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Airport pack, the first and real edition!
v1.00 released 15/02/2011

Update 1.01 (19/02/2011): airport main building now can be merged in tarmac texture.

(hope it's not oversized - 20Mb - I couldn't find the maximum size)

Works with CitiesXL 2011 only!
You can find a compatible version here (but without airport buildings)...

What is it:
The airport pack is an addon for CXL that adds ploppable airplanes, airport buildings, tarmac plaza and road. This is a new kind of mod, since it uses a whole new menu, to better organize things.
The release of this pack was planned for 25th December (a nice gift from us); however Exa had problems in real life, so we had to delay the relase...

What's included:
20 ploppable airplanes (made by Exalight)
1 Hangar
1 Airport tower + offices
1 plaza
1 road

How to use it:
* Download, extract and put the .patch in paks folder
* In Transport Inter-city menu you'll find a new button (airport project)
* Click it and a new panel  will pop up
* Open the menu and place buildings you like
* Click on the red arrow to validate the project
* (tarmac plaza is in plaza menu)

What is planned:
The pack is not complete (and at the moment, not very comfortable). However, this is what I and Exalight managed to do. Once we find a way to unlock them, we'll release an update to this pack, with airport props (stairsbus, luggages ...).

5 languages supported.
If you have other airport packs, you need to remove them if you want to use this (it will work without problems, but planes will be cloned).

Official thread at Simtropolis
My website

Coded by: Exalight & GlobexCo
Tested by: Evergreen (@ CXL.com)

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User Feedback

Although the maximum limit for the dl's is 10mb, this one may be spared. But don't releay on me for that, ask beebs, sim1234, or the other STEX moderators to fully approve your package. I reccomend also some more larger pics overall 10/10 ;)
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haha, aleksander, I'm starting to think you have a completely different new version of cxl. :D Well, if you used the right paks folder (check again), then check again all transport menus until you find a building with "Airport project" as description.
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I like the idea but having tried it I've decided not to use it. The scale of the buildings compared to the aircraft is all wrong and the runway is just wrong. Although, having said that I still think it's a good effort that just needs some tweaking.
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I tried to create the airport, but never find the red arrow to validate it, eveytime I have to click X to cancel and return to game, any suggestion???
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I also can not find the RED or BLUE arror in the up left corner, there is a GREEN check appear next to right side of the step 1 box. what's wrong?
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yes the unlocker works but it only show the ski gem and I have check all the constuction thing 7 times last night during playing the game still no airport and not the two new bus stations

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@mhosni: actually it's a blue triangle. @hevanlicious: original models must be moved to another folder in order to be used; so they need to be downloaded. @czar aleksander: so it seems that your game doesn't show custom buildings. Have you tried with other mods (custom plazas, trees or farms for example)?
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[quote name='hevanlicious' timestamp='1298213870']
@Globexco: where I find the original models to download?Thanks!
Original models? They're inside data files... you need to unpack patches until you find sgbin files...
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I unpack the file your .patch mod airport, but it is very confusing. You could make a patch only with the original models of airplanes? Please. Thanks

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