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This is a collection of 5 different rock mods in HD resolution (1024x1024) to be used with any HD terrain mod (e.g. Pyrenean & Appalachian Terrain Mods). They can be used with standard definition terrain mods as well, but any tiling will be more visible.

[b]*Note - In order to utilize hd textures you must be rendering in hardware mode, otherwise you may experience a crash to desktop.[/b]


Unzip to your plugins folder and choose only one of the 5 files, store the others in a safe place. To avoid conflicts ensure you have no other rock mods installed.




All textures by shokthrpy.


If you encounter any problems please visit my BAT thread at [url="http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?topic=9391.0"]http://www.simpeg.co...hp?topic=9391.0[/url]

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