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[POWER, WATER, AND SEWAGE UPDATE] Ploppable Road Interchange Mod 3.0.0

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About This File

NOTE: When downloading and installing the new version, please make sure you have gotten rid of the earlier version of the mod.


Hey guys :)


This mod allows you to plop an interchange in your city (see screenshot for what it looks like). This will add a sense of realism to your city as well as solve traffic problems and let your creativity spread :).


6:40PM 7/7/2014 - Xoxide has just informed me that ProcsKalone had originally done this mod. I did not intend to steal any of his ideas, so I am posting this to give him credit for his work.


Here's the video:




You can plop the interchange by going to the Custom Roads submenu (in Akar: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29715-project-akar/) and going to the last icon.


NOTE: Bulldozing the interchange may cause your game to crash. Be extremely careful!


How to install:


- Unzip the file.

- Install the .package file into your SimCityData folder.


Special thanks to:


- Yayie: For helping me with the road menus and which ones to use.

- Xoxide: For telling me what properties I needed to finish off the mod and helping me with the texture/terrain issue.

- Danny50205: For also assisting me with the road menus and helping me add a few properties I needed. He also helped me implement the new icon into the game.

- ProcsKalone: For telling me how to fix the texture/terrain issue.

- Banwashere: For creating the new icon.

- MaxvSk: For helping me implement the new icon into the game.

- HyugaHinata: For being energetic and wanting to contribute in any way possible, for making the interchange bulldozable, and for allowing power, water, and sewage to pass through the interchange.


Without these people, this mod would not be possible. So send them a PM and thank them for their hard work.

What's New in Version 3.0.0   See Changelog


  • Power, water, and sewage now run through the interchange

User Feedback

no worries just keep working together :) your so much stronger together and I'm proud of you all

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The power of the community, everyone! Now I can use this mod with HyugaHinata's vanilla regional freeway mod to make a quick-build interchange inside of my cities!

Thanks again!

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Oh, this will come in handy in numerous "ways". :) Thank you, Capton, Xoxide, Yayie, Danny, and HyugaHinata, for all your hard work. I'm going to make full use of it. :)

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Awesome thanks but I've downloaded second version as well but still can't bulldoze so IDK what now?

The bulldozing has not been implemented yet :) it will be soon.

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This makes my life a lot easier! It is also good to see a very nice interchange that doesn't take up 1/3 of a normal map!!!!! Also, I liked your video since people seem to dislike it...

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I like that you release your mods ASAP, but I also wouldn't mind if you spent a little extra time on them before publicly releasing them. A lot of them have great potential but are difficult to work with or broken upon first release... 

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Great mod! You should try to make the intersection plopable on an already existing freeways.... that would be fantastic!

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this is the sort of mod I have hoped for thankyou, however is there anything that can be done about the graphical issues?


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My water and power aren't going through the intersection, is that a known problem or am I missing something?

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Just wondering if the ramp can only face one way? It looks like it is restricted to the one orientation. 
If so, would it be possible to have 4 ramps engineered as separate ploppable items, one facing north, south, east, west? That would give us a bit more freedom with placing the mod. It's not 360 rotation but it's better than a fixed position.
I haven't downloaded the mod yet, so forgive me if it is freely rotatable.

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this is the sort of mod I have hoped for thankyou, however is there anything that can be done about the graphical issues?


1.1.0 covered this issue :).

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I cant use it. Is there any problem with any other MOD? It appears in the menu but when im going to use it there is a white rectangle on the flour and when i click to put it nothing happens. Anyone else with the same problem?

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after i plop one interchange, it just suddenly disappears and when i draw a road though it(the empty land), it said i can't build roads though it. please fix it.

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I cant use it. Is there any problem with any other MOD? It appears in the menu but when im going to use it there is a white rectangle on the flour and when i click to put it nothing happens. Anyone else with the same problem?

i've also got the same problem as you
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      On the way I've added optional support for the following:
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      I have updated my Twin Towers I BATed back in September to bring you a new

      I felt the updated was much needed after finding some time to do so. I feel now they stand as they should
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      I'm sure most of us already know about the Twin Towers, what they were, what
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      If you'd like to learn more about them, feel free to read their Wikipedia Article for starters. Personally, I find them to be marvels of architecture. I miss them highly, and I hope that they can stand indefinitely in SC4 at least.  

      Installation Instructions:

      You do not have to demolish any lots. You can either delete the original
      model files from the previous upload and replace them with the new model files,
      or you can simply use the zip file to replace all files at once. The lots are
      exactly the same previously, the only change is the model files.


      Each tower sits on a 5x5 lot.

      Each tower is CO$$$ and provides about 21,000 jobs each.

      They are ploppable landmarks only, and are found in the landmarks menu.

      Dependencies- None! All added props for these towers are included.

      Special thanks to Mattb325 for modding the first version, then doing some more modding work for the new version. Thanks as well goes to T Wrecks and Gn_leugim for their opinions on this.


      I hope you all will enjoy this update! I tried to update the original upload
      and unintentionally deleted it.

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      Mod Requirement(s):: Cities XXL Community Patch Mod XL Nation Furniture Dependency Pack Game Requirement(s):: Cities XL 2011 Cities XL 2012 Cities XL Platinum Cities XXL  
      Note: This Mod makes game money income easy Only In The Game
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