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About This File

this is my 4th Indonesia building party.png.pagespeed.ce.OM4irjQb_R.png
The Menara Imperium = The Empire Tower
The Menara Imperium is an edifice built within the Setia Budi which has its architecture well designed to sui our Tropical weather. Menara Imperium is located in Rasuna Said street, Jakarta. (Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kavling 1 )
As the first building and gateway to a large and potentially important new development, Empire Tower was envisioned by Architects Pacific as a structure that would evolve over time, eventually becoming a part of a larger community of buildings that were being designed concurrently.
Circular shape juxtaposed with a rectangular core structure exposed as the building reaches its apex.
The revolving restaurant at the penultimate floor is crowned with a large fan-shaped shading device that allows the restaurant to be glazed with clear glass providing truly magical views of the city as the sun sets and the city comes alive with light.
There is luxury restaurant in the talelst circular floor.


Thank you L Miguel for the awesome photos

- T3 Office
- Base: 48.5x119
- Ploppable only (Custom Content Building Set)
- Triangle Count:
L1: 8200
L2: 7400
L3: 2200
L4: 198

Office -> T3 Custom Content Building Set



DONT FORGET TO VISIT "OUR" PROJECT PAGE about more Indonesia buildings
Indonesia Modders Group Project Page
it works fine to me (cxl 2011) if you find any bugs please post here thank you smile.png.pagespeed.ce.HQ7Kt_46Uf.png

Thank you to Montoto,Preyfr,lmiguel,Nicko for helped me
download the Realistic Day/Night Cycle Mod for get the best reflection


Installation Pre-requisite: 


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