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About This File

udon addon(offline only)

If does not work, or do not understand how to use.

Please stop the use of this MOD.



1.you need install udon 1.5


2.you need install Project Akar.


3.package in simcitydata folder.(if you installed Udon-addon1.0. Delete it.)



1.All bridge and tunnel(+UDon Tunnel) can break pieces.

2.UDoNHDStreet,HDStreet,HDAvenue can change bridge directly for region road.(upgrade menu)

3.UDoNLDStreet,LDStreet,LDAvenue can change Tunnel directly for region road.(upgrade menu)

4. can change udonMDstreet to normalMDstreet and reverse.



Arch,Suspention,StreetCarAvenueBridge can not connect road directory.

Now investigating.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • 1.1
  • Delete separate menu.
  • Delete Region Road.

User Feedback

Wow, you guys figured it out! :) I thought that you guys would have no choice but to use the region's bridges and tunnels. Thank you very much for your hard work. :)


Do you have to delete the first mod of Udon to use this version?

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The UI / UX is something that i think everyone can work on with time will change and make the game easier.  To the poster keep up the good.  I do not see any new UDoN features since regional UDoNs if attached to the main 2k section of the road have kind of always been possible with extending that path to surface =1.


I would like to see additional features added to all aspects of any mods and UDoN's like any other mod in my opinion are NOT off limits to any ones efforts however i would ask any modder to make sure you continue to EVOLVED the mod and make sure you point to the original authors posts to make sure the credit of information continue.


If you have questions ASK.


Posted in UDoN's you released an Add-ON

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originally there was going to be a 1 lane but it caused issues so it was changed to a 2 lane with lower capacity to solve the issue

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Is this the expected UI?




I updated UDoN to 1.4 and added this as well.  All four of these buttons are just called 'Roads'.


edit:  I'm rereading the notes at the top, and I think I don't understand it very well. Looks like it is supposed to have 4 buttons (would love it to be 4 buttons as sub-levels inside the top road level - just for a clean UI?)  so I'll have a poke around to figure out what it does. Any chance you could add a little more description about what the mod is for?  Sorry... not trying to be annoying :)


edit2: Oh I'm such a twat. Now I looked at the picture and it shows the UI etc. Sorry.... running slowly with a migraine this morning. Thanks for the hard work. 

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If you can make sense of the description and menus, this addon basically allows the building of bridges and tunnels outside.


A few limitations:
- The roads must be low density UDoN to be upgraded to tunnels and high density UDoN for bridges.

- They also have to be curved in order to raise or lower them outside first.
- You can only use the upgrade tool on segments of road that are at least partially inside or very close to the boundaries.


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You all have kicked some modding ass lately.... Orion, Udon, and now this.... great work and thanks to all that have taken the "fixing" of Simcity seriously.... I truly hope that EA/Maxis has taken note of these things and are holding their heads in (RENEWED) shame.


Was just screwing around with this one here for a bit..  it really works great!  Power/Water/Sewage/Traffic can all follow the tunnels out of box.  You can even use the non-Udon roads (out of box) for raising and lowering, and agents will use them though since they can't be "upgraded" yet, the graphic looks funky where it just cuts into a mountain and disappears.  Be careful of your directions, I had two one way streets leading up lol and residents wouldn't move in to the R zoning on the other side of the tunnels.


Also, just a tip I figured out from the practice.  First, I used a udon MD to lead up to the point where I want the tunnel to start, and a udon MD at the exit point.  Then I added the udon LD (cause I wanted a tunnel) and upgraded that.  Perfect.  The reason I suggest this is because it seems that if you draw the udon LD all the way, it will upgrade everything and you'll get a tunnel above ground.  Once the tunnel (or bridge as the case may be) is upgraded, then upgrade your Medium entry/exits.  I hope that this will come with some localization text soon too.


Again, great job!

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You wrote: "4. can change udonMDstreet to normalMDstreet and reverse."


Is it possible to put an option to change the direction of the one-way road (left to right, right to left), on the road update tool, eliminating the need to destroy the road and redraw in the opposite direction?



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BUG? I have an issue with freeways mixed with one way 4 lanes.Basically my city is circuled by freeways- these freeways are connected to elelvated 4 lane one ways, as seen on the X exchange I have done and on the other side with bridges going up hills. A bit of a hacky way of doing this but for the most part of my experiemts I did not have this problem. I solved the entrance traffic by doing that intersection and then all my building moan about unconnected roads, all around the city :( If I connecte the little piece with a normal road to the city entrance all this goes away. 


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Probably impossible.

The bug Does it occur only when you have put this MOD?

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THis mod is a great idea but can we get an english version for when you are doing road upgrades? I cannot read chinese/japanese/korean

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Hi All!

I have a BIG problem!

I'm using this mod in SimCity 2013. When I using one way road, the cars moves in both directions! Why is it? Anyone can help me? 

