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  • Submitted: Jan 31, 2011 - 04:13 PM
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Download Railway Upgrade Mod 1

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It has been my intent in making this texture mod to unify the 4 basic Rail Sets - MAXIS (Core), NAM (Extensions), NAM-WRC (Wide Radius) and RAM-STR (Single Track) by redrawing every rail tile in a single style which is a combination of all of them and which allows partial replacement if so desired.

Applying this mod will change every Rail Tile (up to and including NAM Aug 2010) to a single look and feel.

It is inevitable that this may not appeal to some, however rail fanatics everywhere should welcome this upgrade as the means by which the rail network comes to look as consistent as the other networks. 

The ZIP contains an installer and extensive documentation that will display as the installer runs. Please read this as it contains important information about how the files need to be installed.

This set needs to load after my other mods and is conveniently packaged in one directory "RVT zRail Upgrade Mod" for this reason. The Z__EuroTex_Crossings.dat file will need to be placed after any Euro Rail
Textures you have.

All up there are over 577 rail tiles represented, and there are over 3000 fsh files in these archives. This is the 4th iteration after starting in Dec 2009. All were made with Photoshop, GoFSH and  Reader. Extensive time was spent testing over the last year.

Not suprisingly then, it's distinctly possible that something has come unstuck during the process or that tiles are missing - please let me know of oddities, preferably with a tile id or picture of the tile in game that is wrong.

I have deliberately left custom lot base and overlay textures alone - there are too many used too many ways - I'll leave that to the lot makers to decide. However I have included in the Dev subdirectory examples of the core pieces as bitmaps which can be used to roll your own.

Look for a support thread in Simtropolis Forums - Modding Transit Networks - rivit Street and Rail Mods
rivit Feb 2011


SPECIAL NOTE:  The Installer has not been updated to take account of changes since NAMv31. In particular this mod should come to rest in

Plugins:\Z___RVT Modds in its entirety. After installing move the entire RUM installation into this directory. It must load after NAM and RVT Street mods.

I am intending to update the Installer in due course.




Well Done-10-This must have taken a long time to complete.
Fantastic. the brighter rail textures are much welcomed! 5/5*
Jan 31, 2011 - 04:33 PM
Is this for use in Lot Editor only, or will I have a lot of new options on the rail menus? I'm very excited for the possibility but want to know what I'm getting before I spend a bunch of time and HD space.
This is a texture mod - it only changes the look of rail in the game - there are no new options. Run the installer to get at the docs (they open in browser), then kill the installer if you dont want to install after all.
rivit, you are a greater person than I to have that much patience to do this mod. The amount of ties to change is just staggering, thanks very much for this, the railways look 110% better.
Great Job!!!!! 5/5
amazing work Rivit!! - it never ceases to amaze me all the subtle touches that keep getting contributed to this game :-)
This miss-match always bothered me, I can't thank you enough! Hooray for rail!
it's like getting a genuine lionel trainset with all the perks and trimmings!
This certainly is outstanding work! Thank you for your contribution.
Amazing! Finally a unified look. 10/5
Will it conflict with the rail texture mod?
10/10 well done....
Wonderful work mate! Your work is of the highest quality :) 10/10
The only thing I'm missing at the moment is a rating way above "outstanding". This is simply ... one of the greatest "cosmetic" mods ever!!!!!
Very impressive mod, as a diehard rail fanatic (in SC4, not real life!) this is just what the Doctor Beeching ordered!
just one thing to say: ------------------------OUTSTANDING!
I love trains. Thanks for all the effort I can only imagine you expended.

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