now (18th July 2014), Parklets is only available for HighRes Akar users only. I will add a seperate for LowRes as well as non Akar users. Special Thanks to SUGC Team 1.

Thank you for your patience.


Update (19th July 2014), Added LowRes version as well as Non Akar Users.


Update (7th Aug 2014), Added module functionality for both Akar (highres) and non Akar (lowres). New Icons from Banwasher, New JPG descriptions..

Special thanks to MaxisGuillaume and all team members for the module functionality added into parklets.


- Yayie



What's New in Version 2.3   See changelog


  • - 14th Aug 2014
  • - re-upload both files.

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  • Similar Content

    • Paeng's Playgrounds 205
      By paeng
      Here is a series of playgrounds and related structures that will give you the means to set up nice areas for our kids inside parks, suburbia and residential areas.

      All together there are 9 lots of various sizes and layouts. You can use them standalone or in combination with the (fully compatible) Parks205 collection.


      * MAS71 PropPack Vol03

      If you are using the Parks205 you're all set. If you don't, you need these additional items for the playgrounds:

      * Paeng Texture Pack v103

      * Murimk Props Vol. 02 (Parks and Fences)

      * SG 01 Megapack


      All playgrounds give the normal little perks you'd expect from park lots.

      They are located in the Parks menu with custom icons.

      See the ingame menu for more infos.


      Put the whole bundle into "(My )Documents/Plugins".

      To un-install - bulldoze all lots you may have plopped from this pack, then remove it completely from your Plugins.


      Should you need support for these items please visit the
      Paeng Production Forum

    • Paeng's PedMall Parks
      By paeng
      Yes, we finally can! What?! Yes, after all these years it is now possible to have nice PedMalls with all kinds of motifs, making them in effect regular little 1x1 parks that can be put together to form larger parks or alleys or plazas or such - all with full pedmall functionality... and teeming with life!

      With that in mind you can now really plan for extended car(e)free pedestrian malls and shopping miles that are more than vast, empty and cold looking blobs of concrete (or "marble")... For this purpose I included 20 different 'PedMall Parks' for you to enjoy.

      CAUTION! This is not your average 'Drop'n'Plop' Mod!

      You MUST read the ReadMe, all the way to the end!

      Otherwise your CPU will melt down, your RAM will delapidate
      and your Monitor will catch the Pixel-Error-Pox!

      I won't reprint the whole ReadMe in this description - the installation instructions need to be read in peace and quiet.

      So here and now just a quick overview...


      * NAM (I presume you're up-to-date with that

      * PedMall NAM FaceLift Mod
      (! More info on this link in the ReadMe !)

      * SG Vol 01 Megapack

      * Porkie Props Vol01 and Vol02


      The new lots are all under the FIRST pedmall icon (the white one with that awful single centered lamp post).

      The specialty here: Plop a piece, move the mouse away and back again, click - a new piece will plop (so no need to bulldoze, just always move the mouse out and back in)... that way you can cycle through all the attached PedMall Parks in an endless loop. Be aware though that they plop totally random, so you need a little bit of patience if you are after a certain piece or a certain order. And yes, you can rotate the piece between clicks to get a different orientation.

      Otherwise they function just the way any default PedMall functions.

      See the additional screenshots for some impressions.


      All items of this set come with the Maxis Default base texture ('white'), but can be treated with your favorite sidewalk mod - like the image above shows them with my 'Sandstone Mod'.

      The items are all numbered (an enclosed image shows the numbers of the park pieces) - so for any you do not wish to use, just remove the corresponding DAT file from the folder.

      ! More important information in the ReadMe !


      Kudos to Moonlight-san who wrote the actual Mod and made this pack possible. Thank you so much!

