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MS Solaris Vacanza 12 & InterUrbino 12 (Automata + Props)

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About This File

5 automata models of the buses manufactured by the Polish company Solaris Bus & Coach.
There are 1 white Solaris InterUrbino and 4 Solarises Vacanza in various colors (like you can see at the pics below).
You can use all of them in the same time or choose only one. They don't replace any vehicle in game.

Each model also has a prop counterpart, available in 3 versions: ortho., 20° and 45°.


- Solaris Vacanza 12 is a tourist coach, introduced for the first time during the autumn of 2001. First serially made vehicles were delivered to customers around spring 2002.

- Solaris InterUrbino 12 is a suburban/intercity bus (in some countries used also as the school bus) produced since 2009. The SC4 model represents the pre-facelifted version (2009-2012).


Check the ReadMe file for more informations.


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User Feedback

@All - Thanks for the feedback.

@city89 - Do you mean the MMP/plops? Such version isn't included. You can use props in the Lot Editor.

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They look really great!


Do you plan to create Solaris Urbino 12 or 18 to replace in-game bus automata? Would be fantastic to see them in realistic colours e.g. green-yellow for Poznań or red-yellow for Łódź or Warsaw.

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BTW...would it be easy for you motokloss to remove caption "InterUrbino" and people shapes from the bus sides. And maybe you may add some different colour versions of InterUrbino bus, e.g. red, yellow, blue. That would be great addition.

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      The model was inspired by real building built in Warsaw in 1957 and designed by the arch. Jan Bogusławski (see links below). Despite it has the most characteristic architectural detail and features of the real block (like jewelery store “Jubiler”, Bar Praha and neons), there are also few differences and it was not meant to be the exact reproduction.

      I made this building in 3 parts (2 x 3x2 and 1 x 1x2) to have more possibilities of “plopping” in game.
      All 3 are CS$$ Plops and together offer about 700 jobs.

      Those were my first BATs (hope they are not that bad – many thanks to Ferox and other members of the “SimCity Polska” for tips, how to use the architect tool.

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      Edit: file has been changed to .zip.
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    • The appropriate words escape me - this is freaking brilliant!!! You've done some great stuff over the years Rivit (particularly from an Australian bias), but this tool is, well, exemplary. I've been away for some years and have missed a lot, but this one has been a significant highlight as I try to wrangle my old plugin folder into line (which, prior to running this, I thought was in pretty good shape...)
    • If you get Brown Boxes, dont install the HD File in the Mntoes Holt Farm Close Dependencie, you must use the Standard one!
    • Good work.  I was having a bit of fun with the complaints over dependencies that a lot of content creators get.  I already have all of them organized into a folder.  Maybe I should start a thread with a list of them so somebody could get them all organized and then download new files without repeat downloading.    It also is a good example of grungy and light industrial, it doesn't look overly polished.   The landscaping is very good too.  And its a IHT building which adds more realism to the high tech sector.  Thank you.   
    • @RandyE These are quite the most common dependencies, and this is actually nothing compared to my SeaPort Project and its upcoming expansion which will contain more than 40 different building dependencies including a lot from Mattb325 and these are the spec. dependencies. I like this building it was growing nicely last night in one of my cities.