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different hull colors for ships 1.2.5

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well seeing that the last hull color was a big hit, I added more colors!

I might add more colors who knows? XD

I wanna model some ships, but I really don't have the tools XD
to install this just place the color you want in your 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData folder then 
start the game! :D
very simple ^^
(note: if u want to use a lovey mix hull or hospital hull, make sure you use the 
superstructure/top that goes with it!!!)
if there is bugs or if u want to contact me,
PM me or Email me at
or my DeviantArt
do not repost saying it yours. That's the olny rule ^^

What's New in Version 1.2.5   See Changelog


  • added new skin, hospital ship

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    • By TPB
      Terrain Themes Mod
      Hi all, I'm glad to announce that this little project of mine is near completion now live here. 
      I'd like to extend my infinite thanks to boformer, BloodyPenguin, hyperdrive_engage, and knighthawkGP for their continued support in my learning process, without whose help this mod would have been a much longer time in the making. If I forgot to thank you I'm sorry, my brain is kind of fried from all the coding... ha! Thank you everyone who helped me!
      boformer deserves a special acknowledgement as he went out of his way to give me personalized and thorough assistance with many aspects of the mod, including most of the initial code to show me how to create the theme functionality. He is a the main contributor to this mod. Thank you boformer!
      THE MOD
      This mod makes it possible to apply Terrain Themes to your game.
      You can subscribe to theme mods from the workshop for use with this mod or use the included "Improved Default Themes".
      "Improved Default Themes" are essentially the default game textures for each biome
      except they have been fixed to remove seams and tiling effects, as well as featuring improved 
      water surface and foam textures, more realistic colors offsets for Fertile Land, Forest Ground, 
      Grass and Water pollution, among other cosmetic fixes.
      It also allows you to load any of the default game themes' textures on any map, regardless of biome.
      - Environment Colors Changer - this mod manipulates the same color settings and could cause problems/conflicts
      - Water Color Changer - this mod manipulates the same color settings and can also cause problems/conflicts
      - Terrain Textures Replacer - this mod changes terrain textures and can cause conflicts
      - No more purple pollution mods - these mods change pollution colors and can cause conflicts
      - Any mod that changes colors, textures, or texture tiling factors.
      Definition of terms:
      Theme: A package composed of textures, color settings, texture tiling settings and other options
      Biome: One of the game's four environment themes: Boreal, Europe, Temperate and Tropical
      Texture: Diffuse texture files used by the game's render engine to render terrain
      Color/Color Offset: An RGB value used by the game's render engine to alter the look of certain textures depending on several factors, such as the presence of certain resources, pollution, among others.
      Tiling: A numerical value that indicates what area of the game field a texture covers.
      Level: A loaded Map Editor, Asset Editor or City scene.
      What this mod does:
      - Adds an options menu that allows you to select terrain theme's you've subscribed to from a drop-down menu
      - Features improved default themes for the game's default environment biomes
      - Allows you to change themes live while in-game from the options panel, without having to re-load the level
      - Works on city, map editor and asset editor
      - Saves your theme settings to the save file, automatically applying it next time you load the save(if the theme is still enabled in content manager)}
      - Lets you use your favourite map with a different biome's default theme. Love that map but hate the look of the temperate biome? No problem, select your preferred biome theme from the dropdown menu.
      - If for some reason you don't like the "Improved Default Themes", you can disable the feature in the options menu, and next time you launch the game it will revert to the default vanilla textures.
      While in the main menu:
      Select a theme while in the main menu and any level you load will display that theme, as long as that theme is allowed in the level's biome. If it isn't, the "Improved Default Theme" for that level's biome will be loaded.
      While a level is loaded:
      Use the mod's options panel in-game to easily switch themes, you can load a theme into your current level without having to reload the level, as long as the theme you wish to load is allowed in the current biome. 
      If it isn't, it won't even be displayed in the drop-down menu.
      I will publish an addon to easily create themes in the coming days, but if you want to look at the info, open this spoiler.
      And now some visual candy of the Improved Default Game Themes(subject to change before release):
      Keep in mind I don't even have a GPU so the images are probably quite poor compared to the result you'll see with a good GPU ...
      And that's it for now folks, please let me know what you think, especially regarding the Improved default game textures, I'm probably going to make further tweaks to them before I release the mod so your opinion is very valuable to me
      Thanks for reading!
    • By 6fingeredbob
      I've seen several screenshots and several youtube videos of SimCity that show deciduous, autumn trees and bushes.  I've played until fall in-game and still haven't seen them.  Was this removed or is there a way to get them?
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