      PedMall Park Lotting: Paeng


      Should you need support for these items, please visit the
      Support Thread

      Have fun :-)
    • Leaving Venemont
      By rakowozz
      My mayor's term has come to an end here. My first and last post about Venemont, a city in which I can say I did invest some quality planning (most of the time ). Where it paid off to invest in transport solutions - subway especially. But also where mod incompatibility (haven't played since before AD) made it impossible to go on now...

      What could be considered the post card picture of Venemont, above, is taken from the Longpine TV Tower region. Where exuberant nature overlooks the city and also the very navigable Moselle river.

      Get familiarized with the neighborhoods: Longpine is East of Iron Plains, on the top right.
      Central Area: National Avenue

      Here's where modern development happened first. National Avenue, easily identifiable with its 12 lanes, is the main artery into the city, crossed by one of Venemont's two Diverging Diamond Interchanges http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=453911819

      Residential meets business and traditional commerce in the vicinity of Faun Quarter, home of the iconic Avalon Hotel and key to connecting the city center to Federation Square, across the river.

      View from Faun Quarter.

      Tranquil neighborhood of Penedo by Saint Michael Avenue, named after the church, which is part of a large property that extends itself up until Faun Quarter. Despite the general low attendance and religiousness, the city has many historical religious buildings.

      Venemont relies heavily on its subway system:
      Line 1, in green and orange, consists of a circular line with express and local trains in both orientations. And Line 2, for instance, goes uphill and connects Bentley Park to the western part of town, which includes the financial district of Sheffield Avenue.
      Heading West: Financial District

      The part of town with the highest concentration of serious people!
      Sheffield Avenue is the name of this region, but the avenue itself is further right. The expressway on the image is integrated to the main highway system, with a direct connection to National Avenue, Federation Square and industrial areas.

      Sheffield Avenue leads us to this vital roundabout. It's one of the main accesses to the densest residential areas of the city: Venemont Park.
      Residential High-rises: the Plateau

      The majority of the western neighborhoods are located on a large plateau. One can access its center from the expressway above.

      The other side - looking at the financial district from an overpass in the plateau region.

      An intersection is seen above, giving drivers access to the neighborhoods of Loften and Venemont Park.

      Venemont Park is the city's second largest park, several (!) square meters behind Bentley Park. But that doesn't diminish its importance: an incredible amount of community events happen here. It's also where you'll find dozens of bus lines as means of transportation.

      Lavender Street during the day.

      Aerial view with the Loften neighborhood on the center.

      The busy Loften Station leads passengers from Line 3 (a continuation of Line 2) to Line 5, an access to the Old Town district.
      Old Town and Goodbye

      The old Venemont Municipal Stadium still stands, right on the border of the Old Town and Venemont Park.

      The Basilica is the center of this district, surrounded by tourists and wealthy residences in this distant part of town. Yes, the architecture can be somewhat conflicting! Building regulations have been very loose in Venemont for a while now...

      Travel Agency shot.

      But it's time to jump to the opposite side of town. If you're still reading any of the captions, you probably saw me going on about Federation Square.
      This is it. A bohemian place with less noise during the day and more noise during the night. And, of course, offering a great view of other nice parts of town!

      From there, I'll take the highway up to the Longpine forests and find my next destination.

      Thanks for reading!
    • [Proposal] Off-Road Parks Mod
      By ReticentDaikaiju
      First of all, yes I know about using nlight's ModTools to change m_placementMode to OnGround to get parks that do not have to be placed on roads.  The problem I am having is that these parks still display the missing road connections warning (which is an eyesore) and also cannot get police coverage as shown in the screenshot below.

