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Download Underground big parking 1

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Well, here is the first lot I made, nothing special, just an underground parking using as base Shmails 1x3 Parking set. Is a big underground 5x5 parking, the entrance and a park over the parking, having both effects: possitive for the parks and negative generated by the traffic. I decided to create it (using my really poor skills) because the parkings I founded were too small for the huge cities I made with the CAM.

Capacity: 25000
Plop cost: 3000
Buldoze cost: 1000
Monthly cost: 30

Dependencies (a few!):So, what do you think?



As long has you have permission to include the original parking garage, I think it is a good first lot!
It is a good idea and the lot looks nice, but you really have a large amount of dependencies for such a small park. OK, they all are very common, and I do indeed have them all in my plugins, so it's not really a problem, but consider for your next uploads to keep the list as short as possible.
And the question about the inclusion of someone other's work is important. Isn't the Shmail lot just another dependency? That would be more appropriate I think.
Great lotting! Although as others have said, it's important that you remove the Shmail model file from your download if you didn't get his permission to use it.

It'd be great if you could add links to that dependency list too. I guarantee you'll get a more positive response/ better rating if you do one that simple thing. People hate having to go hunting…
@FrankU : yeah, I have a huge amount of props in my computer and when I finished the lot I remember "oh!, the dependencies" and when I saw them I thinked the same... but after all the work done...

@Cockatoo : dependencies links done, now the only that should be done is register in LEX to download them if you are not registers yet.

@jack3oh3 - @Cockatoo : gshmails Last Active Oct 22, 2011 - 07:09 AM It will be quite hard to get the permission, but you are right... I'm gonna re-upload the file without the model. Sorry for the inconvenieces...
Nicely Done :)
Great work!! I had all the dependencies already and I'm not sure how you could have made it look so nice with only a couple dependencies. Keep it up!
All I get is that giant brown box.
What do I need to do?
You must download the dependencies, the lot uses some models provided by other users, so if you wanna see it ok you should download and install the files indicated in the post.
too much dependenciess..... T.T
but the parking look gud in my city..hohoh
Too Many Dependencies!
Scusate, ma come faccio a scaricare i file dal sito BSC?? non riesco a trovare la voce download :((((
Hey there! I don't normally download parking garages, just don't have much need for them but you asked what people thought so decided to share my thoughts. This is the first lot I've seen today that has given me the incentive to download yet another large dependency pack (everything else I already had). I think it's lovely and even if I don't need a parking garage I will use it, if nothing else, as something nice to look at in my cities. Thank you!

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