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I wanted a region that was realistic, but worked well in SC4 (I find regions based on real places aren't always that fun to play). I couldn't find anything that fit what I wanted, so I made my own. I made the base terrain in Photoshop, and did the rest in the the SC4 editor. The mountains are taken from real-world data and that's what makes them realistic (though I edited them a whole bunch too).

The screenshot was taken with Teirusu's fantastic [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/21316-terrain-mod-arctic-snowcapped-terrain/"]Arctic/Snowcapped Mod[/url], and Peg's excellent [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/11836-peg-water-mod-brigantine/"]Brigantine water mod[/url].

[i]Edit: apparently rendered cities are not allowed on Simtropolis, so only the .sc4m is available now. You must import it with SC4Mapper.[/i]

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  • removed rendered .rar

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    • Growth continues
      By Timmystwin

      http://imgur.com/a/XnJ4vImgur link, for those who are interested. It's identical.

      Construction begins


      The new Island, acquired by Blackwater and absorbed in to their council's area of influence, is prepared for construction.


      A wider road of approach is built, and the trees are cut down. There's an area of Oil on the island that's been left alone for now, as no-one can work out what to do with it. The old owners or occupants are given offers they cannot refuse to leave, so they all did.

      Green wave


      The residents of Blackwater Isle start turning their attention to the industry, which is squatting on their shoreline and making a large mess.


      The recycling centre is also expanded further.

      Industrial expansion


      Rilgar Island decides to zone for more industry, in anticipation of Blackwater shunning theirs, to try and take a chunk of those taxes.


      A highway connection is set up, albeit a temporary one.

      Construction begins


      Whilst some of the money to build the roads mysteriously disappeared, the sole construction company managing to get the contracts starts to build on the island.

      Power situation


      The power stations are starting to get old, and cannot cope with the new levels of power Rilgar and Blackwater require.


      So a larger, more efficient station is built on Rilgar, near the industrial zone already present. It's hoped the Industry might expand nearby.

      Blackwater Isle upgrades


      The main street becomes 6 lane, to accompany the traffic of the ever increasing density, and to provide for the new buildings.


      The old Industrial area is dismantled, and the clean up begins. It might take a while, this filth has been there for years.


      The industry wastes no time moving to Rilgar, where they don't have to pay so much protection money to certain businessmen.


      They even expand near the coal power station.



      High density starts to appear on the second isle, amid lots of union action and more corruption. Blackwater can't seem to shake its roots that easily.


      Freshly cleaned, residents and businesses start to move to the old industrial port.


      The oil still hasn't been worked on, and neither has the little tree park. Any construction companies trying to gain the rights start to have unfortunate accidents


      To accompany these accidents, a new hospital is built over the river from Blackwater, on Rilgar.


      Industrial expansion continues unabated on Rilgar however, and a train line is introduced to try and lower the traffic on the highway. The Power plant is also expanded to cope with the extra people.


      High density arrives in the old port area, as we see an insurance sca... accidental fire occur in the foreground.

      The Cleanup begins


      Starting to get a bit sick of this overflow of crime, Rilgar builds an actual police station on their border to Blackwater, and starts to invest in education.


      These attempts encourage more High density commercial to arrive on Blackwater.


      It also encourages some more expansion on the second isle.

      Sewage woes


      The crap lake starts to overflow, so the pipes need to be turned off. It's also started to seep in to nearby groundwater, so residents there aren't happy.


      The Kogor refinery is built, on a completely uninhabited island in the bay off of the second isle. Hopefully this is a more lasting solution than crap lake.



      The hills above the old beachfront start to see small houses appearing.


      With an actual police force nearby, construction starts to begin on the wooden patch and near the oil reserves, as the accidents have mysteriously become less prevalent.



      Crap lake is becoming cleaner, which symbolises Blackwaters attempts to re-invigorate its corrupt image and past. Will it succeed?