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A map containing characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic





Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash


Princess Twilight Sparkle


Sweetie Belle


Derpy Hooves

Albert the Muffin



The characters will appear a little rough looking upon creation of the region. If you grab the 'smooth' terraforming tool and click a few light times around the shorelines, it will make the shapes look MUCH better prior to founding your cities proper. Also, a few taps with the 'raise terrain' tool will bring Applebloom's tail base out of the water.




What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • Added Derpy Hooves and Albert the Muffin
  • Added hills in the shape of cutie marks
  • Adjusted sizes so that adult ponies were similar sizes, and the CMC were properly smaller.
  • Re-arranged config map to account for new landmass layout.
  • Updated Twilight Sparkle with Alicorn Wings.

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    • Equus Terra
      By bien1500

      Hello Simtropolis! This is the first file I've ever uploaded to LEX, and the first region I've ever created. This is a small region (8x8 small-sized city tiles) based on the land of Equestria from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic done after a long pony marathon and a. I'm using this map and its successors as a creative outlet and a method of improving my region-making skills.


      Once I've got the hang of Terraformer, I'll be putting up an improved 16x16 small-city tile version, hopefully with a less-borked Ponyville-Appleoosa and Unicorn Range area, as well as a more defined Horseshoe Bay and a better-looking Canterlot mountain.


      I use Cycledogg's Columbus Terrain and the Lower snowline patch, the Columbus no.7 tree controller, and one of Pegasus's water mods (I forget which, and I can't check my plugins since I've datpacked everything) to make the region appear as it is in the screenshot. I also spawned hordes of horse herds while planting trees for fun.


      Comments and suggestions are welcome, and please speak your mind if you have anything to say, even if it is a rant.


      Once again, enjoy!


      EDIT: Don't use the grayscale heightmap file. It has recently come to my attention that the image which I have exported from Terraformer is broken, in that SC4's importer considers all of it to be below water. I'd fix it, but I don't know how. For now, please use the SC4M and Terraformer to import the region.



      My sincerest apologies.

    • My Little Pony: Socialism is Magic (Independent Republic of Cosarara visited by Equestrian adventurers)
      By hiddentemple

      From January 27, 2012 to February 1, 2012, Their Excellencies Princesses Celestia and Luna, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie had the pleasure of visiting the workers' paradise known only as the Independent Republic of Cosarara. From their experiences alone, it becomes clear that hard work and a steadfast belief in the People's Victory formed this nation into what it is today. This entry compiles their experiences, their favorite thing about this great country, as well as their own personal ideas that, they think, would make Cosarara a better place (for them of course...). I hope you enjoy this group of best friends as they experience the one and only Independent Republic of Cosarara...

      ~ the workers' paradise. ~

      ***Please disregard the zots, U-Drive it mission icons, and all the other odds and ends in the pictures.


      ***For anybody who asks, the pictures with the ponies are made in Microsoft Paint - a sub-par program, though - but I don't know how to use GIMP and Photoshop is expensive... but it still gets the job done.

      We begin at the Hotel de Risa (the yellow building), the hotel where our special guests will be staying.


      Once there, everypony (and person) indulged in an extravagant feast to celebrate their arrival. They all thought that it was simply delicious. They had the pleasure of meeting the Great Leader and other Socialist Party officials, as well.

      During this feast, they were all asked, "How do you like our Motherland so far?" with replies of astonishment and wonder.

      Princess Celestia spoke the most, at least when it came to compliments.

      "The food is amazing, your people have the best hospitality I've seen in a long time, and I think we can all agree that we'll have a most marvelous time here."


      The next morning, they all explored Cosarara on their own.

      Fluttershy decides to go to the Jackson City Zoo to make some new animal friends.


      Rainbow Dash flies through the Central Business District, through the Financial District (shattering a few windows in the process), and around Escape Point, where a close encounter with a wind turbine almost slicing her wing off causes her to want to yell at the Great Leader to tear them down. (Watch out for the wind turbines, comrade. ;) )


      Rarity, one of the more gorgeous ponies, watches some workers walk down the street, taking note of their fashion styles. Rarity wants to open a branch of the Carousel Boutique in Cosarara, wanting her comrades to know true style. (haute couture, possibly, comrade?)


      Pinkie Pie simply peruses around the towns, looking for candy and other sweets to stuff her muzzle in. This is her in Mango Beach, where she happened to be talking to a chocolate street vendor.

      "I want a chocolate!"

      "Well, comrade, if you want chocolate, you have to buy it... but you do not seem to understand."

      "I'll take some of these Busscastle chocolates... boy these HAVE to be good!

      It was then that Pinkie Pie took off, with aforementioned chocolates in her saddlebag. (You must have stolen them, Pinkie! It's not okay to steal from another comrade...)

      "Come back here!!!"


      Applejack, in the Great Leader's eyes as a hard-working, honest and sweet maiden (a southern belle, is she not? :blush: ), a perfect match for the party's ideals when it comes to working, is simply astounded at the utter lack of farms in Cosarara.

      "Somepony please let Mr. Great Leader know 'dat he's lookin' at some apple-pickin' good land 'ere..."

