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I want to introduce my first creation for the fans of SimCity 4.

DAMN Manager

DAMN Manager is an alternative to the commonly used (I hope :golly: ) program SSPTool and DAMN Plugin by Stefan Wertich.

It is a tool for creating files for Dealeys "Daeleys Advanced Menu Navigator" plugin aka DAMN.

The program to use is very similar to its original, has some new features: adding the original lots of Sim City, menu items can be created automatically using custom templates and a few minor additions.

I have written this program because i had have some problems with the original SSPTool.

To not bore you any longer, I invite you to download the program, all (or almost all) the information can be found in the help files included with the program.

Any comments are welcome, especially those critical;)

If you have any problems with specific plugins, give me it's name and a link where to download the plugin.
The program includes the language files in English and Polish (polski).

ps. Please forgive me if the English contains errors. If (dare I say when) some will see (help file or user interface), please let me know.

pss. Manager has been tested on Windows XP, VISTA (64bit), 7 (64bit) and 8 (64bit - clean install).

What's New in Version 1.3.1   See Changelog


  • 1.3.1:
  • fixed: CTD when plopping items

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    • By matias93
      After a lengthy effort on creating DAMN menus on basically all of my ploppable lots, I tried to run the game and found several problems:
      some damn'ed lots cause a CTD when plopping them, regardless of doing it from the DAMN menu or the lotplop or buildingplop cheats. The same lots, if they were already plopped on the saved city, aren't functional at all, instead appearing completely empty and lacking all stats. It is possible to demolish them, though. As a derivate, functional lots affected by this stop working, so --for example-- my city ended completely littered when trying to use cheetah mode a couple of minutes. I used the DAMN manager (because for some reason I wasn't able to make the SSP tool to work, maybe some security block on java?), and some weird things happened with it too:
      some lots lacked a correctly formatted preview image and caused a CTD on the manager some others had corrupted images that hung the manager several times, when saving, directories moved one level up, getting their folder names mixed with the upper level. in an ocassion, for no apparent reason, an entire directory simply vanished while working on another one. Is this some kind of already known behaviour or bug? Is there a known cause and fix? I really don't want to fall back on scrolling eternal menus, but at least they work consistently...
    • By aciaKa
      Hello, how do I make my custom lot created by myself group together or side by side, once I've done making my own lot, it separates far away and I have to scroll up and down...
    • By robdragon
      Hey all,
      got a question. I downloaded a lot yesterday. It's a police station. But this station shows up under the police menu and landmarks menu. When I view the exemplar in the reader the occupantgroups doesn't show anything but police no landmark.
      So is there a way to fix it just to show under police menu?
    • By robdragon
      Hey all
      OK I just created my first lot. I followed SimGoobers tutorial on functional landmarks. But when I go into the game it doesn't show up in the menu anywhere. I know it's something with the modding because when I created the landmark and tested it, it showed up in the menu. So some how I messed up. I've gone over it three times but to no avail no luck. I assume it's a setting in the exemplar but not sure which one.
    • By robdragon
      Hey all,
      Hope I have this question in the right place if not let me know.
      I'm trying to locate in put into Damn some of the SC4 lots like the ones in the rail menu and the Nam stuff. Also Damn was working fine until today it keeps greying out. I hit the menu button in the news ticker but that just gets Damn to work for about 3-4 seconds then greys out again. Tried restarting game no help there. Also trying to insert the SPAM stuff in Damn also and can't find it. If I go into File Explorer it's there but in Damn it's not.
      So if anyone can steer me in the right direction would be appreciated.
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    • For my relots to work properly, you will need to download these dependencies if you haven't already. Most of us use these particular dependencies a lot. All you need to do is search for each in a Google Search and it should either be the first or second result. Please know that some of these downloads are from the LEX site, which will require you to make an account in order to download things from there.
    • Great work and great to see you batting again! I love MKE stuff and remember going to this bar fairly often when I lived there.
    • I want to have these on my game, but I'm really confused about how to do this download, do I have to have all those dependencies? If so, where do I find all of them? Do I just click the pink 'Download File' button, or do I have to find and download those dependencies from somewhere? I'm not good with computers, sorry. Any help on this from anyone will be appreciated. 
    • Great. You stay closely on the IRM but add something new, no repetition. I'll use them for shure. We really should bring some of the newer props into the game, they deserve it.  For RRW (Real Rail Way) users I'd like to mention that eggman121 did the hard work of updating the NCD texture pack and some of the BSC textures to RRW versions. It is downloadable here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3350 they are a replacement for Railyard and Spur Textures, Mega Pack but only an override for some of the BSC textures (= needed by the original IRM). So keep in mind the eggman121 textures must be loaded after the BSC Mega Textures.
    • @DavidDHetzel: Indeed. They've been sitting on my computer for a while now, but I think it's high time to take them for a spin again.