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      Hello there, I was wondering if there is a way to force the game checking agents numbers to get rid of "phantom" criminals and "phantom" trash/recycle cans showed in the respective panel when the data map is totally clear. Or at least if there is a save editor or a way to fix those bugged number with an hex editor or something.

      I know it's not game/breaking to  have fake counters but it still bugs me and I'd like to solve it if that's possible.

      Cheers and thank you in advance.
      Edit: I have 2 things I gotta add, I tried the RealPopulation mod and it doesn't seem to solve the issue in any way, also I am experiencing this bug with incoming workers too, I went from a situation where I needed mostly high and mid wealth workers cause my population was mostly low wealth to the opposite, cause after building the arcology I "upgraded" my city population to mid and high wealth, now the game shows me thousands of incoming workers a day in the Pop Detail windows when I have none.

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      In my various Shoppes threads I've recommended for peeps to save a copy so they'd have them available if Photobucket ever borks my free account and the pictures go missing. I'd done that myself a few days ago. You know, File --> Save Page As ... --> (Type) Web Page, complete. I had this silly idea that saving the complete web page would be, well, COMPLETE. Like all the text and pictures. Turns out in Firefox that's not true unless one has this Add-On. And then one also reads this documentation. And then one adds a missing variable:

      Once I did that (and restarted Firefox) I then did complete saves of my map making and shoppes threads, copied the files to a flash drive, loaded them onto one of my SC4 game comps (which is not connected to anything else), and then I could view the threads completely offline with all the pictures. So, this is just a heads-up post for peeps who might believe they've made a complete copy using Firefox and really didn't get the whole thread saved in a useful way.
      And, it would be nice if the gurus with other browsers test if theirs can make a true, complete offline copy and let us know here.
      Edit: I'm adding CB's quote here since it's extremely relevant to my premise:
    • By CapTon
      NOTE: This mod conflicts with the Medical Enhancement Pack, but will not crash your game or ruin any city of yours if installed alongside this enhancement pack.
      Hey all
      What this distribution mod does:
      - Allows you to plop hospital ambulances anywhere (still as modules)
      - Allows you to plop up to twelve ambulances
      NOTE: This mod is NOT a cheat. It is a trick to be used for the efficient distribution of hospital ambulances in your cities for the ultimate health coverage.
      RECOMMENDATION: Place these hospital ambulances at the corners of intersections to ensure that the ambulances will be able to get out.
      Here's the video:

      How to install:
      - Install the 00_OFFLINE_CAPTON_citywideambulancedistribution.package file into your SimCityData folder.
      - Install the other two files into your SimCityUserData/Packages folder.
      Mod Edit: Corrected the file name in the How to install section.
    • By Mattness
      Please, I begin in the mods world and I'm lost : can you give me a link  witch I can download this mod ?
      Thank you ! 
    • By EarnestErnest

      So I just started building in my second map, being this Trinity point, and it happened that  when I zoned for residential in the boundaries of a high-wealth zone effect(provided by the aquarium plaza on the left) some kind of lake originated instead of a building. At first I thought.. Ok..maybe it is some kind of high-wealth pool.But honestly I think it must be a bug. I can't bulldoze it and can't query on it. It's indeed a lake and not a visual glitch because If I try to build a road on it a pop-up message notifies me of wrong bridge placement.

      I am not using any mod, just the vanilla simcity with the official DLCS.

      So, has it happened to you before?


      EDIT: Oh wait after inspecting the lake I found the building using my x-ray vision(Happiness MAP). It is in the bottom of the lake.. COOL
      PD2: Lakebug2 is a gif(so the low quality)
      EDIT 2: Bulldozing the now clickable mansion beneath levels back again the terrain

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      Description: Functional Landmark with 3,200 CO$$$ Jobs. Height: 211.8 m (695 ft). Name: CenturyLink Tower, 53-story, Denver 1983
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      Description: Dirksen Courthouse: Landmark with 4,000 CO$$$ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31449-federal-center-chicago/ Name: John Hancock Center, 100-story, Chicago 1968
      Description: Functional Landmark with 8,000 CO$$$ Jobs, the lot size is 6x4. Height: 1,127-foot, (344 m). Name: Torre Ejecutiva Pemex, 52-story, Mexico City 1982
      Description: Functional Landmark with 5,000 CO$$$ Jobs. Height: 214 meters.  Name: Regions Center Tower, 30-story, Little Rock 1975
      Description: Functional Landmark with 3,000 CO$$ Jobs. Height: 454 feet (138 m)   _______________________________________________________ Diego Del Llano Growables - 2017 Pack One 1.00 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31544-diego-del-llano-growables-2017-pack-one/
    • @Tyberius06 ... I do not want you to think that I am ignoring you - I simply do not have the time to look into it this week. Hopefully, I can examine it this weekend. 
    • Very nice huzman! Thanks for the upload!
    • I remember this one :-) It's a true classic in the SC3000 community.
    • You really only need the building files. (.Desc and .Model) It's against STEX's rules to re-upload them.