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Highway Re-Styling Mod v0.4 - US and Euro 0.4

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About This File

Highway Re-Styling Mod (HRS) version 0.4 - US and Euro Textures


What is the HRS?

The HRS will remodel your Maxis Highways, removing the concrete barriers in the middle and on the outside of the highways. The models included in v0.4 were made by Mandelsoft, who made the previous version of the mod.

It will also change the texture to match the current Real Highway Mod textures.


What's included in the download?

There are files available for download. The zz_HRS_America file will restyle your Maxis Highways to match American textures, and the zz_HRS_Euro file will restyle your Maxis Highways to match European textures.


How do I install this mod?

To install this mod, unzip the downloaded file (either the America version or the Euro version), and copy the folder to Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins

IMPORTANT: Ensure the included .dat file is INSIDE a folder in your Plugins, for example the path might be Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins/zz_HRS/zz_HRS_*version*.dat .


If you have the NETWORK ADDON MOD v31 or higher...

You may need to place the included folder into your z___NAM folder in order for the mod to function correctly.


I have an issue/question/request!

Please post in the Development and Support thread.





Recommended Mods:

Network Addon Mod, available here.


Incompatible Mods:

This mod is incompatible with any other mod which alters the textures/models of the Maxis Highways, for example Project Symphony included in the Network Addon Mod, or any other Maxis Highway retexture mod, including the previous versions of the HRS.


Expect updates in the future, remember the mod is not yet at version 1.0.


Thanks, Sam.

What's New in Version 0.4


  • v0.4 - Updated textures to match current RHW networks, both Euro and US.

User Feedback

I love what you're doing here.  I've always preferred the plop 'n' go nature of Maxis highways despite their high cost in cosmetic realism.  This mod goes a long way towards reducing that compromise.  Are there plans to improve the appearance of elevated highways as well? Thanks for keeping these underrated networks alive!

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Looks great, but can you add more close up pictures? I want to know if its worth getting. :)

I've uploaded a closeup screenshot of the Euro version. The American version uses the same models but with US textures :)

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Will this work with NAM 30? :P (I still haven't updated D:)

Yup, it certainly should do :)

You should do concrete as well

Hopefully in the future I'll get some alternate texture sets out there. If you're wanting to use existing texture sets such as the Maxis Default, it should be okay, however the hard shoulders might be a strange colour. If this is the case, I'll upload another file containing a modified Maxis base texture.

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Well, it was an interesting try.  Unfortunately, it gave a very choppy look from further out, particularly the elevated highways.  Switched back to the Maxis standard grey.

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Well, it was an interesting try.  Unfortunately, it gave a very choppy look from further out, particularly the elevated highways.  Switched back to the Maxis standard grey.

Sorry to hear this, if possible could you post a screenshot to the Development and Support thread and I'll see if I can get anything changed within the mod itself.

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Well, a few things:


1.  Those are the European textures; I'm using the US set.

2.  That's still a pretty close-in view; I noted that the choppiness is apparent from further out (the two furthest magnifications, to be specific).

3.  That's a flat, straight highway; mine have curves and grades.


I'm a bit loathe to reinstall the mod just to produce screenshots, but I'll see what I can do.

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@JessiLaurn - I do know what you mean about the choppiness - it's because the white stripes are a bit more intense on this Highway texture than they are on the standard Maxis textures so they get a bit "pixelly" as higher zoom levels ... but it doesn't, to me at least, seem any different to the NAM textures in that respect. If you've got the NAM installed you don't really notice it overly much... and I'd prefer a little choppiness to having that unpleasant black/grey shift you get when transitioning from an Avenue or RHW to Maxis Highway.


I just wanted to put up a screeny of this highway mod in situ, especially with the RHW transition as that's where the improvement is probably best highlighted ;)

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