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I'm very proud to release the first true custom building model; a Central Train Station loosely based on a design I created for SimCity 4 back in the day. This is a proof-of-concept for the idea that we can eventually create custom models of similar quality to the ones we made for SimCity 4. Frankly this one still has a few rough edges, but consider that it's only the first - as I improve the process of creating buildings further they can only become more detailed and more impressive. With Maxis opening up the discussion for User Generated Content on their official forums (be sure to weigh in on the discussion); this is the kind of mods that I had in mind (besides NAM-like network mods).



  • This mod only replaces the building model of the original Train Station; this has a few consequences;
    • The lot size is still the original size; the model will 'hang over' its lot at the sides. To make the train tracks look good, you should make sure that it is situated on a long stretch of unobstructed track.
    • Only one train track is actually used - the second one can be drawn by the player underneath the other platforms (for fun you can also draw a tram track there!)
    • The lot itself is quite empty
    • The capacity is the same as the original train station

As more modding options might become available, these shortcomings might be amended. I'm also still working on tools to improve how we edit the lots, decals and other elements.


For those who want to create buildings themselves:

I know a lot of you will be as excited about this mod as I am, and will be champing at the bit to create their own models for the game. I'm planning on taking the time to help people achieve this, although needless to say some 3D modeling knowledge is required. If you're interested, keep an eye on this thread; http://community.simtropolis.com/forum/94-simcity-2013-modding-open-discussion/ in which I'll soon start posting details on how I achieved this and how you hopefully can do so too.


Updated 4/10/2013; there was a bug where the new model would not show up on the closest zoom level. Downloading the file again will fix this.


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