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  • 22 Aug 2014 Download Offline-Only Mod: “UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)” 1.8 / 1.7
  • 14 Aug 2014 Download Offline-Only Mod: “UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)” 1.4 & 1.5b, 1.6 and

Download Offline-Only Mod: “UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)” 1.9 / 1.7

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one way freeway ramps simcity2013 udon elevated highway offline futurization


One Way Roads and Freeways Elevated and Ground Level




Will add more detail Later on.. but welcome. Mod was Created so with new data and the use of foundation improvements built into 10.1 (YOU MUST HAVE 10.1 but in offline mode)


9/3/2014 - 1.9 Minor / Major Update from 1.8 to fix some problems with Upgrades and Downgrades that were being explored from version 1.8 with Yayie and HinataaHyuga.  Those have now been completed and seem to be stable enough to update and release to the general public as a fix.


2.0 is currently in planning mode with 5 and 6 lane ave with zone and express ways for greater regional interactions.


8/20/2014 - 1.8 MAJOR Update Release to work with New Akar and Akar Roadsets along with a number of improvements and changes by members of the SUGC.  Icon and Graphic Improvements by Ban, Script and Upgrade Improvements by Yayie and HinataaHyuga with Regional Additions which in Akar now have a new menu structure to make the Regional Aspects easier to understand.


8/22/2014 - 1.9 is in the works to fix some bugs and issues.   Reported problems due to Bi-Level Mod by max due to using an UDON path to create his.  He is working on a fix.  Upgrade and downgrade side effects being worked on introduced in 1.8.  5 and 6 lane roads are being looked at to introduce into version 2.0 .  Instructions are simple drop it into the same folder as it was originally listed and REMOVE the old one.  I keep all my versions of updates online and in the download button so you may go back if you have issues that you find a little overwhelming due to new directions and changes being looked at.  However we are on top of them as a group and working to make all of them play nice with each other which was the whole reason for Akar and the SUGC team being formed to begin with.


8/14/2014 - 1.7 was uploaded and all other files tested ok even though someone reported issues.


Today 7/7/2014 - Version 1.6 has incorporated our new Icons and Images into our mod to make the game easier and more similar to the unification of graphics and style to be that of Maxis and the Original games look and feel.  Thank you Banwashere (Ban) for the hard work and dedication for becoming our community artist and champion of our new efforts in creating an identity as our graphic artist and champion of our new identity and graphic art on this subject and with all our mods that have been release and our future releases to the community.  These will be added to Akar and each individual mod as are required and represent the first update of many in a series that will unify mods and our interfaces.  We are very happy to have him on board and the quality that his talents will bring to our mod community and in general to our future developments. Both Regional and UDONS updated to 1.6 for that specific update.



Today 6/23/2014 - Version 1.5 Uploaded Online Beta Testing edition.  (May Cause Roll Backs At 20 Minute Points) Uncertain need more testing have at it.  ( DO NOT USE WITH EXTENDED BOUNDARY OR ALL RCI PLOP AT THIS TIME IT WILL ROLLBACK IF YOU DO). CoTs may be required EP to prevent Roll Backs .. do not yet know for certain.


Today 5/17/204 we have been listening and watching so many people so there have been reports of issues and odd behavior which we have now been able to contribute to some ODD corruption of the actual installation unfortunately.  Some crashes and issues have and are not the mod but brought out by the mod itself.  Uninstalling mods one at a time can temp solve the issue however the ultimate fix was installing a clean copy of the game unfortunately... I would put the percentage at less than .5% of the installed base have reported this drastic step but wished to be as honest as possible with you incase you have any issues.


OMG there is so much that needs to be said and needs to be given out on this mod and its features but MOST of the features speak for themselves.. THERE ARE TRICKS to use


Connections can be tricky.




10.1 made it possible by adding some foundations that have and were needed to even allow ONE WAY possible.  SO THANK YOU MAXIS and UPDATE TEAMS for adding the core code that make it possible to do this type of mod and make it a reality that took 6 months.  FEW will every realize how much it took or what went on onto make this happen.


AS I have already been reminded there are many many details I need to post on use to help you all and I will over this weekend.







CREATIVITY is key.. how you build and what order you build things is what matters


There are some aspects to how you use the direction of drawing as the direction of the one way.  Make sure you build ELEVATED prior to Transitions or it will not connect but practice makes perfect


10.1 added new paths to the game that allowed this to be possible.


As mentioned by Niclistin on Reddit one of the mod testers like buggi and yuttho.. there are ALOT of aspects to this mod that take time to use and understand but the complexity is beyond imagination .. REALISTIC is not the word for it.


2 Lane Roundabout

4 Lane Roundabout

2 Lane, Low Density One Way Street

4 Lane, Medium Density One Way Street

4 Lane, High Density One Way Road

1 Lane Freeway Ramp

1 Lange Ground to Elevated Freeway Ramp

1 Lane Elevated Freeway Ramp

2 Lane Freeway Ramp

2 Lane Ground to Elevated Freeway Ramp

2 Lane Elevated Freeway Ramp

2 Lane Freeway

2 Lane Ground to Elevated Freeway

2 Lane Elevated Freeway

4 Lange Freeway

4 Lane Ground to Elevated Freeway

4 Lane Elevated Freeway


If you DO NOT use a roundabout but use a 2 or 4 lane ELEVATED you can manually make an Elevated ONE WAY and actually intersect with it (trick)


TIP and Suggestions: Camera Angle, Angle of Road draw and stretching out the draw before going to desired position can help you draw things the way you wish.. going big and back to smaller size in circles and turns.  Going UP with M or DOWN with N can help connectors.  Remember to use your transitions sometimes its just a matter of drawing it a longer distance so the engine thinks its smother than it really is.  We have to work with the engine not against it to get things to work and function.