      ***I don't know how exactly you're supposed to write Applejack-style dialogue, since she talks in a southern (southern-mountain?) drawl.***


      Later in the afternoon, Princess Celestia, Twilight, and Fluttershy meet at the plaza next to the Goff Community College campus, and they're discussing something... let us listen in.

      "I read in a book about old Equestrian myths, and it says that Midnight Castle was located on a mountain facing the sea, which I believe Escape Point fits that description."

      "How can you prove this, my faithful student?"

      "Take him to the top of Escape Point - maybe there's ruins!"

      "Well, in that case, Fluttershy, locate the Great Leader and fly him to the top of that mountain. He shouldn't be that hard at all to find, since he told me that he would be in Arlington inspecting factories or something."

      "Yes, your Highness."

      And off she went.


      Just as the sun princess expected, the Great Leader was in Arlington's industrial district touring an airplane parts factory.

      As soon as the pair reached the summit, the pale yellow pegasus circled around a few times, asking

      "Do you see anything, Mr. Leader?"

      And so he looked... but the bulk of what he could see was simply rocks, shards of iron, small pieces of shattered glass, and what have you.

      She reported her findings to the white alicorn.



      "Me and the Great Leader circled the top of Escape Point a few times, and he couldn't see much. Maybe his vision's not what it used to be..."

      "I see..."

      She paused for a moment.

      "What did he see, then?"

      "He saw little more than rocks, iron, and glass. That's about it."


      After that, Celestia flew off to confirm Fluttershy's story.


      Immediately, she recognized the remains of Midnight Castle, everything from the main hall to the guard towers to the old military barracks and the blockhouse where weapons would be stored.

      "I wish the Great Leader would see this..."

      FOR MLP:FiM FANFICTION LOVERS: I've written a romantic-type story in which Princess Celestia confesses her love for the Great Leader after she develops a strong love interest for him. I'm putting the finishing touches on it as well as starting a fanfic revolving around Celestia and the Great Leader's first date. Uploading to Fimfiction soon...

      Remember to rate, favorite, comment and +1 if you liked it! :thumb:

    • An Update Regarding the Equestrian Visit...
      By hiddentemple

      So this is more of an update then a bonafide CJ entry...

      The notification to the Party via Celestia's regents:

      To: Members of the Cosararan Socialist Party

      The Royal Pony Sisters and several other delegates from our realm are making preparations for a visit to your nation, the Independent Republic of Cosarara. Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's protege, has already told wonderful stories of your authoritarian past, the 1983 revolution, the 1993-1995 insurrection and the failed re-start that same July, and your progress since. In lieu of this, Their Excellencies Celestia and Luna arranged it with your party so that our group could visit your motherland.

      It is in your best interests that you be reminded of their ideas for your country. Some of them are actually quite good.

      But nonetheless, your country needs to be prepared for their arrival.


      Royal Government of Equestria

      The letter to the regents from the Party:

      Your visit has been scheduled from January 27, 2012 to February 1, 2012.

      All of the paperwork and legal forms that were required in order to gain access to our country have successfully been approved. All that is required at this point are all the consent and police-clearance forms with the Socialist Party and the National Police for each member of your traveling party to sign and fax back before you arrive. All the forms will be faxed over as soon as possible.

      If you have any questions or concerns regarding your visit, you may call the Equestrian Embassy in Cosarara at (+8)130-5167 or write to:

      Equestrian Embassy of Cosarara

      Sathorn-Thani Building, #35-2

      Jackson City, Venésie District, Cosarara

      Best Regards,

      the Cosararan Socialist Party

      ~Proudly Serving the Cosararan People, the People's Revolution, and our brilliant leader Comrade John Antolini~

      So, the date is set and our "special guests" are getting their hooves ready!

      This update was meant for those who are wondering about the upcoming visit to Cosarara by the Equestrians.

      P.S. The group considered taking a plane, but they decided not to... 'cause who needs a plane when they have wings and horns to use? :lol:I crack myself up sometimes...

      Here's a picture of the Plateau district in Jackson City (as it stands today) to hold you off until I can upload the Equestrian visit entry...


      P.S. I'm actually having that section next to the casino improved as well as plant trees around the highway, but the game is CTDing... :angry:

      UPDATE 1/25/2012: Celestia just sent me a letter telling us when everypony'll be in Cosarara! Also, last of all their forms are signed and faxed, so they're all set!

      Great Leader Comrade John Antolini

      c/o Cosararan Socialist Party

      Great Leader:

      Everything has been approved by your party, and everypony is so excited to see what a beautiful country we'll be travelling to. For your information, everypony should be arriving at our hotel (Hotel de Risa, 85 Park Ave.) by about 4:00pm your time to greet you as well as party officials and indulge in your welcome dinner. I hope you don't mind, but may I sit next to you at this feast? I've been dying to meet you!

      My student and personal protégé, Twilight, has told me about a few landmarks and points-of-interest from ante-Equestrian times that happen to be located in your borders. I especially want to show you the site of Midnight Castle, located where Escape Point is now. Before I forget, I want to introduce between us two countries a fund to be used for restoring ante-Equestrian landmarks and points-of-interest like Midnight Castle. I'll discuss all this and more during our visit.

      I hope to see you all soon!

      Yours Truly,

      Princess Celestia

      I'll be improving the area around the Hotel de Risa tomorrow as it looks a little shabby, so stay tuned...