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MiWay is a Mississauga based transit company serving the city of Mississauga. Note: this replaces the shuttle bus.

 i Re textured tobse bus completely Thanks to him for the bus model and texture template. Suggest anything i will try to do my best

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Nice mod. :)


I tried to post a picture, but it's too problematic for me on these forums. But I want to ask you if you would like to consider modding a Double Jointed Bus. (Please paste "Dubbelgelede bus" on Google picture search for tens of examples).


They are 25 meters long, consists of 3 parts, and can easily carry 200 people. They are very rare, as they only drive around in a few countries.


If such a bus is made for SimCity, it will surely be that traffic from behind will vanish into the bus, as it will be more than double the length of the default one. That is of no concern to me, but I do not know how the community will react.


Thanks a lot. :)

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Why don't you ask Oppie?


He has made a lot of vehicles before, including the Bombardier Streetcar which consists out of 5 parts. That one bends very nicely and realistically in turns. :)


Else, you can just mod a double jointed bus as one part, as I'm sure that it will inspire other modders to evaluate it, so it can bend in turns. :)

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Nice texture my friend...

I have a sugestion for improvement:

I used to put tobse bus in my city, but still a little bugs in it.

Here's the problem: there is a size difference between shuttle bus and municipal bus and so is their "model bounding box".

if such large bus functions as shuttle bus there must be a little modification in the prop file (which is the model bounding box) to prevent some object clumpings.

This is what happens to TransJakarta bus i've uploaded couple days ago. I have miscalculated MinY and MaxY which should be -6.5 and 10.3 respectively. After modifying the bounding box, it works good in my game.



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Why don't you ask Oppie?


He has made a lot of vehicles before, including the Bombardier Streetcar which consists out of 5 parts. That one bends very nicely and realistically in turns. :)


Else, you can just mod a double jointed bus as one part, as I'm sure that it will inspire other modders to evaluate it, so it can bend in turns. :)


It's gonna be cool if we have Mercedes Citaro 530G in the city :D

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Being someone who lives in Mississauga, I must thank you for this.  It was funny to run into this mod because I never thought someone would put up Miway out of all transit companies. 

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That makes three.  I just stepped off one of these about an hour ago!

BTW .. thanks for the mod.

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    • By alborzka
      This thread will focus on improving and revamping the Transport Lines Manager mod, as well as potentially adding features from IPT and/or unique new features if possible.
      Transport Lines Manager Reborn 6.0.1 now in the workshop.
      Bugs as of 6.0.1:
      Renamed depots are not working in the TLM listing and in depot details windows. Bus stations and terminals are wrongly listed as depots. Not show cable car stations on linear map as near transport. Ticket price changes not being implemented. Sort lines by colour not working. OP is below:
      The creator of IPT hasn't been online in over 5 months, and the creator of TLM hasn't been online in nearly 1 month. Mass Transit DLC is coming out in a few weeks, and I don't know how either of these mods will fare with changes being brought to the transit system.
      Is anyone in touch with either of these authors? I would especially hate to see TLM go to the dustbin of modding history considering how many options and useful configurations it provides (plus the aesthetics!) such as changing frequency depending on time of day (such a no-brainer), and IPT has excellent debunching. Now that these two mods are nearly incompatible, and with the DLC coming out soon potentially rendering both useless, something must be done. They're far too valuable to go to waste.
      If we can't get the authors to update their mods or publish their code for others to carry it forward, can we all maybe pitch in and create an entirely new mod from scratch? Is someone working on this already? Even with the improvements being brought with the free upgrade/DLC, I feel TLM/IPT features will still be vital to many player's C:S experience. What do y'all think?
    • By Tim The Terrible

      Release Trailer

      The expansion, titled “Mass Transit,” will bring new forms of transportation to the game, allowing mayor-players to offer in-game citizens new ways to get across town by land, sea, and air. With new transit service buildings, mass transit hubs where lines can exchange passengers, new scenarios, new landmarks, and new road types, Mass Transit will provide veteran players of Cities: Skylines with more choices and options to personalize their cities than ever before.

      Mass Transit will feature:
      Sick Transit, Glorious Money: Add a wealth of new transit options to your city, and add wealth to your city’s income! Let your citizens get across town in ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails!  Orderly Hub, Bub: New mass transit hubs can bring all of your services together, letting citizens change rail lines in one building, or hop from the bus onto the ferry, or even find their way through a sprawling monorail-train-metro station. Become a Roads Scholar: Explore a set of new challenge scenarios focused on solving traffic problems and adding new transit systems. New road types, bridges and canals adds variety to your city, and new ways to solve its challenges. Become an expert in traffic flow, and then use that knowledge to improve your city! New Hats for Chirper: NEW. HATS. FOR CHIRPER. (and also new unique buildings, policies and achievements. But HATS!)
      Per usual, the new expansion will arrive together with a free update to the base game upon release. This free update adds mod-inspired features to traffic management, such as an extended public transport budget, emergency vehicle overtaking and more road features. The patch will also include the much-requested ability to name roads.
    • By TransitAuthority
      Welcome! This topic is meant to be a sort of database for my upcoming and future projects, and a place to discuss them. 
      No Profanity Be Respectful to All Keep Posts Relevant to the Topic  
    • By z1
      This add-on pack makes a number of new stations and features available to RTMT users. It is designed to be used by people who have already installed RTMT V3.50. Its main features are summarized here:

