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DAMN is short for Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator
This is a collection of menu's created from the NAM 31.2 installation.  This is version 1.0 and includes all NAM 31.2 E-Series controller items with the exception of the following Project Symphony, Canals, Maxis Highways and Hole Diggers (These can be added later if there is a strong demand for them).  
DAMN-NAM includes menus for the following categories, subcategories and all associated pieces:
  • Avenues
  • El-Rail
  • FLUPs (Flexible Underpasses)
  • GLR (Ground Light Rail)
  • HSR (High Speed Rail)
  • Monorail
  • NWM (Network Widening Mod)
  • One Way Roads
  • Pedestrian Mall
  • Rail
  • RHW (Real Highway)
  • Road
  • Street
  • TuLEPs (Turning Lane Extension Pieces)
The only dependency is Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator or DAMN.  There are special instructions for installation for full compatibility with these menu's in the readme.txt file included.
**Please note that some of the menu entry's are not functional and will have a placeholder image.  To use entries that have placeholder images use another nearby entry and then tab to it from there.  This will most likely change in the future when a design change can be made in the NAM that will allow these menu's to be made compatible.
**Also if upgrading from an older version please replace your damncontrol.dat with the new file in the zip since it allows the root menu's to function.  If you don't do this the root menu's appear but are not clickable.
Upgrade instructions are now included in the readme.txt file.

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • ## V1.0
  • All NAM items's are available with full images and descriptions. (This excludes Project Symphony, Hole Diggers, Maxis Highways and Canals)

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