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SC4Launcher allows certain settings and stability issues to be set/solved before the game is launched.

The features are as follows:

- Borderless/Seamless Fullscreen Mode.
- Auto-Update Feature to negate the need to constantly check the STEX.
- Quick Launch (Launch instantly with the latest settings).
- Auto-Save Feature with Interval selection.
- Resolution Selection. (Auto-Detected).
- Color Depth Selection.
- Ability to change the number of Logical Cores used. (Auto-Detected).
- Loading & Saving of last used Configuration.
- Ability to set the CPU Priority.
- Render Mode Selection (DirectX, OpenGL or Software).
- Ability to turn audio On or Off.
- Intro Screen/Movie Disable/Enable; and
- The all important Force Draw On Scroll Fix.

- Mod Manager to enable & disable mods on the fly.

The 'Force Draw On Scroll Fix' fixes a compatibility issue that exists between SC4 and AMD cards, the fix utilizes the 'Graphics Rules.sgr' file in order to force SC4 to draw details when scrolling, regardless of AMD/ATI hardware.

Please note: The file within the Zip/RAR Archive is an installer, please run it and point it to the root of your Simcity installation and DO NOT simply add it to you plugins folder.

Bugs: Please report any bugs via PM or the Official thread (Link Below).

Official Thread: http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/54082-simcity-4-launcher-sc4launcher/

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What's New in Version 1.5.0b - R11   See changelog


  • ## V1.5.0 - R11 - External Revision - Updater
  • Added a Seamless/Borderless Fullscreen Window Mode.
  • Added a 'What's New' Section.
  • Tweaked Code for Compatibility and Efficiency.
  • ## V1.4.1b - R10 - External Revision - STEX
  • Added a Mod-Manager.
  • Added a decent about page.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Started work on a better Simcity4 discovery module (R11).
  • ## V1.4.0b - R9 - External Revision - STEX
  • Fixed the updater issue (I own a domain now, so should be fixed for good, no more relying on Dropbox).
  • Set-up Subversion system, expect more updates soon! ;)
  • ## V1.4.0b - R8 - External Revision - STEX
  • Fixed the issues with the Auto-updater (Caused by dropbox changing the way public links are formatted)
  • STEX Release of the R/W bug.
  • ## V1.4.0b - R7 - External Revision - STEX/Forum Release (18/03/13)
  • Implemented an Auto-Updater that will keep the Launcher up to date without having to re-download from the STEX.
  • Attempted further fixes for the #ER0/1/2 Bug.
  • Implemented a Quick-Launch Shortcut.
  • Dramatically altered the GUI, now tab sheet based.
  • Implemented 'Auto-Detection' when finding the 'Simcity 4.exe', it searches the parent directory and all sub-directories for the executable - this makes the Launcher a little more forgiving in relation to where it is installed (Still needs to be in the Simcity 4 install directory).
  • Added a donate button for those who wish too.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Launcher to fail remembering the last 'Autosave' option used.
  • Added A 'defaults' button.
  • ## V1.3.5b - R6 - Internal Revision - Unreleased (14-03-13)
  • Implemented an Exeption/Error handling system, SC4Launcher will now create an error log that can be pasted on the forum.
  • ## V1.2.0b - R5 - External Revision - STEX/Forum Release (10-04-13)
  • Implemented an Auto-Save feature with a custom interval.
  • Tweaked UI Slightly.
  • ## V1.0.1b - R4 - External Revision - STEX/Forum Release (08-04-13).
  • Implemented a possible bug-fix that was causing file IO errors within Windows XP SP2/3.
  • Tweaked the UI Slightly.
  • ## V1.0.0b - R3 - External Revision - Forum Release (04-03-13).
  • Added Configuration Save/Load - The options no longer need setting every time the program is launched.
  • Added Auto-Detection to Resolution - The max resolution is automatically detected.
  • Added Auto-Detection to CPU Cores - The Maximum number of Logical Cores is automatically detected.
  • Added OpenGL to the Render Mode Options.
  • ## V1.0.0a - R2 - Internal Revision - Unreleased (03-03-13).
  • Added Resolution Selection.
  • Added Color Depth Selection.
  • Added Logical Core Selection.
  • Added CPU Priority Selection.
  • Added Window Mode Selection.
  • Added Audio On/Off Selection.
  • Added Disable-Intro Option.
  • Added Render Mode Selection (DirectX/Software).
  • ## V1.0.0a - R1 - Internal Revision - Unreleased (03-03-13).
  • Created the initial compatibility fix for high-end AMD/ATI cards. Utilizing Graphics Rules.sgr to force the game to draw when scrolling with AMD-Powered cards, and thus eliminating the graphical glitches.

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