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Realistic Night Lighting Mod 1.0

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Tired of dull nightlighting, and tiny dots for streetlights?
This mod enhances the night lighting for the game, by giving the lighting in-game a complete overhaul!

- Brighter lights on buildings at nights
- Streetlights are larger and brighter, they are also a more realistic, orange color as well.

See your cities in a whole new way! :)

* Please note that this mod was made from a series of experiments, and is still in the expiremental stage. This is the first version, and first mod that changes the streetlights, so it does have the following bugs:

- Some tiling can be seen in the street lighting (common in diagonals).
- The street lights could still be even larger and cover more (especially on large roads, but I can't at the moment due to tiling issue, but it will be done in the next version)
Other than that, they are much better than the old, default lights.

To install:
1. Download File
2. copy the .patch file into the paks folder
3. start up the game, switch to any of the night modes and see your cities like you never seen them before!
4. Enjoy!! :)

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    • By korver
      Please view the full size resolution link here before casting your vote! The gallery doesn't tend to do mosaics/panoramas a lot of justice.
      The harbour city in all its glory. You may have seen my Sydney recreation before in my CJ True Earth here, but you've never seen it before like this. I felt like a panorama was the best way to truly capture this amazing city for this final challenge. This panorama showcases the entire center of the city from Hyde Park on the far left to North Sydney on the right, just past the iconic Harbour Bridge. To top things off, I decided to showcase the city in a sunset setting - while Sydney is amazing at all times of the day, I felt like there was just something truly magical about seeing Sydney in the sunset.
      Additional notes:
      This scene features countless buildings imported into the game - real, ingame assets, just like any other BAT you would download and use in the game yourself. The bridge and highway system can are completely modular, a picture illustrating this can be seen here. This scene as a whole also required extensive custom content creation. A majority of the buildings had to be custom lotted in addition to making 40-50 custom made Sydney road textures, complete with authentic bus and bike lanes.
    • By Infrastructurist
      Since i have two steam accounts i decided to start working on a realistic European city with stark contrasts to Kendrick (my US inspired series). I will of course cover many of the differences between US and EU cities as far as urban planning, infrastructure etc etc. But also follow a different narrative this time around; one of success, wealth, constant demand & development.
      In our first episode we start out small, building a central train station, the surrounding neighbourhood, and some basic initial infrastructure by rail and highway to get the city going. 

      Hope you enjoy!
    • By doon
      Collaboration between comayors Imperar and Trar.
      Applies some of the tunnel- and pipe-related oddities exhibited in Tunnel Test 2.sc3.
    • By doon
      Modified version of Parasanti, accommodating more sims at the expense of some educational facilities and fire stations.
    • By doon
      An early megacity due to Imperar. The original blurb:
      "Greetings, everyone. Allow me to introduce to you all, the city of Hedrapolidon, the third "megacity" in line that I have built, and the first to be uploaded to this site. What I call a 'megacity' in SC3K, is a term that I refer to as any city that has surpassed a population of 4 million sims, without the use of cheats. Built in October 2006, it took no more than 2 weeks to create.
      With such a large population, the city (with the exception of fire departments) boasts a vast educational system, contains plenty of hospitals, parks, and opportunities, whilst maintaining low pollution, crime, and unemployment. It even has room for a large, green, open space in the geometric center of the city. This is where 4 million sims can proudly gather together during its festivity seasons and celebrations . There also lays my mansion where I, and other sims can view the encircling skyscrapers from a good observable distance.
      Being an experimental city, Hedrapolidon has been specifically designed to test out a new zone grid layout alongside a new construction method that I had developed in my SC3K notebook (yes, I truly am a fanatic). However, even though the city as a whole, appears to be of great achievement, the grid design was a disappointment, as it had failed in maximizing all its zones to its desired density, to which it was designed. Nevertheless, the city itself proved to become a worthwhile learning experience where I had discovered several key aspects that need to be considered when constructing an ideal megacity.
      Here are a few lessons I learned from building this city:
       4x4 buildings do not always develop successfully in roadless cities no matter how much you try, so it is better to design a grid that avoids them  6x6 spaced-subway stops, is therefore, a more reliable distance for optimum zone growth  Pollution can be reduced in dense residential and commercial zones with high land values, by avoiding 1x1 filler tiles  Water pipes can be effective laid diagonally  Never underestimate the importance of micromanagement, and the "make historical" option  Low-value dense buildings occupy more sims than high-value ones  Build in the center for equalised development of the map, not the corners  Slice the map into equal sectors to make them appear faster and easier to complete  Designing "grid modules" (clumps of grids) accelerate development  Planning a preliminary zone layout test city first, would really help  Never neglect the artistic side of designing a megacity! Hope this serves as another example to those planning to build their own megacities as well.
      Thanks for your time,
      ~ Imperar/Omnika"
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    • Wow! All these 'new' lots are fantastic! Thanks for your hard work for pumping these out. Now I have to decide if I'n going to have to use this building now for my one plaza. Thanks for the predicament!
    • @T Wrecks ... Well, my lengthy tenure as a truck driver in ETS2 tells me that such corners sure are difficult, but they're possible. And you may be right about the sign - it came from the 70s Style Safeway but I included it again here as it still fits the theme.  @Jack_wilds ... Were looking at about 9m, or a half tile in SC4 - that looks like just enough room to me. 
    • Great work! Thank youuuu!
    • While a lot of areas where I see wind turbines (and there are getting to be more all the time!) don't have much in the way of slopes, there are indeed some hilly regions and canyons around here.  In any case, wind turbines do get built in hilly regions elsewhere.  Anything slope friendly gets my vote, and the removal of the grass is brilliant!  Nice job, Leshan!
    • Wow, thank you for updating what I consider to be one of bobbo62's finest BATs! This is one that has been in my plugins for a long time, and needless to say, your new lot really rocks! (props to the truck drivers for getting around that corner to the back, btw! ) Strangely enough, I don't even remember if the old lot that I'm using comes with the signpost, but it's a very nice detail as well. Time for an upgrade!