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3DS Max Office Furniture v1

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About This File

6 sets of office furniture. These were created in 3DS Max 2010, and are made available here for reuse within your own BAT models.

Included in the upload are:[list]
[*]Office_Furniture_07 3dsMax scene file. - Drop this into your 'Scenes' folder. Should work with 3ds Max 2010, not sure about any other versions.
[*]If that doesn't work, I've included a .3DS file. - Sorry no idea what you would do with this, but hopefully if you're downloading this you will know what to do with it!
[*]Also zipped in the upload are all the jpg. textures used on the models. - Unzip these to your material libraries folder. I'm not sure but I'm guessing you will need to do some mapping upon opening.
I haven't included any procedural textures used on the model. I have assumed they are somehow embedded within the file, but if I need to include these somehow, then please advise how and I will be happy to do so.

1) The furniture designs are all taken from the internet. Hopefully no infringement of copyright has taken place!
2) Textures have also been obtained from the internet, ditto the above..
3) This is the first time I've uploaded model files like this, I have no idea whether this is the right way to do this. Please do let me know if there is anything I've missed or did/didn't include so I can rectify.
4) I'm not a professional modeller, please be kind when critiquing my amateurish modeling techniques :P

Hope this works...Enjoy!

User Feedback

Thanks a lot man, I appreciate too. I'll see them in one of my further buildings ;)

Thanks to share this hight quality stuff :o :)

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The design is appreciated but there must be some more designs so that we also get to know more about the structures and there types to.But i guess these office desks are more than enough to be implemented.

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    • I haven't compared this to the real-life version, so I cannot comment on how faitffully you recreated it, but since I have no particular connection to that building anyway, this aspect doesn't matter to me personally. What matters more to me is that this looks like a great BAT of a tower that is both rather generic and can pop up two or three times in a big city's skyline without standing out too obviously (provided you have enough other skyscrapers, with some iconic buildings to draw most of the attention) and also pretty interesting once you zoom in and take a closer look. That base makes it more than just your average black/brown/beige/grey box with window strips. As such, it can also look great when placed in a mid-rise environment. Thank you very, very much for keeping the lot editable, too! This offers great opportunities for adaptation to different playing styles and preferences. A day with a Diego Del Llano upload is always a good day in STEX terms.
    • Boom! Another great HT here! Hope Mr Tsvirkunov will open a new factory soon in my cities! Thanks for sharing your stuff!
    • Nice idea. Should anyone have preferences or favourite buildings they recall, it would certainly help narrow down the total. Especially with the filter list on the Wayback, the accompanying preview images are there at least to give some visual indication for anyone searching. If there really are 10,000 buildings, I suppose it's not even worth uploading 10% of them given the likely inconsistencies with quality.
    • It may be worth setting up some kind of "I would like ..." topic .... people can go thru the old exchange and point out to Cori the ones that should be retrieved ... it should end up a more manageable list
    • That could be arranged. But since these are legacy files, I don't think it matters too much either way since credit would be given. If Cori would like to continue uploading these (as intended following Dirk's approval), it may be nice for her to receive the occasional Rep as a by-product reward for retrieving, packaging and uploading them here. With hundreds if not thousands of them, it'd require a mammoth effort after all. (Should the quality of content resemble anything to the old SC4 EA exchange, I'm guessing it's not worth restoring all of them.)