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Asphalt Highway Mod NAM Texture Fixes

This mod will fix the missing textures from Thorvin's Asphalt Highway Texture mod.
The missing textures are namely the NAM's Y interchange, the NAM's partial-Y, and the NAM's trumpet interchange.

Known Issues:
The trumpet interchange has a slight texture glitch at the merge between the on-ramps. This is only minor, and is only really noticeable at zoom 1.


Thorvin's original Asphalt Highway Mod
(Highly Recommended) Updated Asphalt Highway Textures by Haljackey
Network Addon Mod

Simply unzip the downloaded folder into My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins. Make sure it is in a folder, not in the base Plugins folder, eg My Documents/SimCity4/Plugins/ZZZ_Asphalt_Texture_Fix or else the textures will not load. Also, make sure there is at least 1 'z' before the folder name to ensure it loads after the NAM itself.


What's New in Version 1.0


  • 1.0 - Original Upload.

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    • By paeng
      These Mods - one for sidewalks and one for base textures - will replace a number of default textures with new custom textures designed mainly for rural villages, towns, suburbs and small cities. Basically it is meant to freshen up all those places using a lot of the default sandstone or an overdose of 'white' and 'pink' faux marble - mainly sidewalks, plazas, fillers and to some extent also the bases below buildings.

      The default sidewalk textures will be replaced with a new texture set for high, medium and low wealth/density.

      All base textures and overlays related to the Maxis default sidewalks (Pink, White and Grey) as well as the default Sandstone can be changed to the new Medium Wealth (key) texture with this mod. The Dirt Sidewalks along agricultural developments change to a new texture more related in color as well.
      The default (and recommended) scenario will install the 'Sidewalk_Mod' with all-wealth-dependent sidewalks (high, medium and low wealth/density) and the 'Base_Overlay_Mod' with all the new base and overlay textures.

      The unpacked Mod resides in the folder 'zzz_PaengTextureMod' to ensure that it loads last. Keep it in the root (1st level) of your Plugins, don't put it into any subfolder.

      Developer Notes
      Control Freak Options
      Both parts of this mod can be configured and customized in numerous ways. The included ReadMe has a highly detailed section for all who'd like to get into it. For all who'd like to 'Read Before Download' first, there is an Online Version Available.

      A 'Texture Pack' provides all the new textures and can be used for any individual lotting projects.

      If you want to expand on this mod and its textures, check the work of AtmoGuy, e.g. his highly compatible Mod to Replace Textures on RTMT Stops.

      The following animation (give some time to load) shows the 'evolution' from defaults to 'old' sandstone to new textures.

      If you have any problems, questions or suggestions come over to the Sandstone Texture Mod Support Thread and join the discussion.

