Euro Truck Prop Modd 1.0

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About This File

***Special thanks to SimCityFreak666 for making the extra props included in this upload and putting up with all my requests to complete this set. Thank you!***

This changes allmost all American style BSC and PEG trucks to European style trucks. This minimizes relotting.
This is a joint effort. Original and extra props included in this plugin made by SimCityFreak666. Modding done by me.

This file changes truck props of the following proppacks:
* BSC Mega Props Jes Vol01 to 09
* PEG CDK3 PropsPack Vehicles Vol01
* BSC Mega Props SG Vol01
* BSC Mega Props Gascooker Vol01
And these propfamilies:
* FrankU's Truck Prop Families
* Paeng Modular Truckstop Pack v100
These are no actual dependencies but you need lots with these props to see results of this mod.

1; SimCityFreak666 Euro truck prop pack vol1 1: [url=""]http://community.sim...rop-pack-vol-1/[/url]
2; (optional) Simfanatik Car Carrier Truck Set: [url=""]http://www.simtropol...rier-truck-set/[/url]
or if you don't want this, remove the file called 'Was_Simfanatik_Euro_Car_Carrier_For_JES01_Carhauler_props.dat' from this plugin

Put the files in your plugins folder. Make sure it loads after the original proppacks listed above (hence the "Z" in folder name)

If you haven't lotted any of the props in this pack you can uninstall at any time by deleting this folder.


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