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About This File

This mod provides a template layout for a perfect city with a maximum traffic efficiency to building density ratio. It does only change the guides that appear ingame, if you draw a street. As requested the most important information you have to know ;)

 - Install by copying the .package file into your ...\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData\ folder
 - If you rename the file, make sure it comes before "SimCity_Game.package" alphabetically


 - Modifying files is still experimental and might lead to city rollbacks 
(no rollback caused by this mod)
 - There is no official statement from Maxis nor EA about using mods, so use at your own risk



Useful Links: Google Spreadsheat (WIP) | Discussion



  • roads 1st guide (2HD) 2nd guide (4HD)
  • low street 1st guide (1HD) 2nd guide (2HD)
  • med street 1st guide (3HD) 2nd guide (6HD)
  • high street 1st guide (1MT) 2nd guide (2MT)
  • avenue 1st guide (1HD) 2nd guide (2HD)
  • transition between avenues and low street


MT = MegaTower

HD = High Density building
There is only the transition between avenues and the low density street. Other streets or the dirtroad deliver wrong guides i would think. You should always use the same road/street to deliver you a guide.



  • you have a low density street > pick low density (or avenue for transition) and let the guides show up
  • you have a dirtroad > pick dirtroad and let the guides show up
  • and so on


To explain my decision for the transition: it will help you keep your avenues free of traffic. If you want the space between avenues to be higher it would mean there is no such help anymore. You would have to zone on your avenues. How the mod actually works you are able not to zone at your avenues. The only reason for me to do it like i did it.


If there are any questions about changing values of my mod send me a PM please.



some Credits

XoXiDe for his great mod (see a lot of use in my pics)

MaxisGuillaume (Closer Road Guides 1.0) and Skyestorme for his remake

zombie12 (Real Population)

What's New in Version 1.1   See Changelog


  • 1.1
  • - added CoT functionality (high density street)
  • 1.0
  • - tweaked Closer Road Guides Mod
  • - changed guides for avenue, low/med street and roads
  • - added transition between roads/streets and avenues

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