      SAM Stations: There are 15 new stations for seven of the eight currently existing SAM textures. (There is no room for stations on the parking lot textures.) All stations are single-square. For each of the four paved textures, there is a bus stop, a subway station, and a combination bus stop and subway station. For the two dirt textures and the gravel texture, there are simply bus stops. These stations can be plopped successfully whenever there is at least one square of SAM texture on either side of the station. However, demolishing these stations may cause the surrounding pavement to revert to the default street texture if there are not enough SAM squares present.

      SAM streets may be dragged through these stations with no ill effects.
      El Rail over Road Stations: Six new stations are included here. There are bus, subway, and combination bus and subway stations for El Rail over Road, as well as similar stations for El Rail over Street. Both Standard and Euro road textures are available for these stations.

      GLR Transitions: This Add-On Pack features two GLR transitions, one from GLR-in-Avenue to Underground, and the other from GLR-in-Road to Underground. For both transitions, "Underground" may be subway, underground rail, or both. As of this release, there is no underground rail network for avenues, so that particular connection cannot be made. However, when such a network is made available, this connection should be usable. These transitions are also being released simultaneously in a standalone package for non-RTMT users. In future RTMT releases, the versions of these transitions bundled with RTMT will also have optional bus, subway, and underground rail stations that will be accessible by pedestrians.

      New Station Information Displays: Information about each RTMT station now shows up automatically in all of the NAM Traffic Volume Views. Additionally, information about all stations containing subway stops shows up automatically in the NAM Subway, Subway Building, and Zones Data Views. This information includes the type and size of the stations, as well as the type of network they're located on. These new displays allow previously hidden RTMT stations to be seen, queried, and even demolished. For a detailed description and illustration of how this works, please see the Station Highlighting and Queries thread.

      New Station Queries: The RTMT station queries have been expanded considerably, providing significantly more information about both the queried station, similar RTMT stations, and the network on which they reside. An example of such a query is shown in the previously mentioned thread.

      New Menu Icons: The RTMT menu icons have been replaced with a set that is based on the actual network textures, and that is much easier to read. Station types are spelled out in the icons. Although the station type names are currently available only in English, the additional station information that appears when mousing over these icons is available in other languages as well. Some of the newer stations do not have alternate language translations yet, but these translations will be coming. If you would like to contribute to this translation effort, please let the RTMT Team know.

      DAMN Menus: DAMN menus are now fully implemented for all RTMT stations. These menus allow a hierarchical arranging of the stations, and are implemented via the game's News feature. For dealing with a large number of stations, they are much easier to use than the traditional flat menu structure. However, these are currently implemented for RTMT in English only; other languages supported by RTMT will be converted soon.

      The RTMT version of DAMN menus has an extra feature known as the RTMT Root Menu. At the bottom of each RTMT DAMN menu, there is an RTMT icon. Clicking on this icon will take you directly to the top level of the RTMT menu hierarchy.

      For those who have Urgent Advice Dialogs turned off in the game options, the DAMN menus will show up in the News window. They work just as well here as in the separate popup window. However, whereas the popup window will disappear when you finish using the DAMN menus, the menus will continue to be displayed in the News window after use, but become grayed out. In both cases, clicking on the "Open Additional Menus" link will reactivate them. Also, if you are using the News window for your DAMN menus, you may wish to use the Bigger News Window plugin. You may also choose to have the DAMN menus show up in the News window even if you have Urgent Advice Dialogs turned on.

      More Custom Props: A number of new props are included in this Add-On Pack. Some of these have already appeared in different form in the RTMT Interim T-RAM Stations pack, some are from previously optional downloads that are now incorporated into the main distribution, and some are completely new. From the RTMT Interim T-RAM Stations pack, the GLR shelters by SimFox and Xyloxadoria are now available for GLR-in-Avenue, while the existing shelter by GShmails and the Historic GLR Tram Station have been upgraded to be HD models. The Berlin props and the additional Ninja subway stair sets are now included in this add-on pack. Finally, Gwail is working on a complete New York City transit prop pack; his NYC bus shelter and bus sign are now available with this distribution.

