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Download 4-to-13 Plugin Converter Release 0.42 beta

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simcity 4 simcity 2013 plugin converter


4 – to – 13
SimCity 4 to SimCity 2013 Plugin Converter
Release 0.42 beta

On behalf of the newly formed Modd Squad ‘13 Team, I’m proud to present to you publically for the first time, our latest release, the SimCity 4 to SimCity 2013 Plugin Converter.



From this morning’s news post:
In a breakthrough development, a group of SimCity modders have developed a means of importing any model originally created for SimCity 4 directly into SimCity 2013, removing the previously thought requirement of access to the original 3D files. This process can be carried out by the end user on their own PC’s via the use of an automated tool, which has been released today at Simtropolis.com.



First a little background.

Our team was formed and our efforts commenced after RippleTurbine, a prominent member both here and at SC4inmotion.com, made an interesting discovery late last year. He found that FSH files along with the LOD data contained within a standard SC4Model file could be extrapolated in such a way that allowed for the generation of a low-detail yet fully 3-dimensional version of the model. However, as was expected, the FSH files only aligned to form a coherent image at a specific angle (the isometric viewing angle of SimCity 4) and that at all other possible angles, the model would appear to have become distorted in some way.

However, this was not the end of the road as many predicted it would be! It was soon discovered that with the help of a modified version of the BlueFish 3D scanning script (a script created some years ago by the BlueFish R&D group in an attempt to convert static PNG images to 3D geometry on the fly), a mostly accurate representation of the original model could be generated simply through scanning the low-detail model at the point where the FSH files align correctly. Two scanning passes, from the North and South views, were all that was required to completely rebuild the model, including materials, into a highly-detailed three dimensional format. From here, all that was required was to export the 3D data into OJB format (the model format used in Sim City 2013), bake in the textures and import into the game via the use of Ohpee’s geometry import hack.

After many months of continuing development, we are now at the point where we are confident that a public release is possible (we were working on this even before the game was out!). Please keep in mind though, this is still beta software! We have yet to iron out all the bugs, and some features (such as the ability to convert night lighting) are still under development.

Known issues:

- Imported models are only available on the PC on which they have been installed. Loading a city with custom models on a different PC (where they have not been installed) can lead to game instability.

- Models greater than 1024m in any direction will cause a bugged model to be generated and the import to fail. We are trying hard to find a way to remove this limitation.

- OJB export crashes when running Mozilla Firefox at the same time. We are looking into this, possibly a co-scripting bug…



- Simply run the standalone exe file, there is no need to install.

- Once at the main screen, select your SC4Model file, as well as your SimCity 2013 program files directory.

- Now press convert. A series of dialogue boxes will automatically appear and you will be able to see the conversion taking place. Once the ‘Importation Successful!’ dialogue box appears, close the program and open SimCity 2013.

- Your imported model will be available in game as a landmark.




As of yet, we have not implemented the night-light conversion option into the public release (this feature is currently only available in the private beta – see below for more information). This feature is still under development and will appear in future public releases. We are also working on a way to import SimCity 4 lot properties along with models, but this will also take a while to develop.

The tool has been tested and is confirmed working with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. A Mac OS X port is currently in development which we expect to be available within a few weeks.


***IMPORTANT*** To run this application, please make sure your system has the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed and enabled. Most windows users should have this package installed.

Legal issues:
Respect the rights of the original creators! You may import any SC4 plugin you wish to SimCity 2013 for your sole use at your own PC. You MAY NOT re-upload any form of converted model, however, as these models still remain the sole property of their original creators.



Please visit our official support and development thread for technical assistance, to file a bug report, or for information on applying to join the private development beta.

MS’13 development team:
Raz0r, Ohpee, MandelSoft, Ganaram Inukshuk, RippleTurbine, NX40, Polygon, z12, Tarkuz
CaptCity, Hamish, 111222333444, Cockatoo, SimFixIt, ROFLyoshi, Jasoncw.


Thanks for using our tools! We hope you have a wonderful day.


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots


Thanks alot this is the best thing ever made!!!!!!! Lots of hard work put into this!!!!! I wish I can pay you!!!

You ALMOST had me with the detailed readme, but the italicized "day" at the end made me laugh out loud.

FINALLY something to make me care about SC13. I am pre-nominating you for a Trixie in '13 for this!

Mar 31, 2013 - 09:30 PM

Made my day!

Glad to finally see this one up. Works great so far, can't wait for the modders to improve this!

i don't believe it. because it don't seem like it would work like that. 

Incredible...absolutely incredible -- and we thought this was never possible! :thumb:


Converting the UN Building now. Cant wait!

Someone pinch me. I wonder if this is an April Fools Joke, amazing photoshop, or ... maybe I am dreaming.


Joke or not... I am STUNNED. :thumb:  :party:

This work I tested it. It crashes sometimes but it works.

Could you possibly make this work for Cities XL also? Amazing work here though!

We will see what we can do, but our focus is aimed at SC2013 at the moment.

This shud turn the table around for modding SC2013, now we just need an offline patch and rediscover ways to modify the game further like we did with Simcity 4. 

This work I tested it. It crashes sometimes but it works.

If you are finding occasional crashes, please report these in the official support thread here.

< My Avatar :P


That is an amazing creation you have there! :DD

Wow, I'm blown away. Really wicked great thing here!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo
Mar 31, 2013 - 09:46 PM
Nice job! Though you could have made an offline mode for SimCity 2013. xD

Nice job! Though you could have made an offline mode for SimCity 2013. xD

We will see what's in the pipeline, but by memory that can only be done with EAs permission as it curcumvents the EULA.

This is the most amazing thing ever invented, can you do a 3000 to 4 next? :P


Oh...............My.............3...God............Ok this is amazing, to bad I dont play SC13

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