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this is my 4th Indonesia building party.png.pagespeed.ce.OM4irjQb_R.png
The Menara Imperium = The Empire Tower
The Menara Imperium is an edifice built within the Setia Budi which has its architecture well designed to sui our Tropical weather. Menara Imperium is located in Rasuna Said street, Jakarta. (Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kavling 1 )
As the first building and gateway to a large and potentially important new development, Empire Tower was envisioned by Architects Pacific as a structure that would evolve over time, eventually becoming a part of a larger community of buildings that were being designed concurrently.
Circular shape juxtaposed with a rectangular core structure exposed as the building reaches its apex.
The revolving restaurant at the penultimate floor is crowned with a large fan-shaped shading device that allows the restaurant to be glazed with clear glass providing truly magical views of the city as the sun sets and the city comes alive with light.
There is luxury restaurant in the talelst circular floor.


Thank you L Miguel for the awesome photos

- T3 Office
- Base: 48.5x119
- Ploppable only (Custom Content Building Set)
- Triangle Count:
L1: 8200
L2: 7400
L3: 2200
L4: 198

Office -> T3 Custom Content Building Set



DONT FORGET TO VISIT "OUR" PROJECT PAGE about more Indonesia buildings
Indonesia Modders Group Project Page
it works fine to me (cxl 2011) if you find any bugs please post here thank you smile.png.pagespeed.ce.HQ7Kt_46Uf.png

Thank you to Montoto,Preyfr,lmiguel,Nicko for helped me
download the Realistic Day/Night Cycle Mod for get the best reflection


Installation Pre-requisite: 


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jason leo

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    • By anik
      RAHEJA PLATINUM TOWER, Mumbai, India - UPGRADED! New Sidebuildings added, nightlights fixed, pictures upgraded. Two versions, both landmark, a 11x7 campus, and 5x4 standalone tower, are included.
      When I saw there were hardly any buildings from India in the STEX, I was inspired to make some of my own.
      This is my second-ever upload to the Exchange. I have made this tower armed with little knowledge about its architecture except for a few renderings from the K Raheja Developers. Therefore this may not be the most accurate rendering of the building. As soon as I have more information, I will update this tower. Tell me what you think!

      Changelog - 7/28/08 - Currently working to fix nightlight problem and to come up with a bigger update that includes the campus and IT building complex. 
      8/2/08 - Fixed Nightlight Problems, Updated pictures, total upgrade: added sidebuildings.
      8/3/08 - Plans announced for a commercial version of the tower as well.


      Raheja Platinum Tower 
      Location: Under Construction in Mumbai
      Date of Completion: Not known (yet)
      Developers: K Raheja Universal Corp.
      Architects: J P Parekh & Sons Architects
      Description: Mumbai's skyscraper boom has almost entirely consisted of residential highrise development. The reasons for these are many, but namely because residential skyscrapers, especially with integrated retail, hospitality, and anemities, produce far less strain on infrsastructure than their purely commercial counterparts, whose workers would all need to commute to the tower every day. Secondly, for the longest time, India's banking, service, R&D and IT companies preferred glassy, sprawling lowrise campuses -- more of a college campus look and feel -- than towers.

      With infrastructure redevelopment now likewise booming in Mumbai, coupled with a change in corporate culture, the future landmark skyscraper projects proposed in Mumbai are increasingly commercial in nature. Leading this change from the front is one of Mumbai's largest real estatedevelopers K Raheja Universal, who are actively promoting commercial skyscraper construction as a necessity for Mumbai, and the only way to halt sprawl.

      For the last couple years, their company has talked about a "landmark" purely commercial skyscraper that will break the mental/cultural dam holding back corporate skyscraper construction in Mumbai. They called this development "Raheja Platinum".

      source: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?t=144841 Being an Indian Myself, I'm pretty amazed with the quality these architects have acheived.
        Type: Landmark, 11x7 Lot, also included a standalone tower version, Landmark, 5x4 Cost to Plop: $60,000 Dependencies: Palm Pack1 by whitelighter Monthly Cost: $60 per month
      Enjoy this new building, everyone, keep a lookout for updates, and most of all, have fun!
      Mod Edit: Fixed broken dependency link.
    • By Simmer2
      A few cell towers in HD with nightlights for you to play with.
      No cost to plop, bulldoze or maintain.
      No power or water required.
      They will give a bit of park effect.
      1 dependency.
      SM2 Prop Pack Vol2.dat - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3434
    • By Simmer2
      Before voting, we recommend you download and try out this item of content:
      [Download Here] 
      HD Cell Towers.
      Sims can now enjoy clearer phone conversations......
    • By Hamish
      Five Hundred Boylston
      (Fully Mac Compatible)

      Today I bring you this creation, Five Hundred Boylston Street. Its a commercial building in downtown Boston, a post-modern building completed in 1989. It is one of the tallest buildings in Boston, and is now available for you in Sim City 4.
      This is the third building I have made. My main influence to create this BAT was the TV show, Boston legal. This building was used for their law firms offices, and was one of the buildings that I really wanted to BAT.

      In SC4 it is a high wealth commercial office and fits into a 6x5 Lot, costs $9876 to plop, and also comes in a growable version as well.

      Once again, fully Mac Compatible, meaning that all nightlighting will work on macs. As evidence, all images were taken on a mac.

      None, Download and enjoy!

      Hope you like it
    • By SIMplemente
      Hi there!
      I was wondering if someone of you could help me.
      I'm searching for office towers from a special period of time: the final 60's and early 70's (international style, modern style) like for instance:
      -Dominion plaza (Toronto)
      -Seagram building (NYC)
      -AON Center (Chicago)
      -Union Bank Plaza (Los Angeles)
      I already have these... but, any idea of where can I get some more in the Simtropolis universe, or the Simcity Devotion galaxy?
      Even better than this, a list of some of these towers or links to download them?
      Thanks in advance.
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