      Textures & Modding - Paeng

      Special Thanks! to the NiteOwl Murimk for brainstorming, testing, moral support :-) and a big help on logistics... Same to everybody else who joined the fracas at some point in the SimPeg forums!
      Mod edit 7th May 2017 - Fixed formatting
    • By matias93
      This mod would have fundamentally impossible to do without the work of Rivit, MGB, Gobias and KOSC. 
      I'm basically blending their creations or mimicking them, and using their software to create usable plugins.
      King of SimCity recently published a repository of its SuperSHK and SuperSHK+ textures and taking the opportunity to expand the coverage of my sidewalk mod, I've downloaded it and created this custom textures, that REPLACE KOSC's ones. Why replace? Because it allows you to use them directly on any lot that already uses SuperSHK parkings, and because I'm lazy enough to not even try to get my own IID range.
      As a design choose, this textures doesn't include the coloured tiles on the paving (because keeping it produced some strange cropped and jagged motives), but only the base tiles, subtlely wealthified as in the sidewalk mod.
      This is the Sudden Valley version of the retexture, but it uses an open source texture that merely matches the colour and feel of Gobias' mod, so there is no actual redistributing of his work. In the near future and according to the users' demand, I'll release more versions for SD and HD grass textures; same thing if I manage to publish the basalt tiles' sidewalk.
      This mod REPLACES the original SuperSHK and SuperSHK+ (FAR) textures, so get sure it will load AFTER THE ORIGINAL KOSC FILES; alternatively, you can overwrite them to use less disk space, but that's not necessary. As they are a replacement pack, the textures will be automatically changed on all lots that use the original
      The files are updated on 7z format, because it does wonders with repetitive bitmap files. You'll be downloading the full pack on just 3.4 Mb, while the full repository is 180 Mb. To open this files, you'll need Seven Zip, which is a free, open source, cross-platform, lightweight and programmable file compressor (unexplainably not the standard for everything); download it here. If, for any reasons, you cannot open the file or can't download sevenzip, send me a PM or left a comment here and I'll upload a more compatible zip version in no time  
      DEPENDENCIES: <-- copied from the original SuperSHK readme
      "None. This set will serve as a future dependency for my [KOSC] lots. While it is technically a standalone texture pack, SHK Parking Pack is very, very highly recommended to take full advantage."
      As is obvious, this mod will work but look awkward without using both Gobias' Sudden Valley terrain mod and my Veredas Santiaguinas sidewalk mod. You can also achieve a more seamlessly look complementing with MGB's TGN for Sudden Valley. Even more obvious, as this is a replacement pack for a dependency, you'll see nothing of it working unless having lots that use the textures: look for lots that require the SuperSHK textures or use KOSC Superparking modular lots to create your own parking lots ingame.
      This mod has a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 International license, what means you can use all its content directly or creating something derivately, while you give explicit attribution to all previous authors, and while you don't charge for accessing or using this content or a derivate you create of it.
      To create the textures, I used a grass texture on the public domain and Paint.net to mimic the colour of Gobias' Sudden Valley; and obviously, KOSC's SuperSHK repository. This last one is subject to its own license (check the linked post above) and previous authors, particularly Shokthrpy.
      SUPPORT and HELP:
      I made a development and support thread on Simtropolis, you can visit it on the following link:
    • By Samerton
      Samerton's Retextures - Development and Support Thread
      My mods:
      Concrete Maxis Highway Override Retexture version 2.0
      Highway ReStyling Mod (HRS) version 0.4
      Maxis Highway Retextures
    • By Samerton
      Maxis Highway Override - Concrete Retexture
      by @Bipin, @rsc204 and @Samerton
      - This mod will replace the textures for the Maxis Highway Override network included in the Network Addon Mod to a concrete texture.
      - To install this mod, paste the folder entitled "z____Concrete_MHO" directly into your plugins folder.
      - If you are installing the mod into a custom folder within your plugins, ensure it loads after the Maxis Highway Override itself.
      - Four optional files are included, please remove any that aren't needed:
        - z_BTM_Patch.dat
          For users of the Shinkansen (BTM) mod included in the NAM
        - z_Moonlinght_Alternate_ELR_Patch.dat
          For users of the Alternate El-Rail mod included in the NAM
        - z_RRW_Patch.dat
          For users of RealRailWay from the NAM
        - z_JapNAMFL_Overpasses_Patch.dat
          For users of the Japanese NAM Facelift Mods Overpasses. Ensure this loads after the Japanese NAM Facelift mod itself.
        Including these files without having the corresponding mods installed may cause issues.
      - To uninstall this mod, simply remove the folder containing the mod (by default "z___Concrete_MHO") from your plugins folder.
      - Network Addon Mod with Maxis Highway Override installed
      Special Thanks
      - Thanks to @MandelSoft for providing the model files for the Maxis Highway Override tunnel entrances
      - A huge thanks goes to @rsc204 for the new version 2.0 models and fixes - check out other projects by rsc204 here
      - If you're experiencing an issue with the mod, you can find the support thead here: 
      Textures created by @Bipin and Samerton - check out other projects by Bipin here
      Modded by @Samerton
    • By MeMyself&I
      Hi all.  I downloaded NAM 35 yesterday and have been using it extensively since and I am very pleased with the upgrades, fixes, and new content.  Hats off to the NAM team for all their hard work!
      I have one issue though regarding the MHW/Project Symphony; I found that the 2 level roundabout for the MHW does not connect on the right side to the L2.  It connects fine on the left side and at the L0 network but it will not plop onto the intersection like the 3 level or the T-Junction nor can I drag the highway either to nor away from the roundabout.  No matter what I do it simply will not connect on that side.
       After playing with it for quite a while I found that if I strip back the L2 and plop the roundabout on top of the L0 and then delete it by single clicking with the bulldozer on the very bottom edge (not by highlighting the entire roundabout) it will leave behind a small segment of L2 on the right side which I can then connect my highway to and THEN I can drop the roundabout in place and it works fine.  I was wondering if this is somehow the bridge connector piece for MHW to RHW 4 but, even when I tried to use that piece from the menu it still didn't work.  This is the only way I could make it connect.


      This was done on perfectly level terrain in a fresh new test city.  Did I completely miss something here?
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