      Additionally, SimGoober, Antoine, and GShmails have all kindly given their permission for their models to be distributed with RTMT. As a result, they are included in this distribution, and there is no need to download them separately any more.

      Subway Station Bug Fix: This Add-On Pack fixes a bug that has been present in all versions of RTMTV3. Until now, subway stations that were on subway lines not located at an intersection with another subway line, or within one square of such an intersection, did not work properly. Subway usage at these stations was low to nonexistent. This bug affected all RTMT stations containing subway stations, with the single exception of the combination GLR/Subway Station for GLR-in-Avenue.

      A while ago, a workaround for this bug was published in The RTMT V3 Support Thread. To fix this bug for any given station, it is sufficient to create a one-square stub of a subway line leaving the station (or a square on either side of it) in a direction perpendicular to the subway line passing through the station. This workaround still works, and may be preferred where you don't want to replop stations. However, the main bug has been fixed in all RTMT subway stations, and any new stations plopped will not have this bug. Therefore, demolishing an older station and replacing it with a newer station will also fix this bug for that station.

      It is essential that the enclosed Readme file be read thoroughly, and that the Installation instructions contained within it be followed exactly. Otherwise, some or all of these features may not work properly.
      1/17/10: Added translations for SAM station main menu items for almost all languages. 3/18/10: Fixed customization bugs with GLR-in-Avenue shelters.  
      RTMT V3.50 (installer version) or RTMT V3.50 (Zip file version) Network Addon Mod (NAM), June 2009 version or later with the Street Addon Mod Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator (DAMN) (Optional; currently available only for Windows)  
      Mod edit 7th May 2017 - Fixed formatting
    • By adventurerneil
      Greetings from snowy Colorado, everyone!
      I'm designing my first region-wide Transportation Master Plan™, so that I later have something to kick myself for / regret every step of the way! 
      I have NAM 35 and my TSCT is set to European (high) usage of transit, so my sims will actually, you know, walk a mile (unlike certain *cough* California-centric vanilla lazybones sims). I'm on Eaton region (I'll post a pic further down), and I'm anticipating very high density near the water, slowly petering out to medium and low density as you move West, maybe akin to a Chicago type region in terms of density / land value.
      My goals are to: push myself to learn more about NAM, develop something that is functional and cost-efficient, and to develop something that is aesthetically pleasing / not OVERLY grid-y (without pouring TOO many extra hours down the drain for looks). 
      I'm wondering:
      1) Is it a good idea to do transportation top-down like this, or should I let the cities and transit evolve more organically as I develop each city? (in theory that sounds most realistic, but in practice I'd rather hammer down a skeleton that at least serves each area minimally and then later build onto it, rather than have to go back and demolish and re-envision a lot with existing infrastructure. Don't want any eminent domain riots!)
      2) What types of transit would you plan most centrally for a region of 10-50 million sims? I'm thinking heavy rail and RHW will form the bulk of my inter-regional connections, with some monorail connecting posh areas, and subways in the CBD's. 
      3) Do eternal commuters only apply to one type of transit at a time? For example, if I plan a RHW system that follows the tree structure, but have another type of transit that completes a loop (with the RHW), it wouldn't matter because they'd have to be transferring / parking to complete said loop, right? 
      So far I have a rough sketch of what a possible RHW / rail / monorail network could look like. Let me know if I have set it up correctly to prevent eternal commuters (the squares are outlining the tiles I believe will be the most dense, but don't cross any regional borders): 

      Cheers and thanks in advance for any input! 
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    • Nice idea. Should anyone have preferences or favourite buildings they recall, it would certainly help narrow down the total. Especially with the filter list on the Wayback, the accompanying preview images are there at least to give some visual indication for anyone searching. If there really are 10,000 buildings, I suppose it's not even worth uploading 10% of them given the likely inconsistencies with quality.
    • It may be worth setting up some kind of "I would like ..." topic .... people can go thru the old exchange and point out to Cori the ones that should be retrieved ... it should end up a more manageable list
    • That could be arranged. But since these are legacy files, I don't think it matters too much either way since credit would be given. If Cori would like to continue uploading these (as intended following Dirk's approval), it may be nice for her to receive the occasional Rep as a by-product reward for retrieving, packaging and uploading them here. With hundreds if not thousands of them, it'd require a mammoth effort after all. (Should the quality of content resemble anything to the old SC4 EA exchange, I'm guessing it's not worth restoring all of them.)
    • Very nice, too bad the Grass Textures dont match my Terrain Mod
    • The appropriate words escape me - this is freaking brilliant!!! You've done some great stuff over the years Rivit (particularly from an Australian bias), but this tool is, well, exemplary. I've been away for some years and have missed a lot, but this one has been a significant highlight as I try to wrangle my old plugin folder into line (which, prior to running this, I thought was in pretty good shape...)