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This time re-Factory Lots presents a set of six industrial warehouses of different sizes and manufacturing job capacities. All lots are transit-enabled but carry no transit switch information (except for the freight stop):

A large warehouse with multiple, sunken loading bays and rail access
acting as a Freight Station (10x8, SD)
A large, flat-roofed warehouse with auxiliary storage (8x4, HD)
Two medium-sized flat roof warehouses (5x4, 5x3, both HD)
A small, old wooden waterfront warehouse (for plopable water, 4x2, SD)
A large, four storey waterfront warehouse (for plopable water, 6x4, SD)

The dependencies (prop packs & texture files) only need to be downloaded once and are identical for all warehouses. SHK's cars are included as prop families, thus change with every plop. In addition the parked cars are various timed RFY props.

[b]NOTE[/b]: [i]For those who would rather download the warehouses individually, each warehouse is available as a separate download on the [url="http://workingman-productions.co.uk/downloads/rfy_warehouse_01.asp"]WMP Exchange[/url]. The dependencies only needed to be downloaded once.[/i]

[b]Lot Details and Information:[/b]
Lot sizes - 01: 10 x 8 tiles; 02: 5x3 tiles; 03: 8x4 tiles; 04: 5x4 tiles; 05: 5x3 tiles; 06:
Menu position - All warehouses are located in the Rail Transit Menu
Plop cost - varies;
Monthly cost - varies between 10 to 25
Power consumption - varies;
Water consumption - varies;
Pollution - varied Garbage polution depending on warehouse lot size;

To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned below are installed in the plugins folder:[list]
[*][url="http://workingman-productions.co.uk/dlTracker.asp?GET=downloads/exchange/wmp_texture08.zip"]wmp_texture08.dat[/url] [color=#800000][b]OR[/b][/color] [url="http://workingman-productions.co.uk/dlTracker.asp?GET=downloads/exchange/wmp_mega_texture.zip"]wmp_mega_texture.dat[/url]
[*][url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2349"]BSC Mega Props - JES Vol09.dat[/url]
[b]Credit where credit is due:[/b]
[i]Shokthrpy [/i]made the excellent parking lot dependencies, textures, and cars;
[i]Paeng [/i]is responsible for what he calls "grunge concrete" textures;
[i]Jestarr [/i]made most of the lampposts;
and [i]DocRorlach [/i]provided most of the textures, fences & freight props;
The warehouse models and some of the props (a few) are our own.

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      Dependencies - Textures:

      FZ Rail Textures = RRW_lottex_FZ.dat
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      Finally, I'd like to thank uroncha for giving me the initial idea for these lots with his 'Adjustable Stairway' lot that can be found on the STEX.