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File Information

  • Submitted: Jun 17, 2014 - 02:25 PM
  • Last Updated: Aug 07, 2014 - 11:38 AM
  • File Size: 3.44KB
  • Views: 133096
  • Downloads: 32,453

Download Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary 1.0 Beta

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borders extended bigger maps


How to Install

  • Download files
  • Once download is complete, extract rar files. (right click > extract)
  • Simply copy and paste OFFLINE-ONLY_Project_Orion_3k_Extended_Boundary.package
  • Start SimCity > Play new map > Choose city tile > Save > Quit SimCity (not work if exit to Main Menu)
  • Re-Start SimCity > Resume Game
  • Wonders :bunny:




Issues that have been plagued players since the game's release is now answered. Some says it is the holy grail of all mods. Some says this mod + buy game/reinstall. That's right, 3k extended border aka "bigger city".





What you should know about this Orion mod.


  1. 1. You may have trouble to choose/claim other cities that closely together and borders may overlap each other, a little practice with a mouse hover on other city, you may get the change/claim city. (Minor issues)
  3. 2. Normal roads wont allow you to draw roads outside the 2k boundaries, you need regional roads properties to allow the ability to draw them. Please visit Project Akar : UI Attachments download page for more details.
  5. 3. All regional roads cant be elevated.
  7. 4. The original map of land value, pollutions, water etc will be misaligned (visually). Example, you plop a $$ park, the land value indicates is slightly off set from the park itself. This offset issues does not effect residential or commercial buildings. Same goes to air pollutions, you may get your industrial pollutions few meters away from its original buildings, it does not effect residential even if its visualized so on pollutions map. What concerns me the most is ground pollutions, similar to air pollutions, it darkened the soil off set from its original buildings, Use Ground Scrubber to tackle this issues.
  9. 5. You need to improvise the happiness levels for each zones regarding off set map situations.
  11. 6. Off set also effects how you plant trees.
  13. 7. Yes you may plop buildings outside the default borders without using BoC, in condition of use the regional roads, please refer #2.
  15. 8. Yes you can zone residential, commercial, industrial outside, in one condition, you need connect the tile's original roads with the regional roads and use CTRL+Zone
  17. 9. Can only plop on North and East outside 2k - Use your right click button or middle mouse button on the mouse to find out the direction.
  19. 10. As your city starts to growing, fully developed, you may noticed some lag, this is normal. A logic when you have heavy populace and industrious city based on the game's engine added with extra areas to fill.
  21. 11. In some cases, you may plop buildings underwater or at the side of the mountains, depending on the road layout and the terrain.
  23. 12. In game regional roads and train tracks cannot can be demolish with this Regional Bulldoze Mod.
  25. 13. Buildings that include its small roads, like Garbage Dump etc can't be demolish outside 2k boundaries even the main buildings is destroyed. 






Our sincere apologies for this drastic changes that may have cause confusions. We the modding community have decided to break down everything to satisfy end users experience.  Due to limited time and energy, we work day and night to deliver to all as soon as we can. Regarding why Orion doesn't include certain mod that should've been use along with it, is mainly because to respect the original Author rather than copying and implement it on Orions. We hope users understand and be patience with us.
On side note, we understand that Orion may have difficulties for certain users to adapt, depending on their play style. So it may and it may not best for certain users. Orion is a broken mod ever released into the public, Orion can't survive alone without other mods to get it stands on its feet.
Our group feels that Orion needs to remain independent, however any functional mods that works with Orion will going forward listed for your convenience as decided by the group in our collaborative and new efforts in the future.
Again, please be patience, we are trying our best. Thank you.
- Yayie

Calling all modders.

We need more members to start modding, and share more to the community. Use the forums to ask questions if in need. 3k_extended mod needs another mods to make it stable. (fixing the map details maybe or anything that could improve this mod better). This mod is far from perfect but it is playable and not a game breaker even and needs your help. If you manage to create a mod that could improve this mod, by all means, upload it and I will link it here.



Special Thanks to SkyeStormes for a video review

Special thanks to Asilksworld for a video review. :thumb:

Special thanks to chappers for his city design with Orion. Outstanding vision, plans and layout created alongside with Orion has proven that modders are able to create new possibilities to SimCity community. Thumbs up. :thumb:

- Yayie


I would like to thank /u/Desarth from Reddit for the use of his images in showcasing Extended Boundary. Its a wonderful testament to what can be done with effort and creativity with various tools. I thank him personally for allowing me to use his images with this mod. :thumb:

- XoXiDe



For Offline use only.

