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About This File

A map containing characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic





Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash


Princess Twilight Sparkle


Sweetie Belle


Derpy Hooves

Albert the Muffin



The characters will appear a little rough looking upon creation of the region. If you grab the 'smooth' terraforming tool and click a few light times around the shorelines, it will make the shapes look MUCH better prior to founding your cities proper. Also, a few taps with the 'raise terrain' tool will bring Applebloom's tail base out of the water.




What's New in Version 2.0   See Changelog


  • Added Derpy Hooves and Albert the Muffin
  • Added hills in the shape of cutie marks
  • Adjusted sizes so that adult ponies were similar sizes, and the CMC were properly smaller.
  • Re-arranged config map to account for new landmass layout.
  • Updated Twilight Sparkle with Alicorn Wings.

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