Ontario RHW Texture Set v1.0.1

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About This File

The Ontario RHW Texture Set (or Darkphalt texture set) overrides the Real Highway Textures with darker Ontario-styled textures, which slightly differ from the USA marking style. Furthermore, it introduces chevrons on the ramps


This mod will take immediate effect and it will cover most of the RHW, though there are some very limited legacy support issues. Left hand drive support is included.


How to install

- Download Ontario RHW textures v10.zip

- Download Ontario RHW textures v10 - LHD Support.zip if you have a left hand drive game.

- Extract the ZIP-files in Plugins\z___NAM\Road Textures\Standard Retexture and Cosmetic Mod\RHW

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is ESSENTIAL to install the files in this directory and to keep the folder structure intact. This will guarantee a mostly bug-free override.


How to uninstall

Simply delete the files from the Ontario RHW Texture Mod from your plugins folder.



Obviously the Network Addon Mod with the Real Highway Mod installed, but no other dependencies are required.






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What's New in Version v1.0.1


  • Corrected the FlexFly texture bug.

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