What's New in Version 1.0 Beta (See full changelog)

  • added Project Orion - 3k Extended Boundary


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

So what is this not compatible with?

So what is this not compatible with?

between mods? none.

This is teamwork and testers.  There is little glory only cooperation and collaboration at its best.. LET IT CONTINUE for its to the benefit of the community not to the individuals.

I'll use this, just not yet. It seems that you still have a little bit more to do. This is a momentous occasion, I mean with us finally having UDON and this, but I cannot use this until it seems to be finished. Sorry, but congratulations!

You've made my day! I was starting to lose hope on SimCity. Thanks to all the awesome modders and you too!

well I cant use the interstate mod outside the area... :( or plop buildings

well I cant use the interstate mod outside the area... :( or plop buildings



Can I play my saved map and cities?

It will never work perfect however 2 sides is a hug extra area .. you can also now use the UDoN included in the download of this mod since its related which gives you some additional options


try and enjoy put your feedback and go from there.  One step at a time

Can I play my saved map and cities?


sadly, I dont have saved games on my own. You can try it on yourself. Install the mod and resume your save games.

Great start to what will be one of the best mods.  I see a lot of work to be done.  Take your time with it.  All of the mods have been awesome.  Thanks to all of you modders.

@thurm77 .. this is one of our worst mods trust me and the group IN THE SENSE its not suppose to work and will have bugs outside of the scope of fixing at this point in time.


but it offers a glimps at the possibilities of what can happen.  Now with the addition of UDoN outside the city except for elevated since it will not function. You now have as much as we can provide as a group to you.  so its up to the community to decide what happens next ..


enjoy peace lates XoXiDe / Jeff

Might be a dump question, but i thought we could plop RCI buildings, atleast as i seen buldings under the goverment tab of RCI ploppables on a video. I can plop regular builds Police,Fire,Landmarks,etc... Just wondering if im missing something about theRCI     NEVERMIND just seen the other comeout lol

Can someone explain this to me:

  • Yes you can zone residential, commercial, industrial outside, in one condition, you need connect the tile's original roads with the regional roads.

I built a square dirt road around the border of the city then rebooted the PC. Then I drew a regional dirt road starting at the corner of the original square dirt road then out to the region.  But no zoning at all except the outside border of the original square dirt road on the north and east side only.  I tried drawing a dirt, low-medium-high density road and all fail to zone.  I can plop most things and sometimes only randomly.  Couldn't add trucks to depot, but I could add all 8 buses to shuttle bus.  I couldn't add trucks to the recycling center, but I could add, bulldoze the recycling add-ons.

I want Service Road for that, when plot building outside, not able to Add the Dump Zone.. Wind Power Plant etc...

Jun 17, 2014 - 08:32 PM

Might be a dump question, but i thought we could plop RCI buildings, atleast as i seen buldings under the goverment tab of RCI ploppables on a video. I can plop regular builds Police,Fire,Landmarks,etc... Just wondering if im missing something about theRCI     NEVERMIND just seen the other comeout lol

Yes, that's the other Mod RCI Plops which has also been released.

Will building in overlapping city boundaries in a region cause issues? 

@all as you can see this was played with and tested by many individuals.  The primary goal of orion was to NOT break the original RCI or Existing 2k x 2k City. 


Compound mods are the future of everything everyone is working on. 


Remember that RCI Zone only works when you connect to the original city limits and 2k city.. ALSO its only good for the SINGLE SEGMENT you draw from the original city.  SO TRICK if you use free form roads you can create a strange longer road that would potentially allow yourself to zone in and out of areas available for RCI and NON RCI Zones.  However plopping will only work on the opposite side of the default xy = 0 RCI Zone Origin point of the city .. Meaning 2 sides will work and 2 sides will not.. We call the working area's SOUTH AND EAST or RIGHT AND BOTTOM .. you must find those areas on your map to use the functional areas.


ALSO MAP choice makes all the difference in functionality and also look and feel so play around.


its not perfect but it does work

ALSO YOU CAN plop All RCI if you download the other mod that uses the extended boundary to make those available :)


Compound mods.. One mod building on the other mods available to create new variety and variations and much more modular capability and diversity within the community.

I have mod correctly installed but when I drag zoning tool down roads that extend from the real city out into the 3k area, they zone tool stops at the border, am I doing something wrong?

Other files you may be interested in ..

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