What's New in Version 1.9 / 1.7 (See full changelog)

  • Offline-Only Mod: “UniDirectional Networks (UDoN)” Version 1.4
  • (1.4 is Improved Icons Graphics Per Request Easier to Read)
  • 1.5 Online Beta Testing - Buggy MAY cause rollbacks at the 20 minute increamental points. Most likely the hybrid paths for elevated. Save game often if you wish to try it out at all. So at your own risk for 1.5 beta. CoTs maybe required for online use. Unknown at this point since I have the expansion.
  • 1.6 Released 7/7/2014 ( Update all Icons to be More realistic to Maxis Style, you can still use default regionals to work with this mod for udons to function solo and exclusive) and regional roads 1.6 for also new icons for those roads used in region with new icons that make and feel like all others :) ENJOY
  • 1.7 with Yield Signs are now added.. others are remaining for other purposes as we transition changes.
  • Minor Update to add UDoN's to Regional for Expanded Boundary Mod.
  • Also known as ONE WAY's and Freeways using Unidirectional Paths
  • 1.8 - Major Update to UDoN's from the SUGC Team Members
  • Fixed Upgrade and Downgrade Features
  • New JPG Descriptions and Icons thanks to Banwasher
  • New File Name format and load Order for AKAR and AKAR Road Sets
  • Manjor Improvements and additions From Yayie and HinataaHyuga for Regional AKAR Addons
  • 1.9 - HinataaHyuga has fixed the upgrade downgrade feature that was problematic from version 1.8
  • 2.0 - Now in planning for 5 lane and 6 lane ave with zone versions of road and expressways.
  • The trick to make a transition from a raised elevated freeway to the ground: you need to use a default-height elevated path in between!
  • There have been many updates to make this a reality and over 2 months of effort
  • Minor changes to graphics for some of those whom enjoy signs to be the same verbage, changed most icons in menu and re packaged to fix some graphic glitches


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

I've been a tester of this little gem, and I can say it is phenomenal! 


Watch those roundabouts tho, there seems to be an odd bug where agents get eaten. So don't place service buildings like police, clinic, or fire right next to one.

There are so many little details I and Buggi along with a few others will give you on how to use this tool .. Please give us some time to write some better documentation on its use and even Yutto whom has been using it has some amazing images he wishes to share

Now that is awesome! That made me wishing I never un-installed SC2013 from my laptop!

CoT required?...

SC crashes for me when i launch the launcher with this .package in /SimCityData

Well done guys, brilliant work!

This is the closest thing I've seen to one way roads and onramps yet, great work!

May 16, 2014 - 08:12 PM

Ummmmmm..... Uh,,,, THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! :D :D :D :D :D

May 16, 2014 - 08:21 PM

A lot of work from so many people went into this. Hopefully the community will see some value in it

Most importantly..... THANK YOU!!!  One way streets are a major part of urban design and planning.   This is amazing!  I can't wait to see how it's used and what I create as well.  Thank you!!! :-)


(I put the file /SimCityData and it hung the first time I launched SimCity and tried to go into a new city.  When I relaunched and tried to go into the city a second time, it launched without any problems.  I do have CoT.)

Whoa, now this is a gem.

ok, CoT not required...

kept crashing at startup. oddly, i renamed the file (to just 'UniDirectionalNetworks') and loaded up no probs. working now.


and even though i haven't had a chance to mess/test yet, i saw enough to be able joyously proclaim, "THIS IS SPECTACULAR WORK!"



thank you for your efforts, greatly appreaciated.

May 16, 2014 - 09:33 PM

What mod adds the road signs?

@Haljakey the inspiration of this was back v4 and 5 to create around 6 something that was as good if not better than NAM .. this is as far as we got.. The paths in 10.1 were foundation improvements to allow one ways in a real sense making them fully functional and faster as a result..


but everything is WORKING.. not simulated in a statistical sense..


The idea is I hope this inspires people to take and run with it and make something better with all the mods published.. May this be the START of something worthy of the community not the end.


(PS watch out for flying school bus's around sharp corners.. they speed)

the mod puts sings in basic ones of direction and freeway yes

May 16, 2014 - 09:58 PM

What mod adds the road signs?


Freeway's will place the signs at intervals. It's not anything you have direct control over.

Amazing work, Xoxide and SUGC. This took massive amounts of cooperation and inspiration to provide to the community what has been wanted since day one.


You'll enjoy how captivating and experimental one-way networks can be.



only part is if you draw 10 segments you get 10 signs so draw them LONG to avoid to many signs close ..

@smile.. mods may cause problems.. we had issue with one oppie mod but most mods are and do work together on this one.. I have not found myself any problems to warn you about yet


Oh wow, well this blows simcity to the next level. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

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