      I haven't seen any building properties that allow you to disable this (although if anyone knows a simple way of doing so please let me know). As far as I can tell, crime rate in the game seems to be based on a counter tied to the number of visitors a building receives. When this reaches a certain number a police car is summoned. I believe health care and hearses also work similarly. The mod I am proposing would therefore do the following:
      Not display the missing road connection icon for parks if (m_placementMode == OnGround) Automatically fix crime, health, or dead body problems for these parks. Allowing services to use pedestrian paths would be even better, but would probably require rewriting the service AI. (I know Traffic++ zonable pedestrian paths can do this but I hate using them). Add a button in the Park Asset Editor that lets you set the value of m_placementMode. This would just be for convenience and make this option more accessible to the casual player who doesn't want to mess around with the ModTools UI. I couldn't find any mods that currently offer this functionality, but if anyone knows of one let me know - it would save me a lot of work writing one myself. Looking at the modding API though, it doesn't look like any of what I am proposing would be too difficult. Although I haven't made any scripting mods for CS before, I am familiar with coding in C# and the Unity Engine. I figure this could be a good first project for me to start learning the modding API.
    • 63 - Return to Pater
      By MilitantRadical
      Well it's been a while. Just a small update to get things rolling again.
      I've had a few set backs here and there. My CBD tile Avalon suffered an epic meltdown and it's going to take a while for me to rebuild it. However that gives me the opportunity to make it better than ever before since I'm not constricted by it's original design. I'm trying to make it similar to how it was before with certain key landmarks still in place so it retains that "Avalon look" but otherwise it's going to be a whole new beast.
      For those of you who have followed my CJ over the past couple years Pater and the Blitzball stadium will be quite familiar, I've just made a few changes here and there. I changed the sea walls so that they match some of the adjoining zones and I've also tweaked the parks to make them a bit more symmetrical and less cluttered. Check out my entry called Opening Night Blitz if you want to do a little Before and After comparison or if you are new to this CJ.
      Click images to view full size. Hope your screen is high-res. Enjoy!

      Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

      Terring, Ln X, TekindusT, Fox, raynev1, agunter999, tankmank, kschmidt, magalenin, Anubis104, NecoraNecora, nos.17, plantsvszombies, suomi2005, stockslips, feeroz123, asdas
      Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned.
      ggamgus: You just OUTDID every single science-fiction city ever made for any television program, movie or videogame in history. *applauds for 20 minutes straight*
      I don't know if I'm worth of such high praise but thanks a lot.
      dlsni: dude i just broke my jaw
      Hope you've had time to heal. Thanks.
      sarthakknight: lol i can't find mine i must have dropped it somewhere!!
      Here let me get that for you. *Picks up jaw and hands it back to sarthakknight*
      Lord Branham: I am honestly speechless. You have not created a city, but a masterpiece! Your use of buildings, parks, and water is unrivaled! I honestly cannot put in to words how marvelously you have done here. I look forward to your next creation, enjoy your break!
      Thanks Branham, it took a lot of work and I'm glad you appreciate it.
      jmsepe: How the hell do you always make that!!?? Everything is just so atmospherically pleasant! The harbor, the downtown, the roads, gosh I might end up writing an essay just to say how beautiful your city is.
      lol, thanks jmsepe.
      Benedict: Amazing scenes as always - and well done, you're back at number one this week on BTT.
      Ahh, to be king for a day!

      You know you're going something right when you make it to the Best of the Best and #1 on Ben's top 10.
      Belfastsocrates: Absolutely superb CJ! I adore the attention to detail and abundance of custom content and lots. It's incredibly attractive visually and a joy to read through. P.S. I'm also rather thankful I have a fast broadband connection lol
      Yeah high bandwidth is key. Unfortunately it is still unavailable in some areas (not mine). Thanks Belfastsocrates.
      KonstantinII: It just only that the city looks a bit unprotected against the sea. What if a tsunami came, and all the city will be ruined. Also it is sad to think of what could happen if someone dropped a bomb on it. It looks beautiful, but a little vulnerable.
      Don't worry, Ionica is well protected from the sea. There are many breakwaters, canals, and pipes that are designed to divert water in case of disasters. Ionica is also very well protected from military attacks. I plan on building some military bases in the future and we also have a tight satellite defense system with particle beam weapons that can take out any incoming enemy aircraft or missiles.
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