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Sorry if the frequent updates annoy you people. Now I actually have some time to work on this project again :D



The SimCity 4 Buddy application aims to make life a little easier for SimCity 4 players out there.
Do NOT expect a fully functional tool with zero bugs. I have tried to break the program in every way I could imagine to see if it broke, but I may have overlooked something.

* * *
Now that that is out of the way, what does this program do?
It has multiple purposes. This early version has the following features:

  • Manage your user folders through a friendly user interface without having to mess around with folders and files manually.
  • Let SimCity 4 Buddy install the plugins for you (dat, rar or zip files. Multi-volume rar archives (zzz.part1.rar, zzz.part2.rar)
  • Launch the game with a specific user folder (i.e. a Paris region, SimMars, MTP, Futuristic etc.)
  • Handle launcher command line switches through a user interface (stuff like no intro, no audio, 1 cpu, resolution, window mode etc.)
  • Let SimCity 4 Buddy save your game at regular intervals
  • Let SimCity 4 Buddy identify your plugins against the central database so you can easily manage your plugins onwards - Don't worry if all of your plugins aren't identified. The database is being constantly updated.
  • Let SimCity 4 Buddy check if you are missing any dependencies (for plugins known to the central database)

Check out the support thread below to see what features are to be implemented in the future (the dependencies stuff is quite nifty if I may say so myself)

Guides, support, bugs and feedback:


Source code:


Server source code:


What's New in Version BETA   See changelog


  • Improved error messages in the plugins window when trying to use a disabled feature.

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