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(Online and Offline) Wind Storage Batteries 1.0

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About This File

Hey guys :)


This mod adds a brand new module to your wind power plant: wind storage batteries! These batteries can store up to 50 MWh and matches the daily power output of the plant itself.


The module can be bulldozed and can be found in the wind power plant's module menu. It will be the last icon.


A video will be posted here soon.


How to install:


1. Unzip the file.

2. Install the .package file into your SimCityData folder.


I used oppie's SimCityPak program to create this mod/building. Go here to download it: http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/releases/view/122600


Enjoy! More mods and buildings are coming!

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It's great you found these, but why didn't Maxis fully implement these into the game?


This is a great mod. I still don't entirely know how efficient these are, or if they are actually of any use. :P

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Nice one CapTon, you found cut module power plant


but why didn't Maxis fully implement these into the game?

Because it was cut for final relase.


What does this module do exactly?

It stores more power if you plopped it and the city will keep power on. :)

Ignore that got some scripts error.


Maxis did make these. You just need to purchase the CoT expansion ;)

Wrong, Maxis did make storage batteries for beta before final release. It didn't included for expansion pack (CoT)

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I like it. It´s usefull  :)

 Keep in mind there's a script error that you clicked a wind power plant, edit & selected a module battery.


Any way you could fix the maintenance message / value you see when in the wind power station edit and you click on them?

Well, shame that guy (CapTon) he just publishing a new mods and busy because he's working a another mod.

He didn't update his old mods and fixing script error.

Ignored, Just talking to CapTon.

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This does not provide extra power. It also has an error on the maintenance message / value you see when in the wind power station. Please fix

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Look at me downloading and installing my first MOD for SimCity!  I'm excited and scared at the same time!  I'm looking forward to messing around with these battery packs and seeing how they function.  Even if they're not quite useful I'm glad that I can use them online as I like to still play on the servers to use the fluctuating Global Market prices.  I'll be sure to post any bugs or errors.  Here's to finally having a reason to use wind power plants again!

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    • Thx for the Advice mgb, but i have all the Stuff installed.   But i get Brown Boxes with Peg Streams, below a Pic with and without Free Waters installed    
    • To everyone with the brown boxes issue, you've clearly completely misunderstood the point of this "patch". It does NOT include any water/pond/streams, it simply adjusts the properties of existing mods, such that more space for MMPs is provided. As such, if you failed to read the instructions and don't have the original mods the patch is designed for, it simply won't work. Those files are not technically dependencies, because this file is totally pointless if you don't have such content. Indeed there are 3 lots included in the package, but again these are not designed to work stand-alone without the relevant PEG content being in your plugins folder either.
    • Everyone plays the game differently, so whilst that low value might work fine for your style of play, when releasing mods it's best to support the widest range of setups possible. Example 1:
      So imagine a player with a huge city with maybe millions of sims. Their Bus routes and Subway routes are going to have very high capacities. In such a scenario, not only will lower figures not cut it, but they can break the game. Because if just one stop in the system reaches over 4x the capacity or thereabouts, the network itself will stop working. This is a game bug in essence. Example 2:
      Now let's imagine another player with a small town of 10k residents, say 1k sims use your bus stop. That number would actually be very high for a small town, so clearly a 3k capacity is more than sufficient here, because up to 12k sims could use the stop before any problems occured, and there aren't 12k sims living there. Although bear in mind sims commute, so theoretically you can have more use a stop than the population of a tile. So with a low capacity bus stop, in Example 1 we could end up with very big problems quite easily. But in Example 2 it's unlikely. But, if we give the stop a high capacity, both examples would have little chance of problems. You might think though, "but I don't need this extra capacity" or "it feels like cheating". Well it's really not, because having a super-high capacity won't make more sims use the stop. It just prevents a rather nasty bug from occurring. As such, I would recommended updating the capacities in-line with the previously linked article. But it's not an "urgent fix" or something you need to feel bad about. Just a sensible update to prevent potential problems for users.

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