Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary 1.0 Beta

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For Offline use only.

How to Install

  • Download files
  • Once download is complete, extract rar files. (right click > extract)
  • Simply copy and paste OFFLINE-ONLY_Project_Orion_3k_Extended_Boundary.package in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData
  • Start SimCity > Play new map > Choose city tile > Save > Quit SimCity (not work if exit to Main Menu)
  • Re-Start SimCity > Resume Game
  • Wonders :bunny:

Must have Mods for Orion

Issues that have been plagued players since the game's release is now answered. Some says it is the holy grail of all mods. Some says this mod + buy game/reinstall. That's right, 3k extended border aka "bigger city".


Understanding the mechanics of Orion 3k Extended Boundary.

1. Upon entering 3k extended map. based on (Image #1), The 3k map extended on North and East. Use right click mouse button or middle mouse button to bring up the compass.

2. Regional Roads are needed to draw them outside 2k map. Such as Project Akar : UI Enhancements, that offers almost every roads available to be drawn outside 2k.

3. Regarding Land Value, please refer the image below. There a lot of misunderstanding as well as misconceptions about the land value data, that was viewed in the map data.

  • The Actual Land Value EFFECTS are still intact as they are. It does not resized regardless in or outside 2k. Believe it or not. It still the same. There are claims that users may have experiences getting different wealth RCI in certain unwanted areas. These confusions is only because  we can't determine the actual "spot" of land value throughout 3k extended border, and the data from the Land Value map seems false but not entirely false information. It was compressed 4:1
  • This also applied on Pollutions, Ground Pollutions, Futurizations etc.

4. Regarding Resources. Unlike Land Value/Pollutions etc That was compressed 4:1. All Resources are stretched 1:4, see Image #3 and #4 to get better understanding on them.

  • This 1:4 stretched map data also effects oil, water, coal and ore.


Lag and memory issues

Its common knowledge that lags or frame-rate drops are known for almost every game that pushes its limits unless the users has a high-end computers. It covers almost every aspect from 3D rendering, physics (engine), memory calculations that the game generates etc. Orion (3k Extended boundary) does not lag the game itself, only that the additional space it provides for users to built in and as the city developed and getting dense - it'll stress your computer hardware.

We cant blame the game for the lags, it just happen that once we push the game to its limit, we might as well be done with better hardware.

The Game's Limitations

1. All trees outside the default border cant be remove, because there is no tree, its a facade. Only way to remove them is to edit the region map files.

2. The game already provide its regional transit, from air to land and water. We can't add Maglevs/Subways/EL and Streetcars to work between two different city vice versa. Please "make do" with the given features of each city tiles carefully.

3. There's a limit count of how many roads/buildings that can be drawn/build per city tile

  • Roads : 1024
  • RCI : 2048
  • Base Buildings : 4096 (not yet confirmed)

Special Thanks to SkyeStormes for a video review

Special thanks to Asilksworld for a video review. :thumb:

Special thanks to chappers for his city design with Orion. Outstanding vision, plans and layout created alongside with Orion has proven that modders are able to create new possibilities to SimCity community. Thumbs up. :thumb:

- Yayie

I would like to thank /u/Desarth from Reddit for the use of his images in showcasing Extended Boundary. Its a wonderful testament to what can be done with effort and creativity with various tools. I thank him personally for allowing me to use his images with this mod. :thumb:

- XoXiDe


For Offline use only.

What's New in Version 1.0 Beta


  • added Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary

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