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Download Riprap Seawall Addon

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Additional Lots for my Riprap Seawalls

The set contains diagonal seawalls, an uneven seawall and a small stair.

It is located in the seaport menu.

No Dependencies.



These are very good! And a good addition to your other sea walls! I'll give this 5/5
Great set and the diagonal is just what was needed. These look good in the game and give a realistic look to a harbor. Thanks.
thank you looks great for fishing ports
I loved ^^├┤ 5/5*
I like the uneven piece. Really adds flavor. Voted 5/5
Thankyou so much! I have been using the previous set and really love it - diagonals will make it my number one choice for seawalls. :ohyes:
Thankyou! These have turned into my favourite seawall and diagonal pieces were exactly what was needed. Thankyou!

I think the only thing that would make this set even better would be curves but no pressure :)
Wonderful. This is what I need. Fantastic job. 5/5
Neat! 5/5
Halen Of Dania
May 23, 2011 - 08:56 AM
lovin these seawalls 5/5 :golly:
May 23, 2011 - 10:14 AM
wow, very realistic! great job 5/5
Was wondering when we would see the diagonals to these lovely's. Nice work.
Good Work. 5/5. :thumb:
Yeah! Diagonals for my seawalls!!!
this is a great idea... nice work..
Excellently Done ^_^
The one looks nice.

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