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different hull colors for ships 1.2.5

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well seeing that the last hull color was a big hit, I added more colors!

I might add more colors who knows? XD

I wanna model some ships, but I really don't have the tools XD
to install this just place the color you want in your 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData folder then 
start the game! :D
very simple ^^
(note: if u want to use a lovey mix hull or hospital hull, make sure you use the 
superstructure/top that goes with it!!!)
if there is bugs or if u want to contact me,
PM me or Email me at
or my DeviantArt
do not repost saying it yours. That's the olny rule ^^

What's New in Version 1.2.5   See Changelog


  • added new skin, hospital ship

User Feedback

Ever been to a big marina?  You'll find that sailors are very conservative when it comes to hull colours.

I kinda guess that xD

But it is my imagination running wild tho xD

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i know a little in 3d modelling but please bare with me, it would be nice to have a flag on top of it.

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i know a little in 3d modelling but please bare with me, it would be nice to have a flag on top of it.

Yea! Most ships even 200 years ago had flags on them xD

But I dunno how flags or new models work in simcity I'll learn xD

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Well, it might be interesting to have a Rainbow Warrior, but I don't play this game.  Good luck with your endeavours.

Lol perfect! :D

I play ship simulator extreme so I know what it kinda looks like ^^

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FYI, I am a retired sailor and owned three different yachts at various times.  I am a coastal pilot and have taught many nautical subjects.  If you'd like more detail, PM me.

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      I will publish an addon to easily create themes in the coming days, but if you want to look at the info, open this spoiler.
      And now some visual candy of the Improved Default Game Themes(subject to change before release):
      Keep in mind I don't even have a GPU so the images are probably quite poor compared to the result you'll see with a good GPU ...
      And that's it for now folks, please let me know what you think, especially regarding the Improved default game textures, I'm probably going to make further tweaks to them before I release the mod so your opinion is very valuable to me
      Thanks for reading!
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      I've seen several screenshots and several youtube videos of SimCity that show deciduous, autumn trees and bushes.  I've played until fall in-game and still haven't seen them.  Was this removed or is there